System Administrator

It was an otherwise very ordinary and unremarkable day at the Carlisle & Maine offices. Margot sat typing at her desk, occasionally glancing up from her screen to monitor the cubicles outside her office window. As the head of accounting, she was entrusted with a high level of responsibility and was naturally very busy, but that day it was unlikely that she would be getting much work done. She was half way through writing an email to one of her colleagues when the little envelope icon appeared in the bottom right corner of her screen, indicating that a new message had appeared in her inbox. Her obsessive compulsive tendencies immediately kicked in, making it impossible to continue with her main task while the little white icon was flashing in the corner of her eye. It was like an itch that would have driven her insane had she ignored it a moment longer, so she clicked on it and watched as the email window appeared on her screen. She suspected that it would simply be some boring departmental bulletin or yet another passive aggressive note from one of her co-workers warning everybody not to park in their space. A short, single line message appeared on screen with a mysterious link just beneath.

“Thought you might like this…” she muttered under her breath as she read the message to herself. The corner of her lips rose to a smirk as she moved the mouse ready to click the link, fully expecting it to be some amusing kitten video from her friend, Sue, in Human Resources. However, she had failed to check the address it had originated from and suddenly found herself confronted by an entirely different kind of pussy. A video began to play in her web browser, fading in from a black screen to reveal a naked woman kneeling blindfolded and gagged on the stony floor of a dark, grimy looking dungeon. Her back was pressed against the end of what appeared to be an old fashioned gymnastic vaulting horse, with her arms tied together in black bondage rope and fastened to the wooden legs behind her. The rope extended around her chest, forming a decadent star formation that clung to her bust and left her heaving milky breasts painfully distended like water balloons about to burst. A masked man came into view to the left of the camera and stepped over to his subject, wielding a terrifying black leather flogging whip in his hand. Margot immediately closed the video down and froze in her seat, carefully glancing around the side of her monitor to make sure nobody was aware of what had just happened. Her fingers began to tremble as her heart leapt to a frenetic beat, leaving her cheeks blossoming with embarrassment. She took a deep breath and checked the sender’s address, but it wasn’t anything she recognised and came from outside the company.
She felt like a fool for carelessly opening an unsolicited email, but then as the image of the poor young woman bounced around her mind, she felt a strange and overwhelming compulsion to continue watching. Although it shocked her to the very core, she couldn’t deny that some dark, twisted part of her wanted to see what would happen next. Her cheeks grew even redder and a cold, anxious sweat formed on her forehead as she entertained the notion, closing her eyes to settle herself as she swallowed her nerves. The brief glimpse of sexual depravity had ignited a fire deep inside her that she couldn’t extinguish, and the longer she thought about it, the taller the flames grew. The image was etched into her consciousness and every thunderous beat of her heart left her yearning more and more to see it again. She slowly moved over to the window and peered out across the cubicles before closing the venetian blinds. With a little more privacy, she returned to her computer and opened the email again, feeling her limbs turning to jelly as she clicked the link. The video began to play back once more and Margot leaned in to watch intently as the main appeared on screen again. Her skin crawled with anticipation as he circled around the girl, allowing the leather tassels of the flogging whip to drape across her blindfolded face. She trembled before him and mumbled some pathetic drone through the gag, but it was clear that he had no intention of releasing her.
He readied the flogger in his hand and swung it through the air, lashing the tassels across her naked, swollen breasts. An ear-splitting shriek blared from Margot’s computer speakers, causing her to bolt upright in startled surprise. She scrambled to switch them off, but the sound of the girl’s tortured screams was so arousing that she couldn’t bear to silence them completely. Instead, she simply lowered the volume and continued to watch, soon noticing the enticing throb of her clitoris calling out for her to touch herself. She lowered her hand down and tucked her fingers between her quivering thighs and gently nudged at her clit as she watched the man thrashing the girl with the whip. Her whole body shook with anxious delight as the girl’s skin gradually turned scarlet red from the impacts. It was the most visceral, yet inescapable exciting thing she’d ever seen. She couldn’t peel her eyes away from the screen for a moment, but then a sudden knock on her office door snapped her out of her erotic trance. Her muscles stiffened again, almost preventing her from grabbing the mouse to hastily close the video down.
