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Sean had barely spent ten minutes in his new apartment in the city before he heard a knock at the door. It seemed that his horny older neighbor, Patricia, had spotted him moving his boxes in earlier that morning and had come to welcome him to the building. However, while he was a young man with an almost unquenchable libido, nothing could have prepared him for the awesome wave of sexual realization that was about to consume him. He had no idea that Patricia was a shameless nymphomaniac and was completely unprepared as he opened the door to see who was there.

“Hi…” he said with an air of caution, half expecting it to be a complaint already.

“Hi, I’m Patricia.” she replied, beaming her pearly smile at him. He was instantly bowled over by her beauty and could hardly believe his luck. She was a tall woman with long blonde hair that flowed down her slender shoulders, drawing his attention to her supple, jiggling cleavage. It being the height of summer, she was wearing a rather revealing top that left very little to the imagination, least of all the small, dark rings of her nipples, which were clearly visible through the fabric. He could tell that she was older than him, but whatever her age, there was no denying that she was in incredible shape. She would have made any red blooded male stiffen up at the mere sight of her.

“Sean.” he replied, offering his hand to shake with her. Her fingers lingered around his hand as they pulled away, like she was enjoying every last second of contact with his skin. He was immediately bewitched by her feminine charms, as if she had cast a spell on him. They made small talk for a little while, but then she got down to why she was really there – or at least, her alluring cover story.

“I was just wondering if you could help me out with something…” she asked, nodding back over to her door. He assumed that she meant fixing something or replacing a light bulb, but her intentions were much darker than that. Led by his rapidly firming penis, he followed her like a peasant drawn to a siren in to her apartment, unable to take his eyes away from her perky, demure ass.

She was the picture of class and elegance, but her mind was as filthy as a tar pit. She locked the door behind him and instantly set about seducing her prey, not that it took much effort. Most of the blood from his brain had already been diverted to his nether regions and as he trailed behind her into her apartment, he was already convinced that she wanted more than just a simple favour.

“So what can I help you with?” he asked as she led him into the spare room. It was no ordinary bed room, though. Where the bed would normally sit, there was an open space with a mass of chains and harnesses hanging from the ceiling. A large, pink leather-clad cross was nailed to the wall, standing as high as a man with restraints at the end of each beam. Not only that, but there were racks and shelves filled with all manner of terrible looking sex toys.

“You might think this is a little crazy…” she explained, “But I want you to torture me.”
A little crazy, he thought, taking a step back towards the door, she’s fucking bugnuts insane. Still, as his eyes scanned the vast array of whips, paddles, chains and assorted dildos, he couldn’t help but feel the arousal sweeping over him. He was still so young and naive, and had no experience whatsoever of anything kinkier than a brief spank of his girlfriend’s ass as he fucked her from behind. She spotted his apprehension and darted over, pulling him into the room and kicking the door shut behind him.
“Come on…” she encouraged him, preying on his horny young urges, “It’ll be fun!”
“Are you sure?” he asked, still confused by her bizarre offer.

“Yes!” she insisted, seemingly unable to control her excitement. She was shaking with adrenaline, no doubt from having ensnared someone so handsome to enact her most disturbing desires. She started to strip away her clothes, pulling off her top and unzipping her trousers to leave her standing before him in only her skimpy red lace knickers. She noticed his cock flexing beneath his sweat pants and giggled excitedly, as if she had designs on his body as well as her own. She peeled her knickers down, revealing the thin strip of pubic hair above her otherwise perfectly smooth, cleanly waxed pussy. She was so sexy that any hint of apprehension in his mind was quickly vanquished.

“Gag me.” she commanded, pointing at the shelf to her right. He saw a few different gags on offer and moved over to choose one. He picked up a sparkling silver spider gag, which she helped to attach to her mouth. She wedged it between her jaws, forcing them to remain split apart with her teeth resting on its metal frame and a series of painful claws protruding out and digging into her cheeks. He could see her tongue flapping around inside her mouth and imagined it wrapping around his cock as he strapped it around the back of her head. He was growing hornier by the second and seeing her so eager to continue just made his rigid penis even harder. She nodded up towards the chains dangling above her head, instructing him to pull them down. He grabbed two of them and dragged them down, inspecting the silver shackles at the ends of each. She clinked her wrists together behind her back, waiting for him to attach them. So, he did as she wished and then raised the chains by pulling on the opposite ends from above. They forced her arms to rise up behind her, as far as her shoulders would permit. She let out a sordid, gratified moan, as if the discomfort was almost making her cum. There was only one thing left to do. She gazed around at the endless whips and paddles adorning the walls of her torture chamber. She was at his mercy and was begging to be punished.

