Flickering candelabra lined the walls of the main lounge at The Pound – a notorious BDSM-themed sex club with a peculiar twist. The club was invite only, but Rachel had the good fortune of knowing one of the proprietors, Marcus, whom she had met online one evening while looking for some kinky cyber sex. Even at the tender young age of 24, she had long known of her dark sexual desires and had tried to experiment with her small handful of boyfriends. However, through their squeamishness she had never truly been able to test the boundaries of her sexuality the way she truly wanted. Her most recent breakup had served as the encouragement she needed to finally accept Marcus’ invitation. He explained that the guests were divided into two groups – dominant and submissive. The latter of the two were held in cages situated along the far wall of the lounge, adjacent to the bar. The rest of the club looked like any other upmarket establishment, albeit a very relaxed one. The floor was strewn with a series of exuberant arm chairs, couches and chaise lounges for the guests to relax, drink and talk amongst themselves. There were people of all ages, although Rachel was easily at the younger end of the spectrum. Occasionally they would get up and wander over to inspect the various slaves on offer, slowly making a decision ready for when the time came to select one.
She found herself cowering in one such cage, peering up at the guests as they scanned her petite frame and continued on. From the moment she crawled inside, she could feel herself becoming engulfed by the relentless thump of the loud music filling the room. The beat trembled through the floor and up her thighs to her aching groin, enraging her sexuality long before any items of clothing had been shed. She had been buzzing with curious excitement ever since Marcus had told her about the club’s tantalising twist, but it was only as she clung onto the metal bars staring at the horny passersby that it really started to sink in. It’s going to happen, she thought to herself, it’s really going to happen! She could barely contain her excitement, endlessly groaning around the sides of the silver ball gag wedged between her jaws. She was a slave after all; stripped of her dress and bound in chains with her arms tightly secured against her back. A thick metal bondage collar was enclosed around her neck, digging into the flesh of her shoulders with every slight movement she made. Her ankles were tied together beneath her, giving her no choice but to remain knelt and bent over inside her metal cage. Her clitoris was pulsating with anticipation.
A loud gong rang out, chiming off the walls with a thunderous roll that sent a shiver down Rachel’s spine. The time had finally come for the guests to choose a slave and the entire congregation amassed around the cages, inspecting the offerings one final time. A young couple approached her cage and examined her quivering body, but then turned their noses up and continued on. The humiliation of being deemed inadequate was unbearable and yet oddly gratifying. She yearned to be treated like mud; to be used and abused for the satisfaction of some other person. A small group of women then paid an interest, nudging each other with their elbows and pointing at Rachel’s firm nipples. They could see how aroused she was just by looking at her, but then they continued on as well. She began to wonder if she would ever be picked, especially with the gimp-suited man in the cage to her left being chosen almost immediately. It was then that Antonio stepped up and cast his monolithic shadow over her body.
He was an older gentleman with a wise and worldly appearance, emphasised by his neatly trimmed silver speckled beard. His hulking frame was surely the result of years of taking care of his body, working out and keeping himself in shape. She gasped softly as he appeared before her; towering over the cages with his gaze fixed on Rachel’s naked flesh. He stared into her eyes, uttering no words and yet saying everything she wanted to hear. She could tell instantly that he would be a stern master; exactly the kind of assured hand she had hoped to find. She didn’t want to be the whipping toy of any old twisted pervert. She wanted to be truly disciplined by a man who could dominate her in every way. She begged him with her black hole pupils, yearning for him to choose her. He leant down and flicked the latch of the cage open, leaning in to attach a chain leash to her collar. An exhilarating wave of relief and excitement washed over her, setting every follicle in her skin on end. A rash of goose pimples covered her body as she crawled out of the cage.
“Yes, you’ll do nicely!” he muttered in his dulcet voice, dragging her over to the seating area. Crawling across the floor was no easy task since her arms and legs were bound, but he allowed her a reasonable amount of time to manoeuvre herself. It was never quite enough, though, and a few times she almost toppled to the ground in a shameful display of incompetence. Intent on proving her worth, she persevered and wiggled and slithered eagerly behind him. He took her to a single, wide armchair near the edge of the room. She saw that he was alone at the club. No wife or group of friends to share her with. I’ve got him all to myself, she thought. In truth, it was very much the other way around. He was very much in control of the situation, pulling on the leash to hoist her up onto the chair. She climbed up and sat down on the edge of the cushion, allowing her a brief moment to observe the other guests returning to their seats with their newly selected slaves. Then, with a brutish push, he planted the palm of his hand flat against her chest and sprung her backwards, sending her crashing onto the cushions. She lay with her arms pinned beneath her body as he hoisted her legs up in the air, exposing the juicy slit of her tingling pussy and the pink rim of her ass hole nestled between her thighs.
He raised her feet up all the way to her head, almost folding her in half at the hips. It’s a good job I do yoga, she chuckled to herself. He bent her over so far that the small of her back even lifted off the cushion slightly, foisting her ass into the air on the edge of the seat. He began to unfasten the rope binding her feet together, but they did not remain free for very long. He loosened the rope and wound it around her ankles again, only this time he spread them apart and looped it around her neck as well. Even the slightest movement of her feet caused the rope to choke her, making what followed a daunting experience indeed. With her ankles bound to her neck and her legs split wide apart, he was free to do as he wished with her subdued body. It was then that she saw the small collection of toys he had arranged on the drinks table beside the chair. He wasted no time in picking up the first of the three implements; a flogging whip with black foot-long tassels. He started to drape the wilting ends over the underside of her thighs, which were now on top of her body for the world to see. They tickled her skin, brushing faintly over her freshly waxed legs from the curve of her knee to the moist lips of her pussy.