“Uh… um…” she stuttered as she dabbed her forehead with the cool back of her hand, “Come in…”
The door opened to reveal a smartly dressed, slightly older man, who promptly stepped into her office. He seemed oddly familiar, but in her agitated state she was unable to place him.
“I’m sorry to disturb you.” he said, closing the door behind him, “My name’s Jacob, I’m from the IT department.”
“Oh…” she replied, trying to maintain her most convincing poker face as her heart plummeted to her stomach, “Is there something I can help you with?”
The hairs on her arms stood on end as he approached her desk, holding a small stack of papers in his hand. Any other day she might have welcomed the intrusion, but she was so stricken with anxiety that she barely noticed how handsome he was. His lustrous dark hair was speckled with just a hint of silver, which lent him an element of authority. The moment he announced where he worked, Margot immediately devolved to the form of a school girl with a guilty conscience, wondering if her teacher was aware of her sordid indiscretions.
“It’ll only take a minute.” he explained, “We’ve been detecting some unusual activity on the network. I just need to check each of the floor’s computers.”
He moved around the side of her desk without waiting for permission to do so. Margot fretted for a moment and tried to summon the words to stop him, but found herself unable to muster a single word. Technically she was his superior, but there was something oddly dominant about his presence that left her incapable of exercising her power. She scuttled her chair to one side and watched intently as he took the controls of her computer, quickly tapping away at the keys as he ran some sort of scan.
“What kind of… activity?” she enquired, secretly crossing her toes until they ached, hoping to stem the excruciating nervous energy swirling around her veins. The temperature in the room felt like it had risen by ten degrees and even the longest, deepest breath couldn’t dampen the noticeable tremble of her body.
“Well… it’s quite serious, actually. Somebody’s been accessing pornographic materials. Pretty explicit stuff, too…” he said, showing little sign of humour about the matter, “I apologise; this is just a matter of protocol. We have to check every computer, you understand.”
“I see…” she answered cautiously, allowing her eyes to drift away from the screen and up along his arms to his broad shoulders. Her gaze wandered further, falling down along his back to the subtle curve of his ass. His tall stature and strong, muscular build left her wondering what his firm, rippled torso looked like beneath his shirt and trousers. Her libido remained completely enflamed and as she stared up at him leaning over the table beside her, she almost wished that he would find some evidence against her. She was certain that he would discover her secret, and the longer she thought about it, the more she hoped it would come true. A perverse longing to be punished for her sins began to infect her thoughts, bringing the memory of what she had witnessed in the video back to the forefront of her mind. She began to picture him bending her over the desk and spanking her ass, sending a fresh trickle of moisture to her pussy as her clitoris tingled relentlessly between her quivering thighs.
“All done.” he smiled, peeling one of the sheets of paper from the small stack he’d brought with him. Margot took it and read the heading, immediately realising that it was a new revision of the company’s IT code of conduct.
“Thanks.” she nodded, “So… I’m in the clear then?”
“Oh, yes.” he winked as he headed for the door, “Nothing to worry about.”
