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The Confession

Alice Jones was a typical teenage girl, enjoying pop music, make-up and gossiping about the other girls in her class. Unlike her friends, she came from a very strict Catholic family, venturing out to church every Sunday regardless of the perishing conditions outside. Still, despite her extremely well disciplined upbringing, she had a secret tendency to indulge the desires that she knew to be wrong. It had started quite innocently, touching herself as she fantasised about whatever novelty boy band was in the charts at the time. However, as she passed her 18th birthday, her bristling emotions started to overflow and in a night of carnal lust, she gave in to temptation and had sex with one of the boys from her class. So, for only the second time in her life she found herself sitting in the confession chamber of her local church, awaiting the presence of her priest, Father Evans. Her first visit had been to confess for having lied to her parents about something so frivolous she couldn’t remember what it was. This time, the weight of her guilt was pressing against her shoulders and a sickly feeling was whisking around in her stomach. As much as she had enjoyed finally popping her cherry, she knew it was a forbidden fruit.

She sat trembling on the uncomfortable wooden bench, still dressed in her school uniform having gone to the church directly after her last lesson of the day. The waiting was almost as excruciating as the thoughts of confessing such a terrible act, especially given how kind and generous Father Evans had always been with her. As the priest’s footsteps clattered ever closer to the cubicle she could feel herself shrinking on the little wooden seat; her cheeks turning bright red with embarrassment. The door creaked open and he stepped inside the neighbouring cubicle, closing it behind him and taking a seat next to her. She could almost feel the warmth of his body emanating through the wooden panel to her side. Truth be told, she had long harboured a secret, unspeakable crush on him and it wasn’t difficult to see why. He was twice her age and was surprisingly well built for a priest, with a handsome dash of grey in his otherwise glorious head of rich, dark hair. She felt the cubicle shudder briefly as he parked himself down on his seat; the vibrations tickling their way up her legs to her clitoris.

“Hello, my child.” he said through the filtered hole between the cubicles. He couldn’t see who was on the other side, but as soon as she spoke there was no mistaking who was sitting there.

“Hello…” she replied mousily, “Bless me father, for I have sinned.”

“What is your confession?” he asked, “Don’t be nervous, God’s forgiveness knows no bounds.”

She took a long, deep breath.

“I… I had sex with a boy…” she whispered carefully, anxious that someone outside the cubicle might hear. She was mortified and it was only as she finally said it that the gravity of the situation really started to sink in. Still, something about being punished for her sins seemed almost as erotic as the sin itself.

“I see.” murmured the priest, stroking his chin as the possibilities ran through his mind, “When did this happen?”

“A few nights ago.” she replied, hoping that he wouldn’t ask for details. The heat of her rosy cheeks was spreading across her body and a nervous sheen of sweat began to form on her flesh. Her clothes felt like they were clinging to her clammy skin and the air inside the cubicle became so thick it was like she was drinking it rather than breathing.

“Hmm…” he muttered to himself, feeling his penis beginning to firm slightly beneath his black robes and trousers, “I’m afraid this is a very serious matter.”

Alice’s heart sank. Her worst fears were being realised.

“Please father, I’m so sorry. I’ll do anything for the Lord’s forgiveness.” she pleaded, teetering on the edge of tears.

“Anything, you say?” he replied; his hunger for her flesh growing by the second. She wasn’t the only one with secret affections. No man could have resisted her sweet, supple flesh and even through the filtered window, the sight of her dainty school uniform was irresistible.

“Yes!” she sobbed, seemingly willing to accept anything to avoid damnation.

“Alice.” he said in a sombre tone. She became light-headed at the realisation that he knew who she was.

“Yes?” she replied, figuring that lying about her name would only add to her problems.

“I’m going to ask you to follow me to my chamber.” he continued, “Don’t worry, you can be saved, but only if you do everything that I say.”

