Tanith yawned for the third time. Seated in one of the upper rows of the lecture hall, she stared down over a sea of heads toward the screen flanking Professor Daven. Standing behind the podium like a vengeful Viking lord surveying his warriors, his booming voice echoed throughout the hall. Slideshow images depicting the fall of the Empire passed in numbing succession in time with his dialogue, and it was all Tanith to could to stay awake.
She sighed and stared at her laptop. A cursor flashed on a blank page meant for lecture notes. Another ten minutes and class would be dismissed, but it seemed like she had been trapped in the hall for an eternity.
The word “test” pricked her ears. Tanith looked at the screen, now prominently displaying a date only a week away. Salvaging what little lecture remained, she input a few notes until she heard the words “class dismissed.” Students milled past her toward the exit.
She rose to leave. Subdued conversation from the podium drew her attention. She stopped to look from a shadowy area near the exit. At first, she paid no attention to the pretty Asian girl speaking to Daven, but something about her demeanor seemed odd. She often broke eye contact with him and seemed to hide behind her inky veil of waist length hair.
Daven glanced at his watch and spoke quietly to the girl who nodded and responded with downcast eyes. Now Tanith was intrigued. Daven never spoke softly and something about their exchange implied a certain intimacy. Feeling oddly voyeuristic, she quietly slipped from the hall.
Later that evening, Tanith broke from her studying. In her off-campus apartment, she enjoyed more peace and quiet but she was also more secluded from the campus bustle. She had planned to spend the evening studying but grew restless. She glanced outside the window. It was still a pleasant, balmy autumn day and still light. Grabbing a jacket, she decided a walk would clear her head.
Outside, the fresh air invigorated her. She followed a path toward the campus, a five-minute walk away. As she prepared to cross the main street bordering the grounds, she glimpsed a familiar face through the windshield of a passing SUV. She stared at the vehicle but tinted windows prevented her from seeing further. Though she hadn’t planned on staying out long, curiosity piqued her. She watched the vehicle turn into the faculty parking lot. Intrigued, she started walking.
Tanith found the SUV parked near the entrance gate as the lot was full. She approached the stately administration building and walked past soaring leaded windows cloaked in ivy. Approaching the entrance, she swiped her student pass and entered a stately lobby. She scanned the glossary of names and found Professor Daven’s office on the third floor, Room 308.
An elevator pinged nearby. She ran to catch it. A moment later she emerged on the third floor. She inhaled the scent of books, age and faint cologne. Near the end of the hallway, a pair of male students emerged from an office. Tanith pretended to look at her phone, then glanced into the window of Room 308.

Her gaze froze on the Asian girl seated with a female black student. Professor Daven sat at his desk reviewing some papers. Tanith quickly ducked out of sight before he noticed her and ambled down the hallway toward a seating area. Hearing the murmur of voices, she ducked into a nearby stairwell and peeked through the window.
The black girl stood in the open doorway to Daven’s office. Tanith couldn’t quite make out what she said but she nodded, closed the door and headed toward the elevator. Once the girl was out of sight, Tanith emerged from the stairwell and crept toward Daven’s office. She peered through the window and saw that the Asian girl was now perched on Daven’s desk. The glances between the two was confirmation enough of her suspicions. But there was something more… a sub-text, a chemistry between them that Tanith could not pinpoint. She returned to the stairwell.

An hour passed, ushering darkness. Tanith continued to look through the window toward the office. It was almost nine and she was starting to feel fatigued. She contemplated going home when she heard whispered voices. She peeked through the window. Daven’s door was partially open. The Asian girl emerged. She turned to cast a brief smile before quickly walked toward the elevator. Daven appeared and watched her before closing the door.

Tanith emerged into the hallway and followed the girl. Though Tanith pretended to be texting, the girl never noticed her. The girl approached an elevator and touched the up arrow button. The door immediately opened and she stepped inside. Tanith watched the indicator. The elevator stopped on the fifth floor. She pressed the button to the second elevator. A few moments passed before it arrived. Her heart pounding, she stepped inside and pressed the fifth-floor button.
She emerged onto a partially lit floor. The girl was nowhere in sight. She walked down the corridor past archive and storage rooms. Cautiously she tried the first door.
It opened to a storage room but was too dark to distinguish much else. She tried the second door.

It started to open…
The ping of the elevator sent Tanith scurrying behind a standing abstract sculpture barely large enough to hide her. She crouched down and watched Daven emerge from the elevator. He glanced around before approaching the second door. The faintest glow of light illuminated his silhouette before the door closed.
Tanith waited a moment, then approached. She gripped the doorknob and carefully turned it. Inside, the stale, musty odour of old paper assailed her nostrils. She grimaced and closed the door until only a small gap remained.