Margot waited until the door closed behind him and quickly opened up her email client. To her sudden horror, she found that the email containing the video was no longer there. For a moment she wondered if she had imagined the whole thing, but there was no denying what she felt deep inside. The simmering sexual heat between her thighs hadn’t manifested out of thin air. She knew what she’d seen and even more alarmingly, she was certain that Jacob was aware of it and must have deleted it himself. Precisely why he had pretended to find nothing was beyond her comprehension, and yet it was all she could think about. Had he simply spared her the embarrassment of being caught red handed, or was there another reason for his discretion? She clambered up from her seat and hobbled nervously over to the blinds, peeling them away from the window just enough to peer out onto the office space outside. She expected to see Jacob working his way around the cubicles to check each of the floor’s computers, but he was nowhere to be seen. It was like he’d vanished into thin air, leaving only the faint trail of his after shave lingering on the air behind him. She moved back over to her desk and took a few slow, deep breaths to settle her galloping heart, reclining back in her black leather executive office chair. After a long pause, she opened her eyes to find the little envelope icon on her screen flashing once more. She clicked on it, hoping that it would be some important announcement that would snap her out of it and refocus her attention back to her work. Fate was far too cruel a mistress to let her off so easily, though. Her heart pronged beneath her chest with every letter she read, sweeping the breath from her lungs until she was almost choking on the words.
“You’ve been a very naughty girl, Margot.” she whispered the message to herself, “I know what you’ve been watching. Such a shame it would be if somebody were to find out…”
The words left her mortally ashamed and she shrivelled up into a ball on her seat as she re-read the message over and over. She was so used to being in a position of power that guilt was an almost foreign emotion to her, which only rendered the indignity that much stronger. Still, as humiliating as it would have been for her co-workers to learn such intimate details about her, she couldn’t deny that having it dangled over her head held a strangely thrilling appeal. She was sure it must have been Jacob’s doing, but a splinter of doubt remained permanently stuck in her mind, making her wonder if she was simply projecting her own lurid desires for him. Needless to say, little work was carried out in her office that afternoon. She sat there at her desk, shooing away anybody that bothered her as if she was cracking the enigma code. Eventually she grew tired of the breathless uncertainty and opened a blank email to send a reply.
“Who are you?” she typed, pausing for a second with her hand over the mouse before finally clicking SEND.
“You may call me Master.” came the reply just moments later. By this point, Margot was practically vibrating on the seat.
“What do you want from me?” she frantically typed her reply. A few minutes passed as she waited for a response, but the screen remained empty. The first reply had come within seconds, but now there was nothing. It took her a few minutes to realise her folly.
“What do you want from me, Master?” she typed again, gulping back her nerves before sending the amended message. Merely referring to him the way he wanted felt like the first act of submission, like she was dipping her toe in the water to see how she liked it. To her surprise, simply typing the letters out was the most arousing thing she’d ever felt.
“A quick learner, I see…” The mysterious blackmailer replied, “I want you to obey me. I want you to do exactly as I tell you.”
Margot almost forgot to breathe as she read the message. A flurry of potential replies began to cloud her mind, but only one really stuck out.
“Yes, Master.” she typed, barely able to strike the correct keys with her frail, trembling fingers. A minute later, his final response arrived on her screen, though at first she did not know what to make of it. There were two long number strings separated by a single comma. She copied them into a search engine, but the only result was a suggestion to search for maps rather than websites. It was only then that she realised that they were coordinates, plotting a course to her enigmatic fate. She clicked the link and frowned at the blurry mass green that appeared on her screen. Right in the centre was a small brown square with a bendy grey line snaking its way through the trees. The pixelated satellite image lacked the resolution to accurately depict whatever lay there, but she was sure it was some sort of cabin or hut, hidden far away from prying eyes and only accessible via that one rocky trail. Any regard for her personal safety had dwindled to a faint murmur, slowly drowning in the swelling tide of her lurid desires. As soon as it was appropriate for her to leave work, she printed off the directions to the cabin and set off in her car, not even stopping by her home to get changed. It was a long drive that took her far beyond the city street and the outlying leafy suburbs. The tyres rumbled along the barely visible dirt track while the sun gradually dipped beneath the beech trees lining the sides of the road. The dusk had arrived by the time she had reached the end of the trail, bringing with it the cool eerie calm of the oncoming night air.
