Wicked Stepmother

It had been just a few months since Anna had married her new husband Jonathan and she was now living at his home with him and his son from a previous marriage. His son, Adam, had just recently reached his 18th birthday, and although she got along fairly well with the temperamental teenager, he was prone to the clichéd mood swings and unruly behaviour. However, he would soon find out what it was like to be disciplined – an experience he had not gained from his lax biological mother and father. She was alone in the house doing the laundry in the kitchen when the front door suddenly slammed shut. The boy was home and as usual she was presented not with a “Hello” or a “How was your day?”, but with the rapid thud of his footsteps up the stairs as he retired to his room. She left him alone for a while, but then she realised she needed to find out what he would like for dinner. So, she ascended the stairs and stepped along the landing towards his bedroom door, which was just slightly ajar. She could hear a strange noise coming from within, like somebody was out of breath.

She tip-toed closer and pressed her eyes up to the gap between the door and the frame so she could peer curiously through into his room.

She spotted him immediately, lying back on his bed holding his mobile phone in one hand and his rigid young cock in the other. She could see the repetitive motion of flesh on the screen of his phone and the noises coming from it were clearly pornographic in nature. At first she was appalled, but then as she watched a little longer she couldn’t help but feel the stirrings of arousal inside her. I’m almost 40, she thought to herself as she watched the young man jerking at his cock, what the fuck am I doing? Still, she couldn’t take her eyes away from his foreskin as it rolled back and forth over the bulbous head of his penis. She could feel her clitoris tingling prominently between her thighs and she had to use every ounce of her strength to fight the urge to touch herself as she watched him. Had such a terribly naughty thought not entered her mind at that moment, she might have succeeded. She had always loved kinky play in the bedroom and she had done plenty of it with his father, but she wondered if it would be going too far to punish the boy. She wanted nothing more than to spank him and as her arousal slowly built from within, so did her confidence. Without even realising, she found herself marching into the room and staring at him.

“Oh my Lord!” she feigned horror, theatrically holding the back of her palm up to her forehead, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“What the fuck!?” he cried, tossing the phone aside and quickly scrambling to pull up his jeans, “What do you want?”

“How dare you talk to me like that!” she replied, standing her ground as he leapt to his feet. He grimaced and tried to lean past her to open the door wider, so he could encourage her back through it. However, in her quick thinking she moved to block him and his outstretched hand accidentally clasped her breast through the fabric of her wispy summer dress. He pulled away, confused and startled by everything that was happening. He wanted her to leave so he could end the embarrassing situation, but she had no intention of going anywhere. That said, as strange as it was to admit, he rather liked the feel of her large, mature breast in his hand. She, too, felt a surge of electricity making its way to her pussy as she enjoyed that fleeting moment of contact. She only wished it could have lasted longer.

“We’ll be having none of that in this house, young man!” she commanded, poking her finger into his chest as he held his head low. He may have had his dismissive tendencies, but he quickly fell into line when an authority figure was present.

“Look, I… can you just go, please?” he begged.

“I don’t think so!” she replied, “ I’m afraid we’ll be having to set some ground rules!”

“What?” he scowled, “Like what?”

“First things first…” she said, grabbing his arm and dragging him back over to the bed. She perched herself on the edge and yanked on his wrist, toppling him to fall over her lap. He lost his balance and crashed down onto her thighs, lying flat against them as he wheezed for breath. His belt buckle and jeans were still hanging loosely from his waist where he had not had time to re-fasten them, so she quickly pulled them down to his knees along with his boxer shorts.

“What the!?” he squealed, “What are you doing?”

“Only what is right for you.” she replied, “You need this.”

He tried to struggle free, but he had underestimated her strength and the sharpness of her nails, which she dug into his neck to keep him still. He yelled, but he was in no real pain – that was still to come. With one hand holding him down, she raised the other and unleashed hell on his young, firm ass cheeks. Her hand swiped across the lightly hairy mounds of flesh, sending them jiggling momentarily before re-taking their normal shape. She left a series of red hand prints plastered across his skin as she spanked him and her severity increased with every strike.

“Ouch!” he moaned, wriggling pathetically to get away. However, after the tenth hit, he began to relent. Whether it was because he knew it was useless, or because he was starting to enjoy it, she wasn’t sure. All she knew was that her clitoris was throbbing with excitement and as her hand came plummeting down towards his ass over and over again, all she could think about was humiliating him some more. She felt so sadistic and yet she had never been so turned on. As she reached the twentieth strike, his ass was almost on fire, but she could feel his rigid cock still flexing against the side of her thigh.

“Get up. “ she ordered, pushing off her lap to stand in front of her. He sheepishly slipped himself over her knees and climbed to his feet, crouching down to collect his jeans. She slapped his hands away, forcing him to leave them down with his cock sticking in front of him. He couldn’t help but allow it to flex before her, widening her excited eyes. She reached out and took it in her hand, stroking it from the base to shaft; now completely in control of his foreskin. She could see the sticky pre-cum oozing from the tip and smearing all over the head. She wanted so desperately to lean in and lick it up, but she resisted the urge. Instead, jerking his cock in her left hand, she started to spank his ass again with her right.

“This belongs to me.” she said domineeringly, squeezing the shaft firmly between her fingers like she was claiming it, “Do you understand?”

He stared at her with an almost comical look of confusion and awe, simultaneously enjoying the pressure of her fingers choking his cock and also mortified beyond belief. His cheeks had gone bright red, but he no longer wanted to struggle himself free. As she stroked his cock, he could feel himself growing closer and closer to an orgasm. In fact, the longer it went on, the more he submitted himself to her will.

“You may only cum when I tell you.” she said, staring directly into his eyes as she unleashed a fresh torrent of harsh spanking straight across his ass and the back of his thighs. He shuddered forward but kept his balance, intent on concentrating on the unavoidable swell inside his prostate. He wouldn’t last much longer, especially not with the sight of her wholesome cleavage jiggling just below. He wanted so much to reach out and play with them; to feel them again, only for longer than his all too brief taste a little earlier. He was sure she wouldn’t allow it, though. However, as she finished spanking him, she gave him something far greater than a mere fondle. She peeled the front of her dress down, revealing her breasts in all their glory. He couldn’t believe how round and juicy they were, nor how huge. He knew they were big, but now they were out in the open he could truly appreciate their wondrous size. Her nipples were firmly poking out towards him and bouncing softly around as her arm jerked at his cock.

She knocked her head back and flicked her stay hair behind her shoulder, opening up her chest for him to unload. He started to moan, unable to control himself now that he was presented with such an incredible sight. She felt his penis expand between her fingers as his hot, milky cum passed through and shot out from the tip, splashing down all over the giant orbs before him. She could feel the warm fluid hitting her skin and started to rub it in, like salty sun tan lotion. She was so horny she almost forgot that she was supposed to be punishing him.

“Now…” she commanded, “Only I can say when you jerk off. You must get permission from me!”

He took a moment to catch his breath and then nodded; both incredibly freaked out and turned on by the idea. From that day on, their relationship took a decidedly unusual turn, but an immensely satisfying one nevertheless.