The seafood restaurant was bustling on a Friday night. Situated at the end of a picturesque pier, floor to ceiling windows presented fabulous views of the ocean and stunning technicolour sunsets. Seated at a prime window side table, Marc sipped at his glass of Chardonnay and gazed at a passing sail boat skipping across the glistening blue water. A container ship crept along horizon to some unknown, exotic destination.

He glanced impatiently at Nicole’s vacant seat and frowned. She had been gone more than ten minutes and the stuffed scallop starters were starting to get cold. Their somewhat officious waiter watched from a nearby table he was serving. Marc knew that any moment he would be coming over to inquire yet again if everything was all right.

He scanned the packed restaurant. The décor was delightfully old world and the music an accent to conversation rather than a challenge. Friday night was not his evening of choice as he disliked the noisy crowds and the often rushed service, but tonight was their third anniversary and Marc wanted to celebrate at Nicole’s favourite eatery.

Then he noticed Nicole at the bar. Alluringly curvaceous in a tight black dress that accented her sultry Mediterranean looks, she was getting more than a few appraising looks from other men. But it was her focus on a tall, sandy blond jock that caught his attention. Their interaction was more than casual and it began to rankle Marc. He thought of texting her but her phone was on the table.

The officious waiter approached. Marc groaned inwardly but pasted on a pleasant expression.
“Everything all right, Sir?” he asked yet again.
“Actually,” Mark said, “I wonder if you would let my girlfriend in the black dress at the bar know that our starters have arrived.
The waiter glanced over.
“Of course, Sir.”

Marc watched him approach Nicole and motion toward Marc. She glanced toward him and smiled, but took the time to conclude her conversation with the jock before returning to the table.
“Sorry about that,” she said, sitting down. “That was an old friend from high school. Haven’t seen him in years. He ended up marrying one of my friends a couple of years ago.”
“Old boyfriend?” Marc asked, starting on his scallops.
Nicole cast him a bemused look.
“You’re kidding, right? Like I was going to line up after he’d worked his way through all the cheerleaders?”
“Well you seemed to be enjoying your trip down memory lane.”
“That’s all it was, Marc, a memory.”
She inspected the scallops and tasted one.
“Delicious. Nobody does fish like this place.”
Marc glanced toward the bar. Though the jock had gone, the image of his familiarity with Nicole still bothered him.

They continued their meal in near silence. Though Nicole noticed his mood, she said nothing, which irritated Marc even more. When they finished, the waiter approached.
“Will there be anything else, Sir? Dessert? Coffee?”
“I’d love to see the dessert menu,” Nicole said.
“Actually,” Marc said, “why don’t you just bring the check? We’re running a bit late for a movie.”
Nicole shot him a surprised look.
“Right away, Sir,” the waiter said, promptly heading toward the cashier.
“You want to tell me what that was all about?” Nicole said, leaning forward on the table. “I was looking forward to some dessert. Why have you been in such a pissy mood all night?”
A smile spread on her face.
“Please tell me it’s not what I think.”
Marc glared at her.
Nicole laughed.

“Oh, my God…Marc, please. Now who’s acting like you’re in high school?”
“I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?”
“ I’m looking at him,” Nicole said. “And what I’m seeing is a sixteen-year old hiding in a man’s body.”
“Wrong. I think your behaviour is the one in question. I would never act like that with another woman.”
Nicole shook her head.
“Now you’re starting to sound like my father.”
“If I were your father I would have given you a good spanking by now.”
They stared at each other, both surprised by Marc’s words. At that moment, the waiter arrived with the bill and credit card machine. If he noticed the frosty atmosphere, he gave no indication.
“Here you go, Sir.”
Marc took the bill and quickly retrieved a credit card from his wallet. While the waiter processed the card, Nicole left the table. Flustered, Mark impatiently scribbled his signature on the bill and got up to follow her.

“Sir!” the waiter called. “Your receipt.”
“Thanks,” Marc said, grabbing it and stuffing it into his pocket.
He rushed through the crowded restaurant and saw Nicole slip out the door. Following her onto the pier, he jogged after her, amazed that she could walk at such speed in her heels.
“Nicole, wait!” he cried, but his voice was lost to a rising breeze.
She glanced over her shoulder at him. Seeing him catching up, she slipped off her heels and started running down the pier.

“Dammit, Nicole, will you wait? I want to talk to you.”
Others passing them glanced curiously at them. Marc started to feel like a couple of characters from a cheesy romantic comedy. Thankfully he had the car keys, so she would have to stop at some point.
But Nicole had other intentions. Instead of continuing to the parking lot abutting the pier entrance, she veered to the right toward steps leading to the beach. Marc groaned inwardly, thinking of his two-hundred dollar shoes.

Well, two can play this game, he thought, removing his shoes as he approached the pier entrance. He carefully jogged down the stairs, taking care not to slip on the gritty steps. Along the beach, people strolled, jogged or just sat enjoying the sun and salty air.
He glimpsed Nicole running beneath the pier pylons. At the sight of her darting in and out of sight like a little girl playing hide and seek, the silliness of the situation sank in and he began to smile.
With a chuckle, he followed her.