The mysterious building came into view as she turned the final corner, and as she approached it she began to wonder if she hadn’t made a terrible error of judgement. Rather than the slightly more romantic log cabin that she’d imagined, she found herself confronted by a solid red brick structure about the size of a bungalow. Aside from a single black door facing out towards the road, the building had no exterior decoration and not a single window on any of its four sides. The brickwork looked recent, suggesting that it had been constructed for a specific reason rather than some abandoned building that had been repurposed for it. Margot parked up in front of it and climbed out of her car, hesitating with every step she took as she moved over towards the door. A horrified chill shuddered through her bones as she approached the door, finding a long brown envelope stuck to the wood with her name written on the front. She peeled it away from the door and opened it to find a purple suede blindfold sitting inside. It came with no other instructions, although she knew that none were needed. It was clear that it was simply the price of admission. If she wanted to enter, she would have to do so blind. She gazed back over to her car, fully aware that she had finally reached the point of no return. Once she opened that door, she would be lost to the world and subject to whatever fate her Master intended for her. Feeling a sudden surge of courage, she seized the moment and slipped the blindfold on over her eyes. Then, with her vision completely obscured, she fumbled for the handle and turned it to open the door, stepping through into whatever darkness lay within.
She took a few shaky steps forward, allowing the door the creak shut behind her as she moved inside. Nothing obstructed her path even as she ventured deeper into the void, and she continued to slowly creep forward even though she half expected to fall down a hole into a trap of some sort. The only feedback she received from her surroundings was the stale, dry woody aroma that hung on the still air and the coarse texture of the concrete beneath her feet. The only sound she could hear was the incessant thump of her own heartbeat racing beneath her chest, though she was sure she could detect the faint jingle of metal somewhere nearby. She began to wonder if she was alone in that building, but then she heard the distinctive sound of the dirt grinding beneath a person’s foot somewhere close by and froze in terror on the spot. A hand emerged from the darkness beside her and gently clasped her right arm just above the elbow, eliciting a sharp gasp and causing her to wince and clench her teeth together with fright. She softened slightly as she felt his fingers caressing her muscle through her sleeve, and then she relaxed even more as she caught the scent of a familiar cologne drifting on the air around her. There was little doubt in her mind that it was Jacob, just as she had hoped and fantasised would be the case. The realisation that it was his hand touching her made her shiver with delight and even gave her the inexplicable urge to be handled a little less delicately. She had developed a curious trust in him despite only meeting him once in her office, and yet as he guided her a few steps forward, all she wanted was for him to violently rip the clothes from her body. His teasingly gentle touch was tortuous, but not nearly as much as what he had in store for her.
“Here.” his commanding voice rumbled beside her. She knew instinctively how she should answer.
“Yes, Master.” she replied with a breathless whimper, tensing her muscles to dampen the persistent quaking of her limbs. He slowly circled around her, trailing the tips of his fingers over her shoulders and then down along her spine to her ass. With her eye sight obscured, her other senses became stronger and every stroke of his fingers felt like he was touching her naked flesh through the fabric of her blouse and skirt. He continued to move around her, feeling the warmth of her body radiating through her clothes and savouring the floral aroma of her perfume. His fingers dashed across the front of her left breast, causing her firm nipple to graze against the inside of her bra cup. She let out another nervous whimper and tried to calm her breath as he stroked the back of his finger up along her neck and clasped her chin with his thumb. She moistened her lips, hoping that a kiss would follow. However, his fingers slowly inched south again and began to pop the buttons of her blouse open. He spread the sides apart to reveal the wondrous heaving mounds of her breasts jiggling softly beneath her bra. She heard his subtle hum of appreciation and smiled with glee, as if his admiration and desire for her body was a gift in and of itself. He peeled the blouse from her shoulders and allowed it to fall down over her back, crumpling in a heap behind her feet while his fingers roamed around her stomach. She shivered at his ticklish touch and almost backed away, but she knew he wanted her to stand right there and didn’t dare move an inch.