He stood up and walked out onto the cold stone floor of the church, where he waited patiently for Alice to gather her thoughts. Her pussy had become strangely moist and as she rose from her seat, she could feel her panties sticking to her crotch. She stepped out, unable to look Father Evans in the eye as she followed him along the side of the pews to a door near the back of the church. She trailed quickly behind, trembling with anticipation and oblivious to his intentions. He led her through the doorway and along a narrow stone corridor to a room at the very end. As she walked inside she realised it was his private office, although calling it a chamber had a dark, secretive charm that she found oddly enticing. He bolted the door shut behind him and then walked around to stand directly in front of her. Without speaking a word, he raised his hand and stroked his curled fore-finger along the soft flesh beneath her chin. His coarse, aged skin sent shivers down her spine as it grated over the top of her neck and her nipples began to firm up inside her bra. She knew instantly that he had more than words to offer her.

“What is to become of me?” she asked, finally raising her head to meet his piercing gaze. He smile sympathetically, but his expression was tinged with cruelty. The back of his fingers dropped slowly over her chest, pressing into the soft bulges of her breasts before taking hold of her hand.

“I’m afraid you’ve sinned gravely. There is only one way to redeem yourself in the eyes of the Lord.” he said. He could smell the traces of her perfume lingering in the air as the scent wafted up on the heat from her body, enraging his erection so hard that it pushed against the inside of his trousers. He guided her to a large, comfy arm chair in the corner of the room and sat down on the edge of the cushion, presenting his lap to her. She could easily see the bulge of his penis beneath his clothes, flexing uncontrollably every few seconds.

“Here…” he said, patting his thighs with his hand. She didn’t move; frozen solid with fear as thoughts of mounting his penis and riding his lap flooded her mind. He had something very different in mind, though. He reached out and pulled her to his side, forcing her to bend over his lap. She did as he wished, pressing her stomach flat against his thighs with her juicy breasts hanging over one side and her knees dangling towards the floor on the other. She felt his hand moving over her ass and then down the back of her thighs as he reached to grip her pleated school skirt. He lifted it up and rested it over her back, exposing her quivering ass cheeks beneath the soft cotton of her lace-frilled white panties. The slightest touch of his fingers as he gently probed the crevice of her ass made her quiver with anticipation. She was in no doubt that he would be able to see the damp patch between her thighs. In fact, as he stroked over it she could feel his cock surging and poking against the side of her waist. Finally the time came for her punishment, and it was everything she had expected and hoped it would be.

Father Evans raised his hand high in the air and spanked it down over the back of her panties with an almighty crash. The flesh jiggled in every direction under the weight of his firm hand, injecting a searing shot of pain into her ass that lingered for as long as he groped her cheeks. He spanked her again; the force of his hand striking her ass sending her bolting slightly forward atop his lap. She let out a sharp shriek, clenching her fists and wincing tightly to control the pain. Her cheeks rapidly began to sting, as if a fire had broken out across her skin. He did not relent, though. The barrage continued, and grew stronger with every smack. It was as if her screams were fuelling his ferocious hand and after a while her throat became as hoarse as her cheeks were sore. He gripped the top of her panties and peeled them down to the top of her thighs. They remained in place just below her crotch with a trail or two of her sticky juices stretching out between the fabric and her tingling pussy lips.

The spanking continued, now without even the protection of her panties. Her flesh was fully exposed and every smack that struck her cheeks felt ten times as powerful as before. However, feeling his hand squeezing her sore flesh was indescribably arousing and she found herself aching to reach beneath her body to touch herself. Her clitoris was throbbing like never before and as the priest swiped his palm across her ass over and over again, she could feel the pressure of sexual delight building within. She began to thrust her hips softly on his lap, hoping to achieve some small amount of pressure to satiate her desires. It only made her hornier and the lack of contact was impossibly frustrating. At first her squirming appeared like she was trying to avoid the wrath of his firm hand, but as she began to moan with excitement, he quickly realised that a stricter punishment was in order.

“Alice, I’m afraid the Devil is alive and well inside you.” he claimed, bringing his hand to a rest on her ass. The weight of his hand sent prickling splinters of stinging pain through her flesh, which grew even stronger as he began to caress them. He clutched them in his hand one at a time, fondling the reddened skin for a moment as she wriggled before him. He moved his fingers down deep between her thighs to stroke the glistening lips of her pussy, suddenly realising just how much she was enjoying it.