“Come out, come out wherever you are,” he cried, following her beneath the pylons.
The scent of briny sea water and tar pitch was intoxicating. Invigorated by the cool breeze and the thrill of the pursuit, he began to feel excited. But it was the sight of Nicole’s rolled up dress revealing an expanse of bare thigh that really got him going.
She caught sight of him. Despite herself, she smiled and continued weaving in and out of the pylons until she splashed through ankle deep water. Marc paused to roll up his pants. If things were going to get messy, he did not want to ruin them.

“You’re a very naughty girl,” he shouted. “No ice cream for you. Just wait until daddy gets home.”
Nicole laughed and paused long enough to raise her middle finger.
“So you want something else besides ice cream?” Marc cried.
He glanced around to see if anyone was looking, but those close enough to the pier were well out of earshot.

“Yes,” Nicole shouted back. “I want a double scoop of coconut ice cream on a big sugar cone.”
“Hang on for the Good Humour Man,” he responded, “because he’s coming your way.”
Nicole giggled, then turned around, lifted her dress and shook her ass at him. Marc stared entranced at the tiny sliver of black thong peeking invitingly from between her tawny, toned buttocks. Glancing down, he saw that the Good Humour Man was already in town.
He kicked up his pace. Nicole glanced over her shoulder, gave him another ass wiggle, then yanked down her thong. She threw them in the water and playfully smacked herself on each tight cheek.
“You’ll be sorry,” Marc cried, hoping that there weren’t surveillance cameras in the area.
“Bite me!” Nicole retorted.

“You better believe it,” he cried. “It’s time for dessert.”
Nicole proved to be more nimble than he expected and managed to evade him despite his efforts to corner her. But then, she had been on the track team in college. For now he could only focus on the tantalizing ass she continued to flash.

He paused when he heard footsteps overhead and looked up to glimpse pedestrians through the gaps in the wooden planks of the pier. Somehow, the thought of being seen only added to his excitement. He saw Nicole wading in ankle deep water, her heels discarded in the sand nearby. Though he had caught up to her, she did not run away from him.
Marc dropped his shoes besides hers and shook his head.
“Daddy’s pretty upset with you,” he said, enjoying the role play. “ You’ve been such a bad girl he’s going to have to punish you.”
Nicole glanced coyly at him and swished the water with her foot, then turned and lifted her dress once more, taunting him with another glimpse of her divine cheeks.
“Is Daddy angry?”
“Daddy’s more than angry. He thinks you should be spanked for your behaviour in the restaurant. Daddy doesn’t like it when you act up in public.”
“Am I going to get my ice cream?”
“Bad girls don’t deserve ice cream.”
Nicole moved onto the sand, lowered her eyes and pouted prettily.
“I didn’t get my dessert. I want my ice cream.”
“Not until you apologize to Daddy. Now bend over.”
Nicole saw the challenge in Marc’s eyes. Turning around, she lifted her dress up to her waist and bent over until her palms touched the sand.

Marc stared at the delectable sight of Nicole’s taut ass presented before him. He reached out, gripped her cheeks, and squeezed the warm, pliant flesh in his hands. Gently, he kneaded each firm cheek. He playfully slapped them and watched the way they quivered at the contact.
Nicole shuddered. Marc smacked them harder. She gasped. He smacked them even harder, causing her to cry out. He stared in admiration at the rosy flush rising from her flesh. Now he aimed squarely at the centre of each cheek and smartly smacked them. Nicole bucked.
“Ouch, Daddy!”
Marc spanked her again. Nicole moaned.
“You’d better not sass me, young lady,” he said sternly, “because I don’t want to hear it.”
He glanced up when he thought he heard footsteps above them, but whoever it was had already passed.
“But Daddy, that hurt!”
“Good. Let that be a lesson not to be disobedient again.”
He paused to run his hands along her cheeks and felt the heat radiating from them. The contrast felt good against the coolness of her thighs.

Nicole started to rise but he pushed her over again.
“Did I say we were finished?”
“But I’m getting cold, Daddy.”
Marc had to admit she was right. Things were getting both hot and cold beneath the pier.
“Okay, Daddy will have to continue when we get home. And maybe then you can have your ice cream.”
Nicole rose and turned. Her face was flushed and her eyes glowed with excitement.
“Thank you, Daddy,” she said, pulling down her dress. She winced and rubbed her ass. “I promise I won’t be a bad girl again. I know sometimes…”
Her words trailed off when she glanced wide-eyed over Marc’s shoulder. Curious, he followed her gaze toward a bemused and grinning elderly couple watching them from the sand near the stairs.
Marc and Nicole smiled sheepishly. The husband gave them a thumbs up while the wife cheerfully waved. Bursting out in laughter, Marc and Nicole scooped up their shoes and ran through the pylons toward the opposite side of the pier.

Emerging onto the beach, they stumbled and giggled their way back to the car. They tumbled inside. Marc then looked at Nicole and kissed her.
“ I’m sorry I was such a prick,” he told her. ‘I was way out of line.”
Nicole regarded him a moment.
“I don’t know about that, Daddy,” she said, returning his kiss. “I just may have to keep being a bad girl…”