She quivered with anticipation, feeling every single touch of the tassels as they grazed her soft peach flesh. Then he stepped away, stroking the immense bulge in his smart trousers for a moment. The air around them was slowly becoming cluttered with the jangle of chains, the crack of whips and the painful cries of the other slaves as the guests started to indulge their sadistic desires. Every noise startled her, as if the room was filled with an electrical charge that zapped her every time she moved. Her master finally took a swing with the flogger and landed it firmly across her exposed ass cheeks, sending the flesh rippling out in every direction. She let out a piercing scream; her eyes bulging as her nostrils flared. Her whole body trembled as the stinging pain dissipated, leaving her cheeks prickling and her clitoris throbbing even harder. He whipped her again with a tremendous clatter, scorching her ass with red lash marks as the tassels battered her flesh. She groaned noisily; her voice consumed with lust and agony at the same time. The gag muffled her cries, but nothing could have silence them. The thrashing of the whip continued, swinging it left and right with every bit of strength in his muscly arms. With her ass reeling, he placed the whip back on the table and stepped back to admire his work.
His cock swelled even harder upon seeing her tortured flesh, forcing him to take it out. He unzipped his trousers and poked it through the fly, jerking at it with one hand as he reached for his second whipping toy. It was a solid wooden paddle, just over half an inch thick and as long as his forearm. She watched as his foreskin smeared the glistening sticky pre-cum all over the head of his cock, aching to feel both the force of the paddle and the pressure of his penis inside her. He moved closer again and began to spank her burning cheeks once more. The brutal impact of the paddle hitting her ass caused her legs to jolt repeatedly, choking her with the rope around her ankles and neck. She loved it and he could plainly see the juices from her pussy accumulating between her labia and spilling over down the crevice of her ass. As each thunderous blow made contact with her cheeks, the dancing candle lights shimmered off the moisture dripping down her ass crack. He paused again and crouched in front of her, leaning in close with his mouth between her cheeks. He clamped his lips around her anus and began to lick up every drop of her juices, replacing the moisture with his own saliva as his tongue lashed around her puckering rim. She moaned in ecstasy, wishing more than anything that her hands were free to reach down and play with her tingling clitoris.
He moved his mouth up over her engorged vulva and started to work his tongue around it, splitting her labia apart as he plunged it inside her pussy. She tried to thrust her hips up to meet the pressure of his tongue, but the restraints around her arms and legs made movement tortuously difficult. He put the paddle down and spanked her ass with his bare hands, clutching the burning flesh tightly in his fingers. Rachel squealed and shuddered as the smarting pain overwhelmed her senses. He stood up and collected his third and final toy; a hand-sized clitoral massager. It hummed to life in his hand and he held it down over her pussy, pressing the vibrating ball head directly onto her clit. She moaned noisily as it drilled sexual bliss into her throbbing little pink nub, coaxing it out into the open above the slippery lips of her pussy. He kept it firmly held in place and proceeded to spank her a few more times, lathering her already burning cheeks with a few extra deep red hand prints. He left not a single square inch of flesh untouched by his masterful hand and she repeatedly thanked him in hushed tones through the gag as he injected her cheeks with yet more fiery pain.
She felt his fingers working their way around her anus, massaging the tight hole with the juices spilling over from her pussy. It was already thoroughly lubricated and she could tell from his obsession with it that he wasn’t going to stop at his fingers. He slid two inside, opening the soft ripples of flesh around the ring as they passed through. She groaned again, enjoying every second of the strangely pleasurable discomfort as he coated the walls of her rectum in her abundant pussy juice. She could feel him rummaging around inside her ass, preparing it for something much larger. He pulled his fingers out and pressed the head of his penis up to the gaping hole left in their wake, smearing his pre-cum all over her rim. She felt it pushing her ass hole much wider apart as it slowly penetrated her, sliding through the tiny gap until it was a perfect circle hugging his enormous shaft. She gasped with every inch that he gave her, barely able to control herself as the vibrator whirred away above her clit. He started to fuck her ass; sliding it in and out as yet more of her juices spilled over and coated his rigid, veiny shaft. Each thrust was slipperier than the last and after a minute or so he was in full swing, relentlessly pounding her colon with his chunky girth.
Each time he pulled his cock back out, he landed a fresh smack upon her cheeks with his free hand and then buried it back inside her rectum once more. The pressure was mounting to unbearable levels and before long she found herself unable to cope with the intensity of it all. She would have happily given her life to have an orgasm at that point, but he shook his finger in her face to stop her. Knowing that she wasn’t allowed to cum just made the bubbling promise of ecstasy even harder to resist. Her arms had become numb from the weight of her body and her cheeks felt like they were moments away from disintegrating. His eyes penetrated her soul with his persistent stare, fucking her mind and her body at the same time. His breathing started to become exaggerated and she could tell he wasn’t far from blowing his load. As his cock swelled inside her rectum, he finally gave the brief nod she had been begging for ever since he had taken her from the cages. As he started to spurt his hot, milky cum all over the inside of her ass, she began to shudder with orgasmic contractions. Her muscles tightened around his cock and she started to spasm violently beneath him. He continued to pound her ass until the last second, making sure every inch of her insides were smothered in his creamy white jizz.
He fell forwards, catching himself on the arms of the chair just above her face. She hardly had the energy to open her eyes, but she could see through her wilting eyelids that he was utterly spent. His chest heaved as he gasped for air, clearly having enjoyed using her body. It was an experience far beyond anything she had done with her ex-boyfriends, and yet already she felt invigorated and ready for more. She wanted to take her love of pain to far greater heights, and the brooding gentleman was only too happy to oblige.