He placed his hands on either side of her curvy waist and ran them down to the top of her thighs, holding her in his hands for a moment as he stared down into the deep crevice of her bust. She curled her bottom lip between her teeth, barely able to take another second of teasing. She’d become so horny that she had almost forgotten her own name. The world outside of that room had ceased to exist and it was as if they were the only two people remaining on the earth. Her clitoris throbbed with the intensity of a hurricane and her pussy dripped with moisture, forming a damp patch in her panties between her thighs. As his fingers gripped the zip of her skirt, she let out an uncontrollable little squeal of excitement, unable to contain herself any longer. The fabric loosened from her waist and dropped to her ankles, leaving her standing before him with only her matching peach satin bra and panties to conceal her modesty. He moved around behind her again and expertly plucked the clasp of bra open, allowing the cups to fall away from her chest as the straps drifted down along her arms. He helped them along, stroking from her shoulders to her wrists until the bra hit the floor. Then, he crouched behind her ass and leaned in to kiss her ass through the satin while his fingers gripped the sides of her panties and peeled them down to her knees. They dropped to her feet along with the rest of her clothes, leaving her completely naked apart from her shoes. He collected her clothes and shuffled them to one side on the dusty floor, allowing him to slip her shoes off one by one.
She was finally ready for the next stage of his plan, and although she yearned to feel his firm hand on her skin again, it was the uncertainty of not knowing what was in his mind that really drove her wild. Although she couldn’t see him, she could certainly hear the soft jingle of metal chain links as he grabbed a pair of black leather restraints from somewhere nearby. He took each of her arms and pinned them across the small of her back, enclosing one cuff around each of her wrists before tightening the straps to secure them in place. Any semblance of power that she might have had over the situation had long disappeared into the night air. She was now completely at his mercy with nobody for miles to help her, no matter how loud she screamed. It was the most exhilarating moment of her life and she’d never wanted anything more than she wanted him in that moment. Jacob moved around and stood in front of her to stare in awe at the sublime curvature of her body and the large fleshy orbs of her breasts. Margot felt the pressure of his hands on her bare shoulders, compelling her to climb down onto her knees. She carefully eased herself down and knelt on the cold concrete floor in front of him, shifting slightly until she was comfortable. Then, she listened carefully to the clink of his belt buckle and the soft ruffle of his clothes as he slowly stripped his them away piece by piece. She only wished that she could see him and stare up across the mountainous ridges of his muscular body. The tension was becoming unbearable, but she continued to wait patiently on the floor, openings her lips and lapping at the air with her wet tongue ready to please him.
His hand wrapped around the back of her head and drew her mouth closer, dabbing her lips around the bulbous pink head of his cock. She kissed it and began to massage it with her tongue, coating it in a thin layer of her saliva and licking up the tiny droplet of sticky pre-cum oozing from the tip. It flexed in response to the divine caress of her tongue, swelling slightly between her lips as she enclosed them around the head. She began to suck on it, circling her tongue around the sensitive patch just beneath the tip of his cock as she inched her lips further down the shaft. Every lash of her tongue elicited an approving hum from Jacob’s lips and she could feel the pressure of his hand on the back of her head, encouraging her to take it deeper in her mouth. Her lips widened as it sank towards the back of her throat, prodding her tonsils with each gentle thrust of his hips. The motion soon began to trigger her gag reflex, but she retained her composure and continued to suck on his firm, throbbing cock even as the sensation became intolerable. She wanted only to satisfy him and proceeded with steadfast determination to take his cock deep in her throat until finally she was able to kiss the soft bristles of pubic hair adorning the base. Her throat muscles caressed his rigid shaft from every angle as she swallowed it whole, waiting as long as she dared to hold her breath before pulling herself clear.
