Whips are used in pony play and to keep your sub in check when they are being naughty while being spanked.

From a bull whip to a cat o’ nine tails, they have been used in sex for at least three thousand years. The ones you’ll find here represent the very best we can find or make. We scoured the globe for that perfect heavy chamois leather, that stinging buffalo leather whip. And that rare hand-bound dressage whip that split the air before they mark the skin. And if we couldn’t find them, we made them.

This collection of kinky whips really is the finest collection in the UK. We offer the UK’s widest selection of dressage whips, many of them exclusive to us. So if it’s a short, sharp shock you’re after or a long, lingering thud. We have and a beautiful whip to suit you.

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Trouble Deciding?

So you’re having trouble deciding which is the perfect whips for you. Do not worry, simply, get in touch, we are always happy to help in any way we can.

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