CP Ruler Paddle Rubber

Rubber Paddles

Rubber Paddles come in different sizes and thicknesses soft or very harsh depending on what your backside can take just ask your Mistress or Master.

If you want rubber paddles whatever your preference we have one to suit every sadomasochistic taste. We search high and low for exquisite rubber paddles, and we produce our own. All these beautiful paddles offer something a little different. But each is designed to deliver a satisfying impact for the recipient.
Good paddles should be in the collection of any serious BDSM enthusiast. At Spanking.co.uk, we offer large and small spanking paddles for different sensations. As well as “imprint” paddles that leave sadistic words glowing on the recipient’s skin. The spanking paddles on this page are our personal favourites, and we know you’ll love them too.

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All of our paddles are sent out in discreet packaging.

These are great for vegetarians and vegans.