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Straight Jacket

Warden Matthews had always maintained a merciless and unforgiving attitude to his inmates at the maximum security women’s prison, Arkenhall Penitentiary. For the most part, the prisoners tried their best to keep on his good side, but then one cold autumn morning the facility received a new inmate who would prove to be quite the thorn in his side. She had short, jet black hair and a piercing stare that felt like she was drilling into the soul of anyone she made eye contact with. Matthews had shuddered just at the sight of the mug shot on her paperwork and could instantly tell that she would be a nuisance. Her name was Ophelia – a surprisingly pretty name for someone with such a mean streak. She was convicted for having murdered her husband in cold blood; a crime to which she adamantly professed her innocence. It wasn’t hard to judge her guilty as she showed little emotion beyond the odd smirk whenever she enjoyed other people’s misfortune. Matthews cared not whether she actually did it. He was her problem now and he would have to deal with her in a manner befitting a warden. The problems started as soon as she joined the general population; inciting brawls amongst the inmates and then watching on with fire in her eyes, as if the only thing that made life worth living was seeing whatever carnage she could cause.

Matthews followed the book with each successive incident, but he soon realised that a more severe approach was needed. So, following her most recent incident – trying to steal supplies from the kitchens –he had her frog-marched up to solitary confinement. Usually, it was a punishment reserved only for the worst infractions. Inmates were restrained using a straight jacket in a padded cell, very much like a mental institution. He had her tied up in the normal fashion and left alone in the room with the lights turned off. That was only the beginning of his plan, though. He knew he would have to resort to a more unorthodox method of discipline if Ophelia was to rejoin the general population and he had just the thing in mind. It didn’t hurt that, despite her frosty demeanor he found her oddly attractive. She was a good few years his junior, having only just reached her 30s, and he was sure that if she would only break a smile once in a while she could have melted a million hearts. It also helped that she had a slinky, demure figure and sizeable enough breasts to draw the attention of the male guards whenever she was close by. She had an odd appeal and it was safe to say that Matthews’ curiosity was about much more than doing his job. He wanted her, and with her bound and shackled in the solitary cell, she was his for the taking.

He relieved the guard on duty and waited for him to disappear down the stairs. The blood was practically bubbling in his veins from fantasizing about it all day, ever since Ophelia had been sent there earlier that afternoon. He couldn’t wait to get inside and his penis was already throbbing and fully erect before he even reached out to touch the sturdy metal door handle. He twisted it and pushed the bulky door open, stepping inside to see Ophelia squinting at the sudden influx of light from outside. She was lying on her back on the small padded bed; her arms folder neatly across her stomach with the soft bulges of her breasts heaving against the tight fitting straight jacket. The sleeves wound around under her waist, allowing her absolutely no movement in her arms. She was free to move around the cell, but the jacket made it so difficult and frustrating to get up that it was easier to simply remain on the bed. She had been alone with whatever dark, depraved thoughts she might have had for several hours before Matthews entered. There was no telling what she was thinking as she outright refused to give any expression beyond a slight look of confusion. Her impenetrable mind was part of the allure, though, and her blank stare only aroused his interest further.

“Ophelia…” his deep voice rumbled, “Why must you test my patience so?”
She did not respond, but she did gaze down along his arm and noticed that he was holding a small sack in his hand. He reached into it and pulled out a black leather tawse, which he held in his hand and stared right back at her. A tiny flicker of emotion flashed across her eyes. He couldn’t tell if it was fear, excitement or something else, but he knew he had elicited some reaction. As he stepped closer he could see her eyes passing between his face and the ominous looking implement in his hand.

“You want this?” he asked, holding it up over her head as he sat beside her on the bed. A little smile crept across her lips, but it vanished in an instant and she closed her eyes, denying him any entrance to her thoughts. He suspected her resolve wouldn’t last long.