“Mmm…” he moaned softly, stroking his fingers between her slippery labia to peel them apart. She felt his thick finger sliding up inside her, splitting her pussy open slightly as he began to massage the inner walls of her vagina. Her satisfied groaning became much louder and as he repeatedly rubbed the spongy patch of her g-spot, she began to shiver with ecstatic convulsions. Her punishment was far from over, though.

“Up you get.” he said, removing his fingers and gently slapping her bottom. She slipped off his lap and stood up, allowing her panties to fall down to her ankles. He knelt down and unhooked them from her feet, quickly pocketing them before she could say anything. Then, he sat her down on the arm chair, forcing her to lean back with her ass balancing on the edge of the cushion where he had sat just moments before. She raised her ankles high into the air, wrapping her arms under her knees to pin her thighs to her stomach. Her pretty pink slit was fully exposed and parted slightly with the position of her legs. He stood in front of her for a moment, stroking the tip of his cock through his trousers as he savoured the sight of her puckering little anus and her dripping wet vulva. He was practically drooling as he knelt down in front of the chair, placing his hands at either side of her pussy to peel her labia even further apart with his thumbs. She felt his tongue slithering inside her, working around the opening of her pussy. Her whole body trembled with excitement as he licked hungrily around her pussy and lapped up her juices. The slightly rough texture of his taste buds grinding over the sensitive tissue inside her vagina combined with the pressure of his nose nudging against her clitoris was sending her wild.

He rose to his feet again, having temporarily satisfied his lust by gorging on her pussy. Then, he walked over to the corner of the room and picked up a thin wooden cane, which he tapped against the curled palm of his hand. She shuddered with each little hit, utterly intimidated by his presence and yet extremely turned on by him at the same time. He moved closer and without any warning, he cracked the length of the cane across Alice’s ass. She squealed in horror, shaking violently to dispel the blazing pain entering her flesh. There was nothing she could do to quell the stinging, though. Her ass was already tortured and nearly glowing red with dashes of light bruising forming amidst the carnage. Now, as he lashed the cane repeatedly across her distressed flesh, even darker red marks began to form. They looked like little tears in her skin through which the blood hiding just beneath the surface was about to spill out at any moment. He moved his aim up along the back of her thighs, printing crimson dashes over her peach coloured flesh over and over again. Her screams grew louder and louder with each strike, but then he noticed something strange. She was not gasping out of pain, but out of pleasure. She liked being whipped and the harder he flayed her skin, the closer she came to an orgasm.

Her pussy was overflowing with her juices, seeping down over her ass hole and dripping onto the edge of the cushion beneath her. He realised that no amount of punishment could save her. So, he unzipped his trousers and took out his huge, rigid cock. He stroked it for a moment as he watched her writhing in agony on the seat. She begged for more, but he denied her; instead choosing to taunt her by pretending to strike, but stopping short just inches from her flesh. She juddered in place on the seat regardless, seemingly just as aroused by the mere thought of being whipped. He dropped the cane and stepped closer, leaning over her ass with his penis pushed up against the lips of her pussy. They spread apart easily and swallowed his cock in one go. Her wavering breath became even more exaggerated as he thrust it in and out; the bumps and ridges of his penis grinding against every nerve ending inside her vagina. The thunderous pounding of his legs against her scorched cheeks sent wave after wave of ecstasy soaring through her veins. They were both at the tipping point and with her vaginal muscles squeezing tightly around his cock, neither of them could hold on any longer. She felt it swelling inside her as he started to blow his load and then moaned as his hot, milky cum shot out and began to fill up her pussy. It sent her over the edge as well and she started to writhe in ecstasy beneath him as he pounded her, running his hands up and down the underside of her eviscerated thighs. Her orgasm lasted for several minutes, and even then she could barely catch her breath as she lay twitching and shivering on the chair.

“So, am I forgiven?” she asked, finally rising to her feet to fix her skirt. The priest simply nodded. He knew that regardless of whether he said yes or no, there was no doubt that he would be seeing her in his chamber very soon for some additional “forgiveness”.