A faint glow of light emanated from the far corner of the room. She crept past rows of filing cabinets and shelves and followed the source to an inner door. As she approached, she heard moaning interspersed with a firm, smacking noise. Her hand froze on the door knob. Slowly she turned it, terrified of making a sound. But when she cracked it open far enough to peek inside…
Naked from the waist down, demure white panties pulled down to her frilly ankle socks and black patent leather shoes, the Asian girl stood bent over an old desk illuminated by a pair of old Tiffany lamps. She wore a school uniform, though her short plaid skirt was hiked over her waist. Her hands were cuffed behind her, her long ebony hair veiling the desk. Her pert, luscious buttocks glowed a hot peach in stark contrast to the pearly white flesh of her thighs.

Tanith could only stare in shock. Behind the girl, Daven stood with a wooden paddle in his hand like Thor about to cast his hammer. With the other hand he caressed and squeezed her pulsating cheeks. The girl writhed, whimpered, then abruptly silenced.

Daven sharply paddled each cheek. The girl’s body heaved and shuddered. Her hands fluttered frantically in the cuffs, but she made no sound.
Repelled yet fascinated, Tanith found herself unable to move. Her eyes fixed on the girl’s chastised buttocks. Despite herself, she felt a sense of arousal at the surreal scene she witnessed.
“That’s better,” Daven said. “Sooner or later all students must learn discipline. Laziness and inattention have no place in the classroom.”
He paused.

“Is that not correct, Miss Evers?”
Tanith froze. She felt her face flush and her first instinct was simply to run.
Daven smiled faintly and yanked the door open. He eyed Tanith appraisingly, then motioned her inside.
“Please do join us, Miss Evers,” he said with quiet authority. He nodded toward the Asian girl. “Miss Takamura and I were addressing the very same issues.”
The girl remained motionless, as if the slightest twitch would elicit further punishment.
Tanith stepped into the room. Daven closed the door behind her. Gently tapping the paddle against his palm, he gave Tanith a good once over.
“You’re a pretty little thing in a field mouse kind of way,” he said, “but you’re too reserved for a young woman.” He stepped closer. “And you’re far too inattentive in class.” Tanith looked at him, then glanced at the girl. “ I’m… so sorry… I didn’t mean to …”
“Please, Miss Evers. I think we can dispense with the pretence. After thirty years of teaching, nothing escapes my attention. That is the talent of a true scholar, wouldn’t you agree?”
He tapped her bottom with the paddle. Though she flinched, she did not find the sensation completely unpleasant. Daven tapped her bottom again more firmly. She felt the warmth through her jeans.
“I think we have some homework to attend to,” Daven said. “I might suggest you take your place beside Miss Takamura. It’s important that you’re ready for next week’s test and from what I’ve seen of your work, a certain level of commitment is lacking in your efforts.”
“I…should be going,” Tanith stuttered. “I have some studying to do.”
“Indeed you do, Miss Evers,” he said, motioning her with the paddle toward the desk. “So the sooner we begin our remedial lesson, the better.”

Tanith approached the desk. She glanced nervously at the girl but her lowered face was concealed by her hair.
Daven bent her over the table. He removed his belt and used it to bind her wrists behind her arms. Tanith balked, promptly eliciting a paddle smack on her left cheek.
“I would advise you to pay attention during the lesson, Miss Evers.”
Daven reached to unbutton her jeans. Tanith tried not to squirm but when he pulled them down to her ankles, it was all she could do to keep from crying out.
He stood back to admire her firm, rounded buttocks. He toyed with her hot pink lace panties with the paddle handle, revealing the succulent white landscape of her delightfully dimpled cheeks. Slowly, he caressed them with the paddle.
The sensation began to arouse Tanith, though she struggled to suppress it. What the hell I am doing? she thought.

“Well this is a pleasant surprise, Miss Evers. I had actually taken you for a generic white cotton panty girl.”
He abruptly yanked her panties down and cupped her cheeks with his hands. Tanith gasped and squirmed at the intimate contact.
Daven paused to cup his hand against his ear. ‘ I’m sorry. Did you say something, Miss Evers?”
Tanith glanced at the absolutely motionless girl beside her and merely shook her head, but her response still elicited several sharp smacks across each cheek. She bucked at the stinging, yet arousing, warmth rising from her flesh.
Daven then began alternating between the two girls, paddling both exposed pairs of cheeks until they blushed hotly from his vigorous ministrations. The rhythmic sound of the paddle along with the increasing arousal Tanith felt from Daven’s expert strokes lulled her into a place of surrender and contemplation that she had never before experienced.

She sighed. Daven noticed her response and set down the paddle.
“I believe our lesson is finished for the evening,” he said, releasing the belt and cuffs from the girls. Tanith rose on wobbly legs while Takamura took a moment to catch her breath. Tanith reached for her buttocks and felt the radiating heat before gingerly pulling up her panties and jeans.

Daven looked at Takamura. “You may get changed now, Miss Takamura.”
The girl bowed, adjusted her clothing and disappeared into another room.
Daven looked appreciatively at Tanith. “You have proven to be a most apt pupil under the right tutelage, Miss Evers. I am most pleased. In the words of Robert Frost, “I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” Your grades will certainly reflect this.”
“Do you recommend more remedial lessons, Professor?” Tanith asked.
Daven smiled. “End of term exams are coming up soon. It would be my pleasure to give you an “A”…”