Unhappy Ending

Alex lay on his stomach, sprawled out along a massage table with his head resting sideways on a small cushion and his arms posed up at either side. He let out a long, deep sigh, feeling the stress evaporating from his muscles as the young Japanese masseuse worked her fingers around his shoulders. His entire body had become limp in a state of pure relaxation, signalled by the occasional approving moan as she massaged a particularly tense spot. However, the sublime touch of the girl’s fingers had taken their toll in an unfortunate, yet not entirely unwanted way. Beneath his body, his once flaccid penis had quickly swelled to a rigid shaft and had remained rock hard as she worked her magic on his back. He was completely naked on the table with the exception of a single white towel draped across his firm buttocks. As she slowly progressed down towards his feet he knew it would soon be time for her to do the other side, and it became startlingly obvious that his state of arousal would persist long after he’d flipped over onto his back. For anyone else, it would have undoubtedly been a cause of great humiliation, but not for Alex.

As a wealthy and extremely successful stock broker, he wasn’t the sort of person to be told something was off limits. In fact, he was actively looking forward to turning over and allowing the young woman to feast her eyes on his impressive manhood. After all, what red blooded female could have resisted such a prime specimen of masculinity? His arrogance was alleviated only by his charisma, but the seductive twinkle in his eye wouldn’t be nearly enough to save him from his lack of self control. He had taken quite a liking towards the girl from the moment he laid eyes on her. There was something indescribably appealing about her vibrant red silk kimono, even though it concealed most of her petite body. At the ripe young age of 21 she was less than half his age, which only fanned the flames of his lust for her even further. Her shimmering inky black hair contrasted with the light golden tint of her skin, and her cute smile and diminutive frame lent her a preciousness that he simply had to have. He couldn’t resist himself and the fantasy of what he wanted to happen with her was half the reason why his cock remained so hard beneath his stomach.
“Turn.” she asked. Her limited vocabulary and thick Japanese accent lent her an air of naivety, making it especially easy for Alex to target her. He slowly reached back to grab the towel, holding it over the side of his thigh as he eased himself onto his back. It only just covered the length of his penis, but the enormous imprint of his shaft was still clearly visible through the fabric. He reclined with his hands behind his head, almost like he was presenting himself to her. She tried to take little notice of the bulge, although even she had to silently admit that part of her wanted to see it in the flesh. She was a professional, though, and pushed her baser thoughts to the back of her mind while she proceeded with the massage. She started down by his feet and worked her way up along each thigh, causing his cock to twitch beneath the towel like an animal trying to escape. The heat of his eyes almost burned into her flesh as he stared at her, shining his sinister grin in her direction. She knew exactly what he was thinking but refused to entertain it and tried her best to avoid eye contact for fear of encouraging him further. He needed little stimulation to stroke his ego, and as she stood beside the table and worked on the firm ridges of his washboard stomach, he finally crossed a line that sealed his fate.
“It’s Aki, right?” he asked, allowing his hand to drift down over the edge of the table.
“Yes.” she nodded, giving a courteous if not entirely sincere smile.
“Come on, Aki…” he persisted, trying to grip the silk belt holding the front of her kimono together, “I want to see what you’ve got under there…”
“No, sir.” she insisted as politely as she could, pushing his hand away, “It’s not allowed.”
“That just makes me want it even more.” he grinned, reaching around to feel her ass through the divine silk fabric. She slapped his hand away, but again it only fuelled his ego.
“Playing hard to get, eh?” he chuckled, reaching down to remove the towel from his crotch, “How about a happy ending, then?”
He slipped it off and allowed it to fall over the edge of the table to the floor, revealing his hard, throbbing shaft to her. She knew that he wouldn’t give in and that she would need to put a stop to it before it got out of hand. His overtly brusque and inappropriate manner had left her with only two possible courses of action. She knew that she should have simply left the room and had him thrown out of the building, but his sexual advances had irked her enough to provoke the darker side of her character. Little did he know that she was far more confident than her quiet little persona would have suggested and that from the moment he tried to touch her, she had begun to concoct a twisted fantasy of her own. It was almost too delicious to consider, but then as he tried to grab her wrist and place her fingers on his cock, she decided it was the last straw.
“Wait.” she smiled, glancing over towards the door.
“Ah, good idea!” he winked, taking his cock in his hand and casually stroking it up and down as she sauntered over to lock it. His eyes immediately fell on the subtle curves of her ass protruding through the silk of her kimono. Having to wait even just a few seconds for her to return was torture and as she moved back over and stood beside the table, he reached out to release her belt again.
“All in good time…” she said in her thick accent, “Let me take care of you first.”
