Canadian Prison Tawse Rubber

Rubber Tawse

Rubber Tawse originated in Scotland and are very painful. They were used in corporal punishment in many schools in Ireland, England and a few in Wales.

Rubber tawse are the domain of serious spanking, corporal punishment or BDSM enthusiast, offering a stinging shock unlike that of any other kinky whip or flogger. Tawse look mean, feel mean, ARE mean, and if you mean serious business, our selection will satisfy your every need.

Originally a Scottish discipline implement, it is a double-pronged or triple tailed whip that became popular with adventurous BDSM enthusiasts. We’re endeavouring to source the best and most effective tawse we can, so check back soon to see what’s new, ya wee raj, ye.

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All of our tawse are sent out in discreet packaging.

These are great for vegetarians and vegans.