A mass of thick saliva stretched out between her gaping lips and the tip of his cock as she gasped for breath, spilling over her chin and dripping over her bare breasts before hitting the floor in front of her knees. He gave allowed her three breaths and took her by the head again, plunging his cock into her mouth again and sinking it to the back of her throat. Her cheeks swelled and her eyes bulged as she gagged repeatedly on it, feeling it flexing inside her neck as he fucked her face. Tears began to well up behind her eyelids and quickly spilled over her cheeks, smearing her charcoal eye shadow in long streaks that reached down to her lips. It was an uncontrollable reaction that she resented, as despite her distressed appearance she had never felt more aroused in her life. Feeling his cock thumping the back of her throat was an intense and somewhat bizarre thrill to her, mostly because being penetrated in such a way was entirely new to her. She loved how he masterfully took control of her body and forced her to swallow it, and even the occasional snag of the stray wisps of her hair between his fingers turned her on. With her head clamped between his two palms, all she could do was kneel at his mercy and swallow his cock over and over again for as long as he desired. She was just a toy for his pleasure and she loved every second of it.
He pulled his cock from her mouth and stepped away, watching intently as she heaved and spluttered with the excesses of saliva spewing from her lips. Her cheeks glistened with the tears seeping from her bloodshot eyes and her wavy chestnut bob was ruffled and unkempt from the force of Jacob’s grip. He removed the cuffs from her arms and stepped away, leaving her to catch her breath while he collected a spreader bar from his assortment of toys. It consisted of a rigid black bar with four cuffs arranged evenly along its length, each of which was fastened with Velcro for a simple yet effective bind. He crouched beside her and slipped the bar beneath her ankles as she knelt obediently on the floor. She shuddered as she felt the restraints enclosing around her skin, oblivious to what was happening to her. Once he had secured the two outer cuffs around her ankles, he placed one hand on her chest and the other between her shoulder blades to ease her backwards towards the floor. She extended her arms to support herself, but Jacob forced them down beneath her back and quickly fastened the spreader bar’s two inner cuffs around her wrists. Her body bent like an arch over the spreader bar, foisting her naked stomach and breasts into the air with her arms and legs shackled awkwardly beneath her. She tested the cuffs but the Velcro kept her locked down and tied in place. The pose was already a difficult one to maintain even after just a few seconds of assuming it, conjuring an increasingly prominent tortured drone from Margot’s lips. He returned to her moments later with a ball gag in his hand. It was especially crafted with a clear PVC visor screwed into the front of the red plastic ball, which steamed up with Margot’s breath the moment he placed the gag into her mouth. The PVC clung to her lips and chin as he tightened it behind her head, leaving her suddenly mute as well as blind. It gave her an almost clinical appearance, like a patient in a particularly barbaric mental asylum waiting to receive whatever medieval therapy her master had prescribed.
Jacob left her squirming on the floor and moved across to the far wall, where a series of hooks were bolted into the brickwork. Hanging from each one was a different implement to suit whatever preference he might have. He ran his fingers over the array of crops and paddles, deciding which one would elicit the loudest scream from Margot’s lips. There were two that caught his fancy that evening; a metre-long white Delrin cane and a stylish black leather flogging whip. He collected both from their hooks and returned to Margot side, placing the flogger down beside her for the time being. The cane consisted of a 12mm thick white rod crafted from Delrin resin, with a contrasting black handle made from moulded rubber that lent it the appearance of a light sabre. Jacob held it in his hand and lowered the tip down towards Margot’s perilously exposed body. The slightest touch of the cold resin on her skin made her flinch violently on the floor, but the spreader beneath her back kept her limbs firmly shackled and quelled any hint of resistance. He teased her for a moment, tapping the cane down along her left leg and then back up the right. She jumped slightly with every little smack, moaning like an injured animal as she bit down on the gag in anticipation of the first real strike. She knew it was coming and the fact that she was so powerless to stop it only made her want it sooner. From the moment she’d set eyes on the young girl in the video being mercilessly whipped, all she had wanted was to know what it felt like for herself. Everything had been leading up to that moment and as she heard the hum of the cane slicing through the air towards her naked chest, she bit down hard on the gag and began to shriek before it even touched her flesh.
