Rosie had been incredibly lucky to survive her accident intact. Just a week earlier, her car had been struck by a drunk driver as she made her way home from a late meeting in the dark, leaving her bed stricken in the hospital with her left leg in plaster. Usually so used to the hustle and bustle of city life, she was instantly bored by the monotony of lying in bed all day. That said, the main reason for her frustration was the level of privacy.

She had her own private room, into which nobody else could venture. However, she could never be sure when a doctor or nurse was going to visit and check up on her. At first this wasn’t so much of a problem. Her friends and family had brought her plenty of reading materials to keep her mind occupied, but as she perused one of her women’s magazines, she came across a serialised erotic novel. She tried to ignore it, but its allure was too great for her to resist and she found herself quickly becoming embroiled in its saucy plotline. Unfortunately, there was no way for her to truly enjoy its saucy prose. She wanted nothing more than to reach down into her loose hospital gown to play with herself, but even during the night she couldn’t be certain of privacy.

That was until her third night at the hospital. She had been lying awake for some time, unable to sleep due to the niggling pain in her broken leg. She finally pressed the button to call a nurse, hoping to get some much needed pain relief. However, to her surprise, the person she had summoned was no ordinary nurse. First of all, it was a man. Second, he was devilishly handsome and quite a bit younger than her to boot. Her sexual frustration took on a whole new turn as he entered the room.

“Hi, I’m George…” he purred, almost melting Rosie’s spine with his soft, dulcet tones, “Did you call for me?”
“Uh… yeah…” she replied, slightly awestruck by his appearance. Don’t get your hopes up, he’s probably gay, she thought to herself. He wandered over to inspect her drip hanging by the side of the bed. There was a confident swagger to his stride, like he owned the hospital and could do as he pleased.
“How can I help?” he asked, smiling flirtatiously at her.

“I was just hoping I could get some more of those amazing drugs…” she grinned.
“Ah…” he replied, scanning her chart closely, “ I’m afraid you’ve already taken your maximum dosage for the night.”
“Oh, shit.” she said, eliciting a brief chuckle. His cute smile instantly won her over and within seconds she had forgotten all about the pain in her leg. Now she had something much more interesting to focus her mind on.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?” he asked, adding a wry little wink. She was a little taken aback by his forwardness, but she couldn’t deny that she was tempted to ask for something that wasn’t on the menu. There was an arrogance about him that she found slightly repellent. But at the same time she found herself inexplicably drawn to that very same overflowing confidence.
“Hmmm…” she murmured, considering whether or not to explore her naughty desires, “I wouldn’t want to get you into any trouble…”
“Well, it is my job to make sure you are absolutely comfortable.” he explained, “And I take my job very seriously.”
“I doubt you could handle it.” she hinted.

Try me.” he replied.
“You know, you’re very cocky for a nurse…” she sneered, only half joking. She could feel the need to punish him swelling inside her. As a parent herself, she had plenty of experience when it came to discipline and she had never seen such a clear case of where it had been neglected.
“I thought women liked a man with confidence.” he said, nodding at the cover of her magazine, which suggested just that.
“That may be so…” she replied, “But we also like a man we can control.”
“And what would you do if you could control me?” he asked, blatantly poring over her vulnerable body as she lay on the bed beside him.
“I would tell you to lock the door.” she said, rolling her tongue seductively along the rim of her teeth. He did as she asked.

Every soft step that he took to and from the door sent a pulsating throb to her clitoris, and she could feel the warm, sticky juices accumulating between her labia.
“And what else would you command of me?” he asked; his erection clearly growing beneath his loose scrubs. He stepped closer and she leaned over the edge of the bed, reaching down to tug on the elastic waist band of his pants with her left hand. She pulled it just far enough away from his skin to see the prominent bulge of his penis beneath his tight boxer briefs.

“Come closer…” she whispered, slipping her hand down inside his underwear. She clutched his firm shaft between her fingers and pulled him as close as he could stand, allowing her to gently jerk at it as she leaned over the side of the bed. With her other hand, she pulled on his collar to draw him in for a kiss. Just as his lips met hers, she moved her hand down over his shoulder and along the curve of his muscly back to his ass. He had no idea what was about to happen. As their lips stroked together, she moved her hand as far back as she could and then slapped it clean across his ass. The impact made him jump and he almost bit her lip as they kissed. He pulled away, but her sultry gaze and kept him pinned to the side of the bed. She tapped the thin bed sheets draped over her lap, coaxing him to lie flat across them. He caught on to her kinky little game immediately.

