Game, Set, Match

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The warm glow of the light from the setting sun on the horizon was the only good thing about Natasha’s day. She’d experienced a tortuous day at work, having had to put up with yet more of her boss’ inappropriate flirting – which was even more cringe-inducing as she had absolutely no interest in members of the opposite sex, let alone creepy old men like him who were 30 years her senior. She had no idea why he would ever think a 28 year old would be interested in a slimy old fart like him. To top off an already miserable day, her car had broken down on the way to the gym, where she had hoped to blow off some steam. Instead, she found herself boiling over with passive aggressive rage, unloading her expletive-laden stream of consciousness to her non-existent passengers. By the time her car was fixed and she was on the road again, it was already late and she almost considered going home and cracking open some wine. She knew she would never be able to sleep with so much frustration suffocating her mind and decided to press on, arriving at the gym at just past 9pm. The car park was almost deserted already, but thankfully it was a 24-hour gym so although there was hardly anyone in the place, she had as much time as she needed to finish her workout. Since it was a Friday night, the place was especially desolate and she had her choice of the facilities. She opted for the outdoor tennis courts so she could exercise her need to hit something.

She selected a racquet from the gym’s equipment hire desk and quickly got changed, slipping into her bright orange tank top and black tennis shorts. The luminous fabric of her top contrasted with her shimmering dark hair, which she tied into a bobble at the back of her head. It also clung to her chest, highlighting the modest, supple curves of her breasts, showing off her tall, slender frame. The shorts were just tight enough to hug her ass whenever she bent over, but loose enough for the fabric to lap at the top of her thighs as she jumped around on the court. As she was alone, she had little choice but to practice her serves against her invisible opponent; taking great pleasure in imagining her boss tied up on the other side of the net, taking one fierce serve to the face after another. She worked at it for a short while, building up a light sweat that began to soak into her top and which glistened on her chest just below her neck. She took a long, deep breath of the refreshing night air, feeling the weight lifting from her shoulders. She was just beginning to enjoy exercising on her own when she heard the familiar patter of footsteps approaching the courts.

“Hi!” she heard an annoyingly chirpy voice coming from behind her. She frowned and turned back to see another girl opening the gate to the courts. The girl was dressed in a white tennis dress, which consisted of a tank top and pleated skirt in one. She looked maybe a couple of years younger than Natasha and was noticeably shorter, with gorgeous strawberry blonde hair that bobbed around her shoulders.

“Uh… hi.” replied Natasha, trying to decide how rude it would look if she just left. Then again, although she didn’t particular want any company that evening, from the moment she laid eyes on the girl she felt an instant attraction that only grew stronger as she stepped onto the astroturf and approached.

“Are you alone?” asked the girl, nodding at the countless tennis balls scattered around the other side of the court. She had a sweet voice that Natasha found impossible to hate despite her best efforts, and her legs were equally difficult to ignore. Having not been with anyone for some time, Natasha’s red blooded sexuality quickly came rushing to the fore front of her mind, leaving her lusting for the girl after only speaking a few words and bringing her mischievous side came out to play along with it.

“No, my friend is just really small…” she joked, cherishing the brief glimmer of embarrassment that came over the girl’s face as she thought she’d said something rude.

“Oh… I…” she stuttered, slowly realising she’d been had by Natasha’s slightly cruel ruse, “Yes, haha… very funny!”

“I’m sorry…” laughed Natasha, “I’m only playing with you.”

“Well, you can play with me all you like…” grinned the girl, clearly flirting with Natasha, “In fact, I just saw you playing by yourself and thought you might like some company.”

“Um…” hummed Natasha, unable to think of any reason why she might decline, “Sure, that sounds like fun!”

“I’m Alice, by the way.” replied the girl, holding out her hand to greet her new friend.

“Natasha…” she replied, meeting Alice’s hand with a much firmer grip.

“Wow, you’re so strong!” gasped Alice, allowing the handshake to linger as they exchanged wistful glances.

“Come on, then…” added Natasha, “Let me whup your ass.”

“We’ll see!” laughed Alice as she set off towards the other side of the court. They began to play and almost immediately Natasha began to realise that, despite Alice’s petite frame and girly personality, she was more than a match for her. In fact, as each set passed by, Natasha continually found herself on the losing end no matter how hard she tried. At first she was only playing casually, enjoying the sight of the pleats flapping around Alice’s thighs as she danced left and right on the other side of the net. With each failed game, though, her attention focused solely on pulling back some points – a task not helped by the constant barrage of playful jibes that Alice hurled in her direction. She could feel the stress and frustration rushing back and every joke about her performance left her red faced and yearning for revenge. The match quickly came to an end and, rather than face defeat a second time, Natasha decided to make for the changing rooms instead.