A thunderous crack echoed around the room, forming a dissonant harmony with Margot’s piercing howl as a searing white hot impact scar formed across her stomach. She bolted hard and shook on the floor, causing her voice to tremble. The mark quickly blossomed to a vivid pink line that crossed her belly button like the equator. He waited for her to recover, watching eagerly as her breasts jiggled atop her writhing body. Then, with another powerful swing, he brought the full length of the cane crashing down across them, momentarily forming a bridge between her hardened nipples. The giant fleshy orbs depressed like pillows and expanded at either side of the cane as it lashed down across them, sending another blistering scream bouncing off the walls. The gag did little to muffle her voice and Jacob relished every hair-raising yelp like he was feeding on her pain. He struck her again, slicing the cane across her lower stomach, just inches from her pussy. The pain was indescribable, leaving her chest feeling like she had been repeatedly marked by a steaming hot branding iron. Each impact summoned an even louder shriek from her lungs, but no matter how deafening her cries became, she didn’t want him to stop for a second. She’d never felt anything like it, but what truly alarmed her was just how much she liked it. He moved the cane down and began to swat her thighs, swiping the cane across them over and over again until they were plastered with succession of burning crimson impact marks. The whole time she kept her legs clamped firmly together with only the tiny slit of her pussy on show, preventing him from delivering the most devastating blow of all. It had not gone unnoticed, though.
Jacob tapped the end of the cane between her thighs, commanding her to spread them apart for him. At first she resisted, warranting an especially hard lash just above her knees. She squealed in despair and clenched the ball gag between her teeth to measure the pain, but she knew there was only one true way to make it stop. Ever-so-slowly, she began to prise her knees apart and spread her thighs open for him, revealing the glistening wet petals of her delicious pink pussy lips. They opened up like a delicate flower, allowing a droplet of her sweet warm nectar to spill from her vulva and drip down into the crevice of her ass cheeks. Jacob placed the cane on the floor beside her and ran his fingers through the small frizzy tuft of pubic hair just above her pussy. Each time he got within a centimetre of touching her clitoris before pulling away, instead choosing to pinch small clumps of hair between his fingers and tug gently on them. The follicles held firm, causing her skin to rise up and then snap back into place as he released his grip. She moaned and winced slightly with every twinge, but the pain was nothing compared to what she had just endured. In fact, it was so close to her pussy that the motion of her skin combined with the arousing splinters of pain only amplified the persistent throbbing sensation in her clitoris. Finally he granted her the small measure of mercy that she so desperately wanted and ran his fingers over her clit, circling it around the exposed pink bead with a gentle, steady motion. Her thighs began to quiver all over again, only this time it was the immense surges of tingly warmth flooding her veins that set her limbs shaking.
He watched with a devious grin as she writhed at his fingertips, like she was a puppet completely under his control. Her voice croaked as his two middle fingers moved down and split her pussy lips apart, sliding deep to the knuckle inside her. He curled them up and began to stroke the front wall of her pussy while his thumb continued to toy with her clitoris. The juices streamed from her tight pink slit around the sides of his fingers, leaking down onto the floor beneath her ass as she squirmed in ecstasy. Jacob reached down with his free hand and grabbed the flogger by its chunky leather bound handle. Thirty thick black leather falls hung from the top of the handle, each one measuring almost half a metre in length. He held it for a moment and felt its weight, admiring the craftsmanship that had gone in to making it. Margot’s blissful moaning was growing stronger by the second and was desperately in need of something to counteract all of the pleasure he had deemed fit to give to her. With his fingers still working her pussy like a ventriloquist’s doll, he raised the flogger high into the air and brought the tassels down across her breasts with a sharp, brutal swipe. The force of the impact knocked the air from her lungs and when she finally caught another breath, her orgasmic song had been replaced by a howling tormented dirge that lasted for almost a minute as the fiery pain engulfed her chest. He slipped his fingers from her pussy and moved around between her thighs, forcing her knees as wide apart as her hips would allow.