“You know, I thought long and hard about how to properly punish you…” he continued, “I could have you locked up in here for as long as I want. I could assign you toilet cleaning duties for months on end. I could even have you transferred to another facility.”
“Why don’t you?” she purred, finally breaking her silence. The warden was slightly taken aback, but he tried not to show it.

“We both know that wouldn’t work…” he replied, “No, I think what you need is some real discipline.”
Her eyebrows fluttered for a moment, almost as if the suggestion had excited her. She soon returned to her dour, emotionless state.

“Real discipline?” she asked, peering down at the tawse clutched in his hand. He started to run the fingers of his free hand along the inside of her thigh. She jolted sideways and glowered aggressively at him.
“There’s one thing you need to get used to…” he muttered, stroking even further up along her thigh, “You belong to me!”

She tried to wriggle free of his touch, but she was between him and the wall with no way to escape. In truth, the feel of his fingers gradually creeping up towards her crotch was not an unpleasant one. The closer his fingers got, the more her clitoris began to tingle beneath the thin orange fabric of her prison pants. As much as she hated to admit it, there was something annoyingly arousing about the idea of submitting to his will. All her life, she had conditioned herself to never take orders from anyone, but as he sat there gently caressing his way along her inner thigh, she couldn’t help but feel a strange warmth developing between them. He could feel it too, and it wasn’t just the heat radiating from her body. His fingers finally reached her pussy and he moved his thumb over the little bump of her clitoris. As soon as he touched it, a short wave of excitement washed over her face. He saw it immediately; her gently gaping lips easily giving away her true feelings. He waved the tawse over her head once again, gluing her eyes to its fine leather surface. She was ready.

“On your knees.” commanded the warden, stroking her clit with his thumb one last time. His penis flexed uncontrollably in his trousers as he raised his fingers to sniff the scent of her pussy from them. At first,she didn’t move, but then like some twisted miracle she actually started to roll over onto her stomach. Her movement was awkward due to the limitations imposed on her by the straight jacket, but with a little effort she managed to shuffle her way up onto her knees. He pushed her down, forcing her to remain bent over with her ass sticking out behind her and her head pressed against the bed. He ran his hands around her ass, groping the perky, firm cheeks with his delightfully intrusive fingers. Then, he spanked her, landing the full palm of his hand around her right ass cheek. He did it again, this time spanking the left cheek. She bolted slightly forward with each strike, but the only sound was the crack of his hand impacting her ass. He continued, smacking her cheeks with a steady, brutish force. A little-gratified sigh slipped out from between her lips and she quickly clamped them shut to prevent any further outbreaks of impromptu lust. Her face turned red, but those weren’t the only cheeks that were about to change colour.

The warden gripped the back of her prison pants and pulled them down, revealing the cute white cotton panties hugging her ass and crotch beneath the orange material. He stroked them again, pronging the panties against her skin a few times before pulling them down as well. She knelt in front of him; her ass and pussy completely exposed for his perverted pleasure. However, as he leaned over and rubbed his thumb between the lips of her pussy, he could clearly see that he wasn’t the only one buzzing with anticipation. He stood up beside the bed, holding the tawse in his hand ready to strike. She stared straight ahead at the cushioned wall at the head of the bed as she awaited her punishment. The wait was only a few seconds, but it felt to her like an eternity. She began to resent how much she wanted it, trying to fight off the stirrings of arousal flowing through her veins. Then, as he swung his arm towards her bare ass and smacked the tawse across it, resisting her lust became much harder. Her body jolted forward on the bed before bouncing back into position, but she did not make a sound beyond a nearly inaudible, wavering gasp. She absorbed the pain and digested it meticulously, filtering every drop of pleasure from the intense burning sensation spreading through her cheeks that she could find.