Of course, he loved the idea of her servicing his every need and relaxed back onto the table. She raised her forefinger to tell him to wait a little longer and walked across to a cabinet behind him. He knew that it would surely be worth the wait and continued to squeeze his cock in his fingers, imagining what she might look like beneath the gown. She retuned moments later holding four red wrist restraints. Each one was lined with black fur and featured a number of spiky silver studs lined along the outside. He took one look at them and started to shake his head.
“It’s better like this.” she explained, and then in a rare moment of acquiescence, he nodded for her to go ahead. The fog of lurid thoughts clouding his mind had pushed any hint of common sense away, disarming him just enough for her to turn the tables and take advantage of him instead. She began to wrap the cuffs around each of his wrists and ankles one by one, pinning his arms and legs to the edges of the table. Short steel chains jangled softly and hung from the metal D-rings on each cuff, which she promptly clipped onto a rail beneath the table. He tested the cuffs a few times, but they held firm and kept him restrained on the table. He wasn’t used to being subdued like that, but he couldn’t deny that he kind of liked it.
“Kinky!” he smiled, nodding down towards his engorged, flexing penis. She had no intention of doing as he wished, though, and instead reached into a pouch on her kimono to fish out another little toy. She raised it up so he could see it, immediately extinguishing his lustful gaze and replacing it with a very concerned frown. It was a stainless steel Wartenburg pinwheel with five separate rows of sharp spikes, which she spun around on its axis with a flick of her finger. She could see him beginning to tense up as it whirred softly around, only then realising what he’d gotten himself into.
“What is this?” he asked, tugging on the cuffs with much greater force.
“This is your happy ending…” she giggled, aiming the wheel onto his neck to press the pins into his flesh. He dug the back of his head into the table and extended his chin to escape it, but he knew it was useless.
“You can’t do this!” he insisted. She raised her free hand and swept it across his cheek.
“I can and I will.” she replied with a terrifying calmness, “Now stay quiet or it’ll get a lot worse.”
For a moment he thought about yelling for help, but her words were so oddly chilling that it gave him pause enough to reconsider. Instead, he lay there and watched as she rolled the pins down along his chest, traversing the faint crevice of his pecs and then over his belly button. He could see the tip of his cock resting on his stomach just an inch or two below and gulped back his nerves, visibly beginning to tremble at the mere thought of the wheel moving any further.
“No!” he gasped, “Please!”
“I said quiet.” she whispered softly, almost like she was putting a child to bed.
“I’m sorry, okay?” he pleaded, “I didn’t mean to be a dick!”
He clearly didn’t know what quiet meant. Her lips stretched to a particularly devilish smile and her hand continued south, rolling the pins up onto the head of his penis. He clenched his teeth and winced as the sharp spikes dug into the spongy pink mushroom cap and then rolled down along the underside of his shaft. She chuckled to herself as if she was feeding on his discomfort, watching intently as the wheel reached his balls. He tried to wriggle sideways to stop her, but there was only so much room for him to move. She slapped his cheek again and snapped her fingers in front of his face, waving her forefinger to warn that he should stop. He relented and thumped his head against the table in defeat, even whimpering a little as she rolled the pinwheel back up along his shaft. As it reached the tip, she lifted his cock up and held it vertically so she could run the wheel down over the topside, pausing for a moment as the needles passed over ridge of the head. He wanted to swear and call her all sorts of grotesque names, but he knew it would only make his situation worse. Then again, there was something novel and exciting about having his usual abundance of power stripped away and deep down in his soul, he felt a perverse thrill from having her torture him.
Aki reached into her other pocket and lifted out a purple faux-leather padded blindfold and slipped it down over Alex’s eyes. He barely fought it aside from a small shake of his head, although the rate of his breath certainly increased a little. She tapped his cheek with her fingers like a pet and then disappeared for a minute or two, leaving him completely naked and shackled to the table. He thought she had abandoned him and was about to finally call for help, but eventually she returned to his side with something far more painful than a pinwheel in her hand. It was large red swivel flogger that complimented the colour of her kimono. It featured a 13inch fall with a mass of thick, heavy twisted suede tassels that smelled almost as good as they felt. The handle was made from wood and bound in leather, connected to the fall by a steel pivot and chain, allowing it to be swung in any direction with fantastic accuracy for an especially severe sting. He could hear the short chain jangling somewhere nearby, but he had no idea what it was attached to. She placed the flogger on his chest and left it there while she untied her silk belt and slipped the kimono from her shoulders. It fell away from her body and drifted quietly to the floor, leaving her with only her skimpy white cotton panties hugging her crotch. A delightfully cruel idea crossed her mind as she peeled them down over her thighs, and rather than leaving them on the floor, she collected them in her hand and wrapped them around Alex’s head. She made sure to position the patch of cotton that had been between her legs directly over his nose, forcing him to smell and savour the scent of her pussy.