He nervously picked out a flogging whip and ventured behind her, holding it in his hand as he considered how to proceed. Do I just hit her with it, he wondered. Her ass was crying out to be played with and it almost seemed like a crime to ruin her pristine flesh. Maybe it is a crime, he thought, what the fuck am I doing? She murmured her approval, moaning seductively to urge him on. He gently passed the ends of the thick, black tassels over her cheeks, tickling her rather than striking her with any force. She laughed with a shiver as goose pimples began to rise up along her arms and neck. She mumbled something through the gag, pleading with him to do it again, only so she could really feel it. So, he tried a second time and put a little more effort into his blow. Still, she remained unsatisfied and aching for more.

“Harder!” she cried, barely able to make a distinguishable sound through the gag. Intent on pleasing her strange desires, he raised the whip again and thrashed it firmly across her ass. She groaned in ecstasy and shook violently in place, jangling the chains above her head as her arms flailed awkwardly behind her. Seeing how aroused it made her, he did it again. And again. As each strike made contact with her flesh, her incessant screams of pleasure and agony left his cock practically bursting from the constraints of his pants. Even the sight of her flesh as it gradually turned to a sore shade of red was turning him on and before long he was converted. He loved every second of it and yearned to try out more of her toys. He put the flogger back on its hook and took out a long, pink dressage whip. He sliced it through the air, making her quiver with excitement at the mere sound of it. Then, with an almighty crack he lashed it across her ass. The flesh was already burning and the impact of the whip left her wheezing through the gag as the white lash mark turned almost to the colour of blood. Tears had long since formed behind her eyelids and were streaming down her cheeks, but she wanted nothing more than to continue.

He whipped her again, almost causing the chains above her head to dislodge from the rails bolted to the ceiling. The metal links shook endlessly as she trembled and thrashed around in torment, masked only by her cries for more. With one hand occupied stroking his throbbing penis through the soft fabric of his sweat pants, he continued to whip her, trying as hard as he could to increase the strength of his strikes. It seemed that there was nothing he could do to break her. The harder he whipped her, the closer she came to an orgasm. He feared that the only way to finish her off would be to do some lasting damage to her ass. Her skin was already starting to bruise with speckles of purple trauma forming all over her cheeks. He replaced the whip with something that would surely send her over the edge. It was a sturdy leather paddle, which was significantly heavier than the other items and looked like it could cause some severe pain, despite the pink floral decoration. He tapped it gently against her ass, sending a rash of prickling heat all over her skin. Then, he swung it far back behind her and spanked her with it as hard as he could. The jolt sent her flying forward a step or two and the resulting scream from her lungs traveled through the floorboards beneath their feet and trembled up Sean’s legs to his cock.

He paddled her repeatedly, swinging it with as much force as his arms could muster. Each strike sent her bolting forward slightly as she tried to escape its wrath, but with her arms bound, there was nowhere for her to run. The feeling of being trapped and forced to endure his punishment was what truly got her off and she couldn’t have been happier with how quickly he had adapted to her twisted requests. As each forceful blow came crashing against her body, she found herself slipping into a climax with no hope of stopping it. Sean persisted, spurred on by her breathless moaning as finally her hips started to spasm with orgasmic contractions. She shuddered violently and her breasts jiggled in chaos atop her chest. He moved around to watch her as she came; hypnotised by both her beauty and the alien sight that he was witnessing. He couldn’t quite believe it, but the image of her struggling to cope with her state of intense sexual pleasure was turning him on more than anything he’d ever felt. He didn’t just want to fuck her any more; he wanted to torture her with every item on her shelves. As she finally stopped moaning and slumped to the floor, he moved closer and knelt down behind her, cradling her body with his arms wrapped around her.

“You’re kinda fucked up.” he whispered into her ear.
“I know…” she laughed, “But that’s no bad thing.”