The door to the cell was half open, allowing a beam of bright light in from outside that illuminated the beautifully round curves of her ass. Matthews watched as two long crimson impact marks formed like a seared brand across her flesh, stroking his cock through his trousers with his free hand. He swung for her ass again, increasing the ferocity of the blow to send her bolting even further forward. Her entire body tensed up and trembled as she tried to contain the overwhelming agony surging through her cheeks, wincing painfully to keep herself from letting out the monumental groan that was on the tip of her tongue. The warden could see just how much the spanking was turning her on and proceeded to unleash a series of increasingly brutal lashes with the tawse. She was getting wetter with every strike and then finally as he aimed it directly over the pulsating lips of her pussy, she let out a sharp squeal that echoed down the narrow corridor outside. Each arm of the tawse struck her outer labia, wrapping under her crotch for a moment before detaching from her flesh and falling away. A light splash of her juices spattered onto the bed beneath her pussy as the tawse came away and from that point on, there was nothing she could do to calm the relentless quivering of her thighs. Her ass was a mess; plastered with deep red lash marks that left her squirming in place, bent over on the bed.

He pulled out a second toy; a solid silver anal hook with a large metal ball on the end. He popped the cap of a tube of lubricant jelly and squirted a large dollop onto Ophelia’s puckering anus. She shivered as the cold jelly landed on the soft wrinkles of flesh around her ring and then began to moan with satisfaction as he worked it around the tight hole with his middle finger. He applied a little extra lube to the metal ball and then started to push it up against her anus, slowly working it open as he slid the end of the hook inside her. She groaned repeatedly as she felt the metal ball filling up her rectum and as the warden watched her ass hole closing around the metal rod protruding from her ass, he unzipped his trousers and started to stroke his rock hard penis. He jerked at it for a minute or so, simply content to watch her writhing in ecstasy on the bed with the metal hook curved up and resting on the small of her back. He pulled out two more items from the bag; a breathable mouth gag, which he wedged between her gaping jaws, and a length of rope. He fastened the gag around the back of her head and then wound one end of the rope around the strap, tying the other end to the ring on the metal hook resting on Ophelia’s back. He left no slack in the rope, so that even the slightest nod of her head caused the hook to tug on her anus. It was a cunning and devious plan and one that left his penis aching for satisfaction.

He mounted the bed, still holding the tawse in his hand as he knelt behind her. She could feel the head of his bulging penis nudging against the back of her thighs, jabbing prickly shots of pain into her sore flesh with even the lightest touch. He pressed the glistening tip between her slippery labia and plunged it deep inside her vagina. Her head surged forward as he entered her, forcing the ball hook to slide half way out of her anus, splitting it wide open before sliding back inside her as she relaxed her neck again. The little holes in the gag allowed every bit of her moaning voice through and as he began to pound her from behind, the room filled with the sound of their combined ecstatic panting and his body slapping against her burning ass cheeks. He raised the tawse and started to spank her with it again, thrashing the sides of her ass and thighs over and over again, growing harder and faster as they neared a blistering climax. The leather crashed against her bare skin and the incredible pleasure and pain started to dovetail as it flooded her system, inching her closer and closer to the precipice of sexual bliss. He could feel the muscles of her vagina contracting around his cock as it penetrated her, gripping it tightly as if she was squeezing the cum from it. He couldn’t last more than a minute. The feeling of her warm, moist pussy, the sight of her tortured flesh and her endless groaning were too much for him to handle.

She felt his penis expanding inside her, followed by the hot spurts of his cum shooting out all over the inner walls of her pussy. His cock was rubbing directly over her g-spot, making it impossible to resist the pleasure swarming her body. She began to spasm violently as she came, shuddering and squirming with hardly any room to move. A loud howl rang out along the corridor outside like an alarm, punctuated by the crack of the tawse across her flesh. The warden continued to beat her with it until the last second, prolonging her orgasm for as long as the strength remained in her body. Finally, she slumped down on the bed. The position of her head caused the ball hook to tug on her ass hole, but she didn’t care. She simply lay there twitching as she tried to reclaim control of her breath. It had been an eye-opening, not to mention eye-watering experience that she would never forget. Still, as the warden cleaned them both up and packed away his toys, he suspected that he would be paying her a few more visits in solitary confinement. He couldn’t wait to try out his other toys on her submissive body, and neither could she.