The Babysitter

Tom and Susan had just returned from a rather dull evening at their friends’ house and were looking forward to paying the babysitter and retiring to the bedroom for a much needed release of their sexual desires. Susan had been particularly horny on the drive home and had even suggested that they park up somewhere, throw caution to the wind and make love right there on the back seat of the car. Deep down, she knew that it was irresponsible, especially since the babysitter was such a pleasant girl and didn’t deserve to be kept waiting. Her name was Emily and she had always seemed like such an innocent young thing. She would bring heaving folders filled with college work with her to revise for exams while she babysat, and she seemed like a natural with their infant son. However, as they walked through the door that night to greet her and send her on her way, that wholesome image came crashing down.

With their son tucked away in bed, Emily was sitting on the couch in the living room; the TV remote in one hand with the other nudging gently down the front of her jeans. She had the volume turned down almost to mute, but there was no way to hide the explicit images of flesh and grinding bodies beaming into the room. She scrambled to turn it off, but Tom and Susan had already seen everything.

“Oh, hi!” she said, trying her best to pretend that nothing had happened. Her rosy cheeks betrayed her, though, and her palms became so sweaty with nerves that the remote slipped out of her grasp.

“So we’re paying you to watch porn and diddle yourself?” asked Susan, who was shocked not only by her behaviour, but by how arousing it was to have a horny young girl in her home. Her clitoris had been tingling long before they even climbed into the car to come home and with Emily’s hot body standing before her, she couldn’t help but feel her naughty urges clouding her judgement.

“No no, I swear I was just flicking through…” she claimed.

“You were flicking something alright!” joked Susan as she stepped closer to the paralysed young girl. A teeny smile crept across Emily’s lips, forcing her to bite her lip to hide her amusement.

“What do you think?” asked Tom, “Should we phone her parents?”

“No, please God no!” cried Emily, seemingly desperate to avoid any further embarrassment.

“Actually, I have a better idea…” replied Susan. She stood in front of Emily and brushed her dirty blonde hair back behind her neck, caressing the soft skin as an whirlwind of dirty thoughts cycled around her mind.

“Oh?” asked Tom, fully aware of what his wife was implicating. She had always had something of a lesbian fantasy and had confessed her attraction to the young girl on more than one occasion. Still, it wasn’t until that moment that she ever thought it might come true. The fact that the porn she had been watching was of two women licking and spanking each other just compounded the possibility that something could happen. Susan clasped Emily’s neck in her hand and gently pulled her closer, forcing her to nestle her face into her ample cleavage. At first she resisted, but she, too, was aching to feel the pleasure of another woman. Tom simply watched in amazement as Emily buried her nose between his wife’s breasts. The scent of Susan’s perfume was inescapable and utterly addictive, sending a shiver through her body as she breathed in the warm air rising from her bust.

“I suppose we could keep this our little secret.” implied Susan as she pulled Emily’s face away from her chest. She looked intoxicated and bleary eyed; as if Susan was emitting some pheromone that had drugged the poor girl. Susan reached back and slipped the zip of her dress down, allowing it to fall effortlessly from her shoulders and drift softly to the carpet. Emily stared in awe at her curvy, mature body, admiring her sultry figure as she unhooked her bra and tossed it to the floor atop her dress. Emily had never seen another woman’s naked body before and shied away from looking directly at Susan’s prominently protruding dark nipples. Her inhibitions quickly gave way to her curiosity, though, and as Susan pulled her closer once again, she began to lilt her lips apart to suck on her master’s teats. Tom simply watched on, stroking his cock as his wife seduced their babysitter. She leaned over Emily’s shoulder and flicked her wrist at tom, nodding as if to silently communicate with him. He knew exactly what she wanted and quietly made his way up the stairs to their bedroom. He returned a minute or so later to find Susan lying naked on the couch with Emily’s head between her parted thighs, tepidly licking at his wife’s clit. Emily’s jeans and vest top were lying on the floor and she was bent over on all fours in front of the sofa wearing only her matching pink bra and panties.