“Have I been a bad boy?” he asked.
“Yes.” she said, “You need to be punished.”
He climbed up onto the bed and lay across her stomach, making sure not to apply too much pressure with his weight. She peeled his pants and boxer shorts down to reveal his firm ass cheeks. His cock began to rub against her hip as she fondled his cheeks in her hands, playfully digging her nails into the flesh. Then, she raised her hand in the air and slapped it down over his ass. Sending the flesh jiggling momentarily in every direction. The sound alone was enough to send the juices gushing to her pussy and as she spanked him again and again. She could feel herself gradually becoming hornier and hornier. After a minute or so, she began to moan beneath her breath as the tingling of her clitoris grew to inescapable heights. Still, as hard as she spanked him, she barely had enough strength to leave the lightest of pink marks on his flesh. He pretended to be affected, but his theatrical gasps of horror were clearly just him playing along.

“I think I’m going to need something a little… stronger” she said, looking around the room for something more effective. She instantly laid eyes on a pair of jeans hanging out of the small chest of drawers by the side of the bed. Perfect, she thought, reaching over to retrieve them. It wasn’t the denim she was after, though – it was the thin leather belt looped around the waist line. She dragged it from the little hoops and stretched it out, forming a perfect whipping weapon which she held in her hand ready to strike. The nurse grimaced at the sight of it but remained atop her stomach, waiting for his punishment. She raised the belt up over his body and lashed it down with an almighty crack. He clenched his jaws and took in a deep breath through his teeth, wincing in an attempt to control the pain. She did it harder, making him bolt forward over her lap.

“What’s the matter? Can’t take it?” she goaded. He shook his head, intent on pleasing her.
“Do your worst.” he replied. She belted his ass a few more times, leaving barely a second between each strike as he clutched the sides of the mattress firmly in his fingers. The urge to yell out in agony was immense, but he resisted. He knew that he had to control himself; otherwise they might alert others to their kinky night time fun.

“Let’s put that thick cock to good use…” she whispered, nodding for him to mount her. She parted her legs as wide as the plaster would allow. Making sure not to cause any pain to her broken leg. He climbed down and knelt between them, pulling the bottom of her gown up to reveal her panties. He pushed them aside, exposing her dripping wet pussy lips, which he began to play with for a moment. He could sense that she was becoming impatient. So he lay on top of her and pressed the head of his rock hard penis up to her pussy. As it split her labia apart, she let out such a loud, elated moan that he had to pause for fear of alerting his co-workers down the hall. He began to thrust it in and out, slowly but deliberately plunging the whole length of his impressive girth deep inside her. She held on to him, forcing his face into her neck so she could feel his warm breath on her skin. She could see his bare ass bobbing up and down over the horizon of his back as he fucked her, calling out to her for more punishment. As he pumped away on top of her, she readied the belt once more and prepared another strike. With a deafening boom, it camethundering down over his ass once more.

“Fuck me harder!” she growled, pounding his ass with the belt over and over again, spurring him on. It seemed so undignified, fucking her while she was incapacitated on the bed. Still, as he thrust his cock deep inside her and pushed out the walls of her vagina. She could feel herself falling head first into an orgasmic abyss. She couldn’t have cared less about the inappropriateness of the situation. Every strike of the belt trembled through his body and into hers. Adding even more pressure as his pubic bone banged repeatedly on her throbbing clitoris. She held onto his back with her free hand, feeling the great momentum of his body grinding on top of her. The pressure was building within and before long the heat of lust became too great for her to manage. He, too, was nearing a climax. His cock began to expand inside her, splitting her pussy lips even further apart as his hot, milky cum shot out from the tip and plastered her vagina. She let out a long, exaggerated moan and started to convulse, feeling the warmth of his cum as it entered her tingling orifice. She tried to control herself, if only to prevent doing any further damage to her leg. As the final shots of cum left his cock, he started to gently gnaw on her shoulder like a wild animal. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she ascended to sexual heaven, awaking moments later feeling utterly spent and satisfied. The endorphin’s released from her orgasm were more than enough to counteract the pain in her leg and she was so exhausted from sexual exertion. She knew she would be able to sleep.
“I’ll check in again tomorrow night…” he said as he pulled up his pants, rubbing his tender ass cheeks.
“Good!” she said, “I think I’ll be making good use of this service…” she winked. She knew she would be hospitalised for a good few days yet – plenty of time to truly discipline the young man.