Then, with his body prepared and ready for action, she climbed up onto the table and straddled him, reaching back to aim the tip of his cock towards her pussy. It still tingled slightly from the tiny indentations left by the pin wheel and flexed repeatedly as the head split her labia apart, sliding inside her inch by inch as she backed herself up onto it. The panties ballooned in front of his lips as he let out a satisfied breath, feeling her tight vaginal muscles squeezing his shaft from every angle. It seemed that he was not fully aware of his role yet, so she grabbed the flogger from his chest and started to gently sweep the tassels across his chest. He seemed to be enjoying it far more than he was allowed and hadn’t realised that he was now just her little fuck toy. His body served only one purpose – to give her pleasure. What really turned her on was hearing a grown man beg for mercy, especially an older gentleman with a muscular physique like Alex’s. She began to ride enthusiastically on his cock, bouncing up and down on it with the flogger poised ready for the first strike. She almost felt sorry for him, knowing that he had no idea what was coming. With the handle clutched in her fingers, she swung it sideways and rasped the tassels across his chest, immediately causing him to bolt beneath her with a piercing howl. The force plunged his cock even deeper inside her and crashed his pubic bone against her clitoris, stroking the sadistic fire inside her.
“No!” she barked, knocking the breath from his lungs with another blistering crack, “You do not speak!”
His jaws clamped together with a tormented groan, heaving in agony as she thrashed the thick suede fall repeatedly across his chest. Her hips thrust against him with a frenetic pace, grinding his shaft against every nerve ending inside her pussy and pressing it against her g-spot as she panted in ecstasy on top of him. She clasped her small, perky tits in her fingers and began to pinch her firm, erect nipples, cherishing the fact that he would have given anything to see it. The blindfold prevented him from laying his perverted eyes on her pristine naked flesh and amplified every other sense in the process. The faint yet inescapable aroma of her panties in addition to the pressure of her pussy contracting around his cock left him alternating wildly between overwhelming states of pleasure and pain. His chest was smouldering with the heat of twenty lashes with more yet to come, but every vigorous motion of her hips pushed him closer and closer to an orgasm. He wanted to cum so badly, but somehow he instinctively knew that she wouldn’t allow it. Once again he found himself becoming even more aroused at the prospect of following her commands. He tried to suppress it, but the sound of her angelic moaning made it almost impossible to purge the tingling swell of orgasmic pressure from his mind.
She continued to flog his chest, aiming the tassels directly at his nipples and laughing playfully as he wriggled to dissipate the pain. He managed to silence himself, bottling up every urge to scream out in agony so much that his body trembled violently beneath her, practically turning his cock into a vibrator. His chest slowly began to turn a vivid shade of red like a mountain range that had been set ablaze. Aki lashed him a few more times and dropped the flogger to the floor, planting her hands on his chest to support herself as she writhed back and forth on his cock. The pressure of her hands made him squirm in agony, but still he did not make a sound other than the occasional pathetic sob. She could feel how much he liked it by the way his cock bulged inside her with every kneading push of her fingers. She took his nipples between her fingers and thumbs and pinched them, trying her best to elicit a noise from his lips to give her an excuse to slap him into submission again. The idea that she might have actually tamed him gave her an exhilarating buzz that compelled her to ride even harder on his cock, moaning through her exaggerated, wavering breath as she finally tipped over the edge and started to cum.
Her hips spasmed violently against him as the undulating orgasmic energy surged through her veins. Waves of hot and cold radiated out from her pussy, as if his cock was emitting an electrical current deep inside her. Her arms and legs quivered in a state of utter bliss, shivering and twitching uncontrollably as she clawed at his chest with her sharp nails. Still he remained silent and took it, absorbing every ounce of pain that she deemed fit for his body. Then, as she reached the shivering peak of her climax, she felt his cock expanding slightly and purred with satisfaction as his cum erupted from the tip deep inside her. It spilled out of her pussy around the sides of his cock, smearing every inch of it with his white, gooey seed. He tried his best to remain quiet even as he came, with the only sound coming from the table creaking beneath his jolting hips. She waited until the last drop had spurted from his cock and lifted herself off the table, leaving him lying there completely spent with his flesh reeling from the intense flogging he had received.
“Good.” she commended him, gently slapping his cheek again as she retrieved her panties from his face. She quickly slipped them back on and dressed herself before releasing the studded cuffs from his wrists and ankles. A tiny glimmer of doubt flickered in her mind as she freed him, wondering if he might seek revenge for his treatment. She had little reason to worry, though, as he remained just as muted and submissive in her presence even without the flogger in her hand. A strange bond had formed between them in that room and she strongly suspected that he would be back for more, though it was unlikely that he would ever speak of the encounter to anyone else. It would be their little secret to be shared whenever he visited, or indeed, whenever she called upon him.