They both looked up and saw what he held in his hand, and for a moment Emily looked genuinely terrified. It was a long, thin dressage whip, which he whirred repeatedly in the air in the living room as he moved behind the young girl. The sound of it slicing the atmosphere behind her ass sent chills down her spine as a rash of goose pimples formed along the back of her neck and shoulders. Susan kept Emily’s mouth pressed firmly to her clit, giving her no choice but to continue snacking on the throbbing little pink bean while her husband prepared to strike. Emily’s cute little ass almost seemed like a soft target and for a moment he wondered if he should even continue. He couldn’t resist, though. Emily heard the dreaded whirr of the whip coming down behind her followed by the searing pain as it swiped across her exposed ass cheeks. She shook violently on the floor and tried to pull away, but Susan held on to the back of her head, forcing her to continue licking.

“The only way out for you…” explained Tom, “… is to please my wife.”

No easy task, he thought to himself as he raised the whip again. He whipped her ass a second time, leaving another long red mark on her flesh. She clenched her cheeks and squealed in agony, but she kept her tongue firmly pressed to Susan’s clit and with each consecutive strike, she licked more and more enthusiastically. Susan knocked her head back against the cushions as Emily’s young, slithering tongue worked around her clit, flicking it from side to side as her saliva seeped down between her dripping wet labia.

“Use your fingers!” commanded Tom as he whipped her again, this time over the back of her thighs. She took a moment to recover, wincing in agony until the pain had dissipated before moving her hand up to Susan’s crotch. She extended her finger and began to work it between Susan’s pussy lips, feeling the warm moisture of her juices as she slid it inside. Tom continued to whip her, like a jockey spurring his champion stallion on to the finish line. He could see that his wife was losing herself in sexual ecstasy; a sight that he had triggered countless times before. He was amazed by how adept the young girl was, although it came as little surprise since she clearly had more than enough experience exploring her own anatomy. Emily quickly located Susan’s g-spot and began to stroke her two middle fingers around it, massaging it while her tongue worked her clitoris around in a persisted motion.

“Oh fuck yes!” gasped Susan, almost suffocating Emily with her crotch as she writhed on the sofa in a fit of pure bliss. She clutched Emily’s hair in her fingers, allowing her barely an inch to move as she ground her clit on the young girl’s eagerly flapping tongue. Tom ceased whipping her for a moment and placed the tip of the whip between Emily’s soft, young thighs. He tapped it against her crotch, noticing the faint damp patch that had formed on her panties just over her pussy lips. As much as she screamed in agony, there was no way for her to hide her arousal.

“Well well…” he said, “I think she likes it!”

“Then whip her harder!” moaned Susan. He lashed the whip behind her, just an inch away from her skin so she could feel the soft breeze it left in its wake. She shuddered each time, feeling it getting closer and closer with every failed strike. Then, he made contact. It was much harder than before and almost sent her toppling sideways in agony. She let out a piercing scream and whimpered as uncontrollable tears welled up behind her eyelids and rolled down her cheeks. He struck her again, leaving a crotchet pattern of burning red lash marks all over her ass and thighs. Still, she didn’t once move her mouth away from Susan’s clit.

“ I’m gonna cum!” she cried as her whole body fell into a fit of orgasmic contractions. She thrashed from left to right on the couch; the sound of the whip striking Emily’s ass only prolonging her lustful throes. She clasped her breasts in her hands and squeezed her fingers around her firm, pokey nipples, letting go of Emily’s head. The young girl continued to lick her clit, though, and kept her fingers lodged deep inside her pussy. As much as it hurt to be whipped, she loved obeying Tom and the sight of Susan’s orgasmic thrusting crotch right in front of her face was almost enough to send her into a climax of her own. She had never felt such an intense throbbing around her clitoris and as she looked back at Tom stroking the incredible bulge in his trousers, she couldn’t wait for him to take it out. Susan lay gasping for air on the couch, quivering with the aftershocks of her orgasm with a damp patch of saliva and her pussy juice staining the cushion beneath her ass.

“I think we’re going to be making good use of you from now on…” she said, patting the young girl’s head in appreciation, “Are you free tomorrow night?”

“You’re going out again?” Emily asked.

“Nope.” laughed Susan.