“I’m going to call it a night, I think.” Natasha sighed, collecting her racquet and training bag before giving Alice a defeated nod goodbye.

“Ah, quitting while you’re ahead!” snorted Alice sarcastically, watching as Natasha disappeared down the pathway to the changing rooms. They were completely empty, so Natasha quickly stripped away her tank top and short along with her socks and panties before tip-toeing across the cold floor to the showers. She couldn’t bear to remain layered in the sweaty glaze of her defeat any longer and from the moment the hot water began to splash down over her naked chest, she felt like all the tension in her muscles was evaporating out through her skin. She lathered up some soapy suds and began to bathe herself, enjoying the feel pressure of her fingers roaming around her body so much that she inadvertently began to moan with pleasure.

“That must be some amazing soap!” laughed Alice as she suddenly stepped into the showers next to her.

“Oh…” she jumped, covering her modesty with her arms, “I didn’t realise you were there.”

“We’ve all got the same stuff, you know.” giggled Alice, tapping her impossibly perky little breasts with her fingers. They jiggled softly at the slightest touch and the tiny, erect nipples perfectly centred atop each one were crying out to be played with and sucked on. Natasha lowered her arms, allowing Alice to see her naked breasts and freshly waxed pussy. They stood for an extended moment, simply scanning each other’s naked flesh with lust in their eyes as a steamy fog billowed up around them.

“You know, I probably shouldn’t have beaten you so hard…” Alice grinned, so unable to resist taunting her opponent that her skin was crawling with mischief, “I should have let you get a few points.”

“You didn’t win by that much!” laughed Natasha, simultaneously seething with rage and yet playing along with Alice’s jibes at the same time.

“Oh, come on! I spanked you good and proper!” Alice beamed.

“I’ll give you a spanking if you don’t shut up.” muttered Natasha under her breath.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep!” snorted Alice, no longer even trying to mask her true intentions. There was no doubt in Natasha’s mind that the girl was looking for more than just flirty conversation.

“Alright, I’ll give you to the count of five.” smirked Natasha, feeling equally overcome with giddy anticipation at the prospects of what was about to happen.

“As if you’re going to spank me.” Alice shook her head, squinting curiously to see if Natasha was serious.

“Five…” she began counting, “Four…”

“You’d never catch me anyway.” laughed Alice, though the way she was taking a step back with every count said otherwise, “You’re way too slow!”

“Three…” Natasha continued, “Two…”

Before she could reach one, Alice’s nerves got the better of her and she suddenly bolted out of the showers and trotted as quickly as her wet feet would allow towards the changing cubicles, hoping to escape and lock herself inside. Natasha gave chase, trailing an arm’s length behind Alice’s wiggling butt. The sound of childish laughter bounced off the walls as she chased her, putting her long legs to good use. She easily caught up with Alice, and just as she was about to reach one of the cubicles, Natasha grabbed her arm and pulled her backwards.

“Never catch you, eh?” chuckled Natasha, “Too slow?”

Alice could barely speak for the fit of giggles pouring from her lips, but then as Natasha dragged her over to a bench in the middle of the room, her laughter began to fade. Natasha took a seat on the bench and pulled Alice down, toppling the petite young girl forward across her naked lap. Alice wriggled sideways, but Natasha’s grip was too firm. She pulled her arms back and pinned them to her spine, holding them both in place with one hand while she caressed the soft flesh of her ass with the other.

“It almost seems like a crime…” Natasha said, running her fingers up and down between Alice’s deliciously smooth ass cheeks.

“You haven’t got the guts!” Alice snorted. Everything that had happened that day had been leading up to that point and, had it been any other day, Natasha might well have released the girl from her clutches. In fact, she probably wouldn’t have chased her at all, but it was far from a normal day. With such a pretty little ass begging to be spanked lying across her lap, even the best trained hostage negotiator couldn’t have talked her out of acting on her wildest, naughtiest desires. With a sudden surge of excitement, she raised her hand and planted it firmly across Alice’s right buttock.

