Extreme Restraints

Extreme Restraints are used in BDSM, bondage and lots of other fetish play.  Of note extreme restraints are a speciality of ours we make them from wood, leather and rubber.

Firstly there’s no better  satisfaction purer than gagging a bratty sub. or alternativly forcing a partner into sub mission with kinky mouth gags and hand cuffs. Also a mouth bit or ball gag is utterly dehumanising. This is due to the fact that it removes a sub’s ability to communicate. A collar signifies subservience and obedience. and then a blindfold heightens all the other senses and increases the anticipation and sensations of spanking and finally nipple clamps are a sadistic restraint that is totally immobilising.

The point? Well, the BDSM restraints and gags in this section have been chosen because they add something different to your scene. And at the risk of bragging; These gags are the very best of the very best. Hand-picked by us (or handmade by us) to bring you the best leather, wood and rubber. The most stimulating restraints, and the best bit gags, ball gags and mouth gags.

Trouble Deciding?

So you’re having trouble deciding which is the perfect extreme restraint for you. Do not worry, simply, get in touch, we are always happy to help in any way we can.

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Notably all of our extreme restraints are sent out in discreet packaging.