Naughty Habit

It was a particularly sunny afternoon at the St Elisabeth Convent and Sister Marie had completed her duties for the day. As a young woman, she had taken the decision to become a nun shortly after leaving high school, and despite practicing her love for the Lord for several years since then, she had always struggled with one particular rule. Even though her admittance to the convent was dependent on total devotion to the scripture, she found it impossible to resist her youthful, primal urges. Ever since she had joined, she had often willingly dipped into sin, always making up for it by doing extra chores. That was the way she convinced herself it was acceptable, although she still dared not tell anyone about it. Deep down she knew it was wrong, but she did it anyway. Whenever the mood struck her and the circumstances were right, she would slink off to her bed chamber to silently pleasure herself. The rest of the nuns were completely unaware of her sin. That is, until that day.
She closed the door of her cramped little chambers and lay back on her small, creaky bed with her legs parted slightly. Then, she pulled up the bottom of her habit and started to circle the tips of her fingers around the front of her clean, white cotton panties. She had thought of little else all day and had been looking forward to that moment ever since she had awoken. With all her duties completed and the soft sunlight washing over her face from the small window above, she felt free and completely unburdened. She resisted the urge to moan, gently biting her bottom lip as she took on each deep, elated breath. Her fingers slipped inside her panties and she began to touch her clitoris; her palm grazing over the soft cushion of pubic hair just an inch above. The persistent tingle of her clit drowned out all noise from outside and she descended into her own little world, imagining all manner of dirty thoughts as she repeatedly nudged the tender little pink bean beneath its fleshy hood. Several minutes passed by as she saw to her own desires, oblivious to the fact that the head nun, Sister Elena, had not only knocked on the door but entered through it as well. She stood by the side of the bed, watching with great interest as Sister Marie writhed in ecstasy with her fingers rotating gently between her quivering thighs.

“Ahem!” she coughed abruptly, glaring down at the horny young woman before her. Sister Marie instantly bolted upright and began to flap her arms to push her habit back down. It was too late, though. Sister Elena had seen everything and Marie knew that she would not stand for such a flouting of the rules.
“What in heaven’s name is going on here!?” cried head nun.
“Sister Elena!” she stuttered, “I… I… I’m sorry!”
“Oh, you’ll be sorry alright!” replied Elena. Marie hurriedly climbed to her feet and tried to push past her, but she moved in front of the door and kicked it shut again.
“What is to become of me?” asked Marie, holding her head low in shame.
“ Isn’t it obvious?” she replied, “You must be punished. Turn around!”
Sister Marie stared at her, begging her superior with her glistening, black hole pupils. She wasn’t falling for it, though, and when Marie didn’t turn around, she grabbed her by the waist and forced her to spin and face the other way. She pushed her forward and then pressed her talons into the young girl’s back, forcing her to bend over against the chest of drawers by the side of the bed. Marie’s legs began to tremble for an entirely different reason as Elena pulled up the bottom of her habit and flipped it over the small of her back, exposing her panties once again.
“We must get the power of the Lord back into you at once!” cried the elder. She flipped open a pouch on the chest of her own habit and took out a crude wooden mouth piece surrounded by elastic bands. Marie saw it in her small dressing mirror and instantly knew what it was. Elena passed it forward and urged Marie to take it, and after a reluctant pause she gripped it in her fingers and placed it between her teeth. Then, Elena slipped her long rosary necklace from around her neck and held it in her hand, stretching out the strands of rigid beads so that they drooped to the floor in front of her.
“ I’m afraid sobbing won’t help you…” she continued, noticing Marie’s pathetic whimpering as she clasped the makeshift gag between her jaws. She stood back slightly, making room to swing the beads at Marie’s ass. Marie had heard about Elena’s sadistic method of punishment in hushed whispers from one of the other nuns, but she had always thought it was a cruel joke. She braced herself, clutching the top of the chest of drawers as she awaited the first strike. It came moments later, as Elena lifted the beads into the air and with a sharp swipe she lashed them straight across Marie’s ass. Marie winced in agony and bit down hard on the gag as a jolt of searing pain shot through her body.
“Please sister!” she wailed in muffled tones around the gag as a surge of tear water formed beneath her eye lids, “I promise I won’t do it again!”

“There is only one way to be sure…” replied Elena as she prepared a second strike, “I must beat the sin out of you!”
She lashed the beads across the back of Marie’s panties again, leaving a second red dash around the impact zone. Marie shuddered, conflicted by the ever persistent tingle of her clitoris and the burning pain of the beads hitting her exposed flesh. She took another hit, and then another, each one more powerful and agonising than the last, and yet no matter how much it hurt, the throbbing of her clitoris managed to overwhelm the pain. In fact, she could feel herself getting wetter with every second it went on. Sister Elena showed no mercy and continued to thrash the young girl’s ass, but after a little while she realised the panties were affording her far too much protection. She tossed the beads onto the bed, gripped the sides of Marie’s knickers and pulled them down to her knees, where they clung on to her parted legs.
“Look at this!” bellowed Elena as she wiped her fingers over Marie’s dripping wet pussy, “The sin is pouring out of you!”
Marie knew the sin was far from leaving her body. She had never been hornier, but she dared not say a word. Instead, she remained silent as Elena clutched her ass cheeks in her hands and groped at the patches of reddened, burning flesh. Marie let out a long, exaggerated squeal to control the pain, but Elena continued unabated. She raised her hand high in the air and spanked it down over Marie’s cheeks, sending the supple flesh rippling down the back of her thighs. She struck her again, leaving another large hand print plastered across her ass. Her skin was rapidly turning a dark ruby colour and the bruising from the rosary beads was completely apparent, but Elena persisted nonetheless. Marie wanted nothing more than to reach down and continue playing with herself, so aroused was she becoming with the endless assault on her bare flesh.
“I see, sister!” she gasped, “I see the error of my ways!”
Sister Elena continued, raising her hand high in the air and landing it down with an almighty crash, even digging her long, sharp nails into Marie’s cheeks before releasing them for another spank. Marie’s skin was reeling and the juices from her tingling pussy were dripping down the inside her of thighs. She couldn’t help herself and let out a string of ecstatic moaning as she fought off the urge to cum.
“Yes, that’s it!” growled Elena, “Let the devil out of you!”

Suddenly, she stopped and stood back; admiring the punishment she had given to the young nun. Marie took a moment to calm down, feeling the swelling orgasm dwindling frustratingly inside her once again. She wanted nothing more than to finish herself off, but she knew she couldn’t. That was the greatest torture of all.
“Extra chores for you!” commanded Elena, holding out her hand to retrieve the gag from Marie’s mouth, “And pull up your knickers!”
Marie did as she asked and followed her out to the kitchens, where a load of extra work was waiting for her. As hard as she had been punished, she didn’t regret it for a moment. In fact, as she scrubbed away at those pots, she could think of nothing else than returning to her bed for another round of sinful pleasure. If Sister Elena happened to catch her again, all the better!