“Ow! You bitch!” cackled Alice, evidently just as turned on by the reality of being spanked as Natasha was by doing it. She raised her hand again and swiped it across the other cheek, sending the flesh rippling out between her fingers and down the back of Alice’s thighs. She continued to spank her, enjoying it more and more with every loud clap as her palm landed on Alice’s cheeks. As fit and sprightly as the young girl had been on the courts, Natasha had no problem holding her down even as she tried her hardest to wriggle herself free. As she unleashed the fury of her hand upon Alice’s ass, the persistent white palm prints began to layer up, turning her cheeks a progressively deeper shade of pink. To her surprise, it wasn’t the tingle of her fingers as she smacked the girl’s skin or the sound of her subject’s wavering breath that turned her on the most, but rather the reddening turmoil unfolding across Alice’s perky ass. She’d never realised just how around it could be to control another woman and the power she felt in that moment was addictive.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Alice goaded her, triggering a string of extra hard spanking as Natasha struck her ass with every bit of force in her muscles. Droplets of excess water rained to the tiles beneath her feet with every fierce strike. Then, out of the corner of her eye she spotted something protruding from her training bag and had a irresistibly naughty idea. She pulled Alice to her feet and dragged her by her wrists to another bench where her training bag sat with her tennis racquet poking out of the top. Alice tip toed gingerly behind her as if she was walking on a bed of hot coals, wincing as the prickling heat spread through her cheeks. Natasha turned around and began to wrestle Alice to the floor, quickly disarming the young girl with a knee to the back her legs. Alice toppled to her knees, bending over the edge of the bench while Natasha fished out a roll of racquet tape from her bag. Ordinarily it would be used to add grip to her racquet handle, but that evening it would serve a much darker purpose. She held Alice down, pressing her stomach to the young girl’s back as she leaned over and wound the tape around her wrists and then through the wooden slats of the bench. Alice tried to resist, tugging on the tape from the moment it touched her skin, but Natasha was far too strong and agile for her. In truth, she didn’t want to get away at all, but fighting it only made the fantasy that much steamier.

“I had no idea you were into this…” said Alice, trembling with anticipation at the thought of what Natasha might do to her. Much like Natasha, Alice also harboured an unspoken lust for the shadier side of sex. However, being a naturally submissive type, she craved the powerful hand of a master; whereas Natasha’s newfound inclination was the opposite. They were like yin and yang, and by a staggering turn of fate they had discovered each other in the deserted changing rooms of their gym.

“Into what?” asked Natasha naively.

“Rough play…” replied Alice, “I mean, I was totally down to fuck, but this is so much better!”

“You like being spanked?” Natasha continued, as perplexed by Alice’s admission as she was by her own burgeoning emotions.

“Fuck yeah.” Alice blurted out, as if it was the most normal thing in the world, “Especially the way you do it. Spank me some more!”

Natasha’s clitoris throbbed more intensely with every word that Alice uttered, and with the young girl’s already raw ass wiggling in the air, she couldn’t resist exploring her dark side even further. She reached over to her bag and pulled out the racquet, holding it just above Alice’s ass as she summoned the will to proceed. She took a couple of practice swings, teasing Alice in the process.

“Do it!” she begged, “I want it so much!”

It was all Natasha needed to hear and with a modest swing, she smacked the taut wire netting of her racquet flat against Alice’s ass. She heaved forward, hitting the edge of the bench with her thighs. For a moment, she looked like she was in the most terrible agony, but then as the white mesh plastered across her cheeks began to dissipate and blend in with the surrounding red flesh, Alice shuddered and gave off a deep, blissful sigh. Once again, Natasha found herself alarmingly turned on by the sight of Alice’s ass being ruined by her hand, and yet all she wanted was to cause the girl even more pain and hear her wonderful scream. She swiped the racquet again, planting it firmly across the back of Alice’s thighs to send her knees stamping against the tiles. Alice squealed and her wrists tugged at the tape binding them to the bed, but it was more a way to digest the pain than an attempt to escape.

“You’re not going anywhere…” sneered Natasha, though as much as she tried, she couldn’t hide her excited smile.

“Are you going to make me your bitch?” whimpered Alice. Natasha didn’t answer, instead choosing the spank her again, and again, blasting Alice’s cheeks with one sadistic serve after another until her cheeks were so battered and speckled with plum-coloured bruises that she dared not swing again.

“You’re already my bitch.” replied Natasha, embracing her dominant role more and more with every second that passed. She dropped the racquet onto the floor and leaned over the young slut’s back to untie her. She had no intention of freeing her, though, and as soon as Alice’s hands were loosened from the bench, she pulled them behind her back, holding them in place with one hand while she wrapped the other around Alice’s chest. Her fingers roamed up and down the girl’s stomach, feeling every inch of her naked, moist flesh before rising up to cup each of her breasts. The pressure of Natasha’s thighs against Alice’s burning ass cheeks made her face shrivel up with clenched teeth, but not as much as the sudden twinges of pain that shot through her nipples. Natasha gripped Alice’s teats one by one and began to squeeze them between her fingers and thumb, stretching them away from her chest until the skin of her supple breasts wouldn’t give any more. She released them and watched over Alice’s shoulder as they jiggled back into their usual, perfectly perky form. She hadn’t felt so turned on in all her life and was so excited she was starting to lose control of herself as her eternally dormant wild side came out to play.