Margot jolted slightly as he smacked the thick, hard shaft of his cock against her clitoris, feeling odd bursts of pleasure amidst the pain like rays of sunshine momentarily filtering through the stormy clouds. He ran the bulging head between her labia, spreading them sideways as he plunged the full length of his cock inside her. She was so wet that even Jacob’s considerable girth easily penetrated her right down to the base, immediately filling up every inch of her pussy. Her voice alternated between states of anguish and elation, unable to comprehend which emotion was most prominent at any given moment. The deep thrusting motion of his cock quickly sent her wild with lust, feeling it splitting her pussy wide open as it entered her over and over again. However, another crack of the whip was never more than a few seconds away and as he fucked her hard on the floor. He raised the flogger up and rasped the tassels over her chest, sending her breasts scattering in every direction. She had barely even begun to scream when a second lash swept across her stomach, followed almost instantly by a third and a fourth. He continued to thrash her naked body, smothering her flesh in a field of fiery carnage. The sound of her screams only made his cock harder, causing it to flex deep inside her and grind against her g-spot. He grabbed her by her left hip and held her steady as he pounded her, keeping the flogger in constant motion as he flayed her naked skin. Barely an inch of her natural complexion remained; replaced by an endless bed of smouldering embers that prickled like a thousand needles digging into her skin. The stinging sensation was overwhelming but it was nothing compared to the pulsating swell of energy in her loins.
Jacob suspected that any further punishment would go unfelt by her numbed skin and placed the flogger down on the concrete floor, choosing instead to take her by both hips and fuck her with every ounce of strength in his hips. He thrust his cock in and out of her pussy, leaving the engorged pink lips gaping wide open in its wake before plunging it back in. All she could do was clench her fists and bite down on the gag to measure the intense pleasure, hoping to make it last forever. It wasn’t long before she found herself edging closer and closer to an orgasm, though, and the temptation was more than any woman could have resisted. Jacob felt her pussy contracting around his cock, squeezing it from every angle until he joined her on the precipice. Then, as her body shook and her hips began to spasm, a momentous roar erupted from his lips as he started to cum. She felt his hot, milky exploding deep inside her, filling her with spurt after spurt of his thick, white seed. Her back arched even higher into the air, putting an impossible amount of strain on her muscles as her wrists and ankles tugged on the restraints. He continued to fuck her even as the last drops of cum left the tip of his cock, prolonging her orgasm and keeping her muscles firmly tensed until finally she slumped back down a shivering, sweaty mess.
Jacob released the restraints from around her wrists and ankles, and then held her tenderly in his arms. For a moment she felt paralysed as the blood rushed back into her veins, filling her arms and legs with an unbearable tingle that was almost as uncomfortable as the whipping she had just endured. He removed the gag from her mouth and then slowly pushed the blindfold up to her forehead, allowing her to gaze up at her master’s handsome face for the first time since entering his dungeon. It took her a few minutes to recuperate and take stock of her surroundings. She gazed around at his armoury of whips and chains, barely able to speak as her eyes jumped from one implement to another. The walls were littered with all manner of toys and equipment, most of which was far too exotic for her to comprehend. It was a den that he kept locked up and hidden from view, only to be used when he had a subject worthy of its many sordid pleasures. In the far corner, she spotted the wooden vaulting horse that she had seen in the video, finally confirming her suspicions.
“What would you have done if I hadn’t have shown up?” she asked; her voice hoarse from the endless screaming.
Jacob simply grinned and leaned in to kiss her, stroking her sore left nipple as their lips stroked together.
“I always get what I want…” he replied, pulling away from their embrace, “Sooner or later.”
Fate had conspired to put her there in his dungeon, and now that she’d experienced her first taste of submissive pleasure, she never wanted to leave.