“Lie on the bench.” commanded Natasha with a vigorous push on the shoulder, giving Alice choice but to do as she said. Alice’s persona had gradually become less and less boisterous to the point that she wouldn’t even speak unless Natasha asked her a question. She obediently lay back along the bench with her arms draped across her belly, almost like she was lying in state. Natasha took her arms and moved them over the side of the bench, wrapped them underneath to tie them together with another length of racquet tape. With her arms bound, she moved down to Alice’s feet and began to wrap another length of tape around each of her ankles, tying them both to the sides of the bench with her legs spread slightly apart. Alice was completely restrained and as Natasha stood up and watched her wriggling to find some comfort against the wooden bench slats, she was filled with a perverse feeling of lust and sexual rage. It was all entirely new to her and she had no idea how to deal with it. The only thing that was straight in her mind was that Alice was hers to do with however she pleased, and she knew exactly what she was going to do. She flipped her leg over the bench to straddle Alice’s mouth with her pussy pressed firmly to the girl’s lips.

“Taste my cunt, you dirty whore.” growled Natasha, grinding her clitoris on Alice’s nose as her pussy juices dripped from her labia into Alice’s mouth. She heard the faint mumble of Alice’s voice from beneath her crotch but paid no attention, and soon she felt the heavenly lap of the young blonde’s tongue slithering between the lips of her pussy. Natasha quivered with delight and began to thrust her crotch even harder against Alice’s mouth, moaning louder with every lash of her coarse taste buds against her labia. She lifted her feet off the tiles to kneel with her legs pressed firmly to the sides of Alice’s cheeks, clamping her head tightly between them. Yet more of her juices seeped from her pussy, lining Alice’s tongue as she snacked hungrily on the delicate flaps of Natasha’s dripping wet vulva. The sound of her slurping tongue could be heard above Natasha’s constant moaning, showing just how much she wanted to please the woman controlling her.

Natasha lifted herself up for a moment and flipped herself around, immediately placing her clitoris back down onto Alice’s tongue as she bent over into the sixty-nine position on top of her. She was not about to simply return the favour, though. While Alice once again began to fervently snack on Natasha’s protruding clit, she leaned down and began to push on Alice’s hips. The pressure caused Alice’s ass to squash against the bench, reawakening the smouldering heat of her bruised flesh. She tried to silence her own scream, but Natasha persisted; pressing down on her hips over and over again until finally she got her way. An immense shriek rumbled from Alice’s lungs, passing directly through Natasha’s clitoris. Alice continued to lick even as she screamed in agony, unwilling to displease her master even for a second. Natasha allowed her a moment to recover and then turned her attention to another equally devious method of torture. She aimed her pincer-like fingers at the thin strip of fair pubic hair just above Alice’s clitoris and began to pluck individual follicles from their roots. Alice squirmed with as much momentum as she could muster, but the tape held firm, keeping her tightly bound and subdued while Natasha had her sadistic way with her.

“Oh my God!” Alice finally screamed, though what came next was not what Natasha had expected, “I’m cumming!”

Natasha plucked one final hair and then began to pinch and flick Alice’s clitoris hard with her finger. She hoped to quell the rising surge of orgasmic pleasure inside her subject, but the firm flick of her finger only made it worse. Alice’s thighs began to tremble violently and Natasha knew there was no stopping her now that the flood gates had been opened. Her lust started to get the better of her and as Alice’s hips began to spasm with powerful orgasmic contractions, she leaned in even closer and clamped her lips to Alice’s pussy. They both licked and sucked on each other’s clits and within seconds the sound of Alice’s restrained heaving and the power of her hips rising up beneath her mouth set Natasha cumming as well. They writhed and thrashed their hips, now forming a literal yin and yang right there on the changing room bench as their tongues worked around each other’s clits until the last second. The water from the shower had long since evaporated and been replaced by a sticky, sweaty sheen that glistened in the dim fluorescent lights hanging from the ceiling. Even after their wild convulsions had ceased, they lay there twitching and slowly gasping for air as they collected themselves. Natasha finally pulled herself up and flipped around again to lie on top of Alice’s chest. Their naked, sweaty breasts smeared together as they kissed, locking lips with their tongue buried deep in each other’s mouths. They kissed for several minutes, exchanging saliva and moaning as if they were about to cum all over again. Then, Natasha pulled away and stared into Alice’s eyes; confident that she had not just uncovered a new part of herself, but also found someone to explore it with.

“So pretty…” whispered Natasha, leaning in to peck Alice’s cheek.

“You didn’t mind that I came?” asked Alice. Her voice was filled with shame and regret.

“I guess I’ll just have to learn how to control you properly.” replied Natasha. A wide smile crept across both of their faces and they kissed once more. It was the most astounding and unexpected cap to an otherwise terrible day, but Natasha would have gone through it all again if it meant bumping into Alice. It wasn’t necessary, though, as upon leaving the gym together, they exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet up somewhere that offered a little more privacy, where their darkest desires could truly be fleshed out.