Piano Lessons

It was the first day of April’s piano lessons and she sat waiting to be greeted by her teacher, the renowned Miss Adams.

She came from a very artistically minded, musical family and her parents had goaded her into taking the lessons in the hopes of her one day becoming some classical pianist sensation. As it turned out, the lessons would awaken a whole other side to April’s personality that she never knew existed, and it had nothing to do with music. She had been dropped off at Miss Adams’ house. A large stately home in the countryside – and had yet to actually meet her tutor. Having been escorted to the lounge by one of the home’s snooty butlers. Even with all her family’s wealth and fortune, she was astounded by the exuberant decor of the house and sat admiring the lavish paintings, sculptures and ornaments littered throughout the place. “You must be April…” boomed a voice suddenly from behind her. She turned to see a slender middle aged woman staring across the room at her. She was dressed in a tight white blouse with a long skirt that hugged her shallow curves right down to her ankles. Her appearance was as striking as her perfectly eloquent accent. April found herself dumbstruck for a moment, but managed to find her feet to stand up and shake hands with her new tutor. “Yes.” she replied, unsure how to address the tall, domineering woman hovering over her. “Yes, miss!” insisted the teacher, waving her finger from side to side. “Yes, miss!” replied April, standing firm to attention like she was in the military. Miss Adams scanned the young girl’s demure figure, admiring the simplicity of her blue jumper and knee length skirt. “Follow me.” she ordered, turning to walk out of the room before she had even finished speaking. April scrambled to collect her bag and followed hastily behind as Miss Adams led her into her study. As she walked inside, April saw an enormous grand piano taking up almost half of the room, with shelves filled with books littering each of the remaining walls. The teacher pointed to a velvet cushioned stool standing in front of the piano and nodded for April to take a seat.

She walked over to a corner of the room and picked up a wooden cane before pulling up a second stool to sit beside April at the piano. She placed the cane down, resting it upright against the side of the piano without even referencing it. April wondered what it could be for, but then the lesson began and her mind became far more focused on the deluge of information that Miss Adams unloaded into her ears. They went through a few example pieces of music, teaching her the fundamental aspects of playing the grand instrument. However, April’s clumsy fingers were not best suited to tapping the ivory keys and Miss Adams soon lost her patience with the young girl. “Have you been listening to a word I’ve said?” she growled, reaching down to collect the cane. April gulped nervously, wondering what was about to happen. Surely she won’t use it on me, she thought. “I’m sorry, miss!” replied April; her cheeks turning red with embarrassment. “Keep going…” insisted the teacher, nodding at the keys again. April began to play, slowly recounting the steps she had just learned. She had almost finished the short piece when her clammy forefinger accidentally slipped onto the neighbouring key. Miss Adams immediately swung the cane down over the back of April’s knuckles, causing all of her fingers to slam down onto the keys. A horrendous din filled the room, punctuated by the sudden shriek of April’s voice as she squealed in horror. She recoiled, rubbing her fingers to dispel the pain with her head held low in shame. “It seems you lack the proper discipline to be a great piano player. Jibed Miss Adams, clutching the cane at the ready as she nodded for April to continue. She took a moment to recover and started to play once again, but she could feel the heat of Miss Adams’ breath pouring down over her neck, distracting her as she tried to play. It was only a matter of seconds before she made another mistake. The inevitable wrong note was followed a split second later with another harsh swipe of the cane. This time striking her knuckles before she had even realised her error. Miss Adams didn’t say a word and simply prodded the keys with the end of the wooden stick, urging her to continue playing. Alice persevered, repeating the same piece of music over and over again until it was engrained in her consciousness. Each time she made a mistake, Miss Adams lashed her with the cane. After around ten minutes of playing, Alice’s fingers were so sore she could no longer press the keys without wincing. “Miss! I can’t go on, I’m sorry!” she cried, fighting back the tears welling up beneath her eyelids. “You can and you will!” demanded the teacher, waving the cane just inches from Alice’s nose. She nodded for Alice to continue, only this time she rose to her feet and moved around behind the poor girl Alice tried to play. But her fingers were reeling in agony and were too weak to keep up the correct timing. For every second that she played the tune incorrectly, Miss Adams sliced the cane through the air with a deadly whir and struck the back of her ass, which was just tipping off the back of the stool. Every strike caused Alice to jolt forward, making it even harder to concentrate on the notes she was playing. Still, Miss Adams insisted that she continue, cherishing every moment that she got to discipline the young girl. After a minute or so, Alice finally refused to continue playing and reached back to rub her cheeks, displeasing the teacher even further. “The insolence!” she gasped, tossing the cane aside in a fit of rage. She pulled Alice off the stool, causing her to stumble to her knees. “Miss?” she pleaded, feeling the situation getting out of hand. Miss Adams was in full control, though, and she knew exactly what the disobedient girl kneeling before her needed. “You will wait here, understood?” she commanded, staring with flared nostrils down at Alice as she awaited her reply.

Alice nodded, quivering with fear and yet somehow excited by the invasive stare of her teacher. She hadn’t even realised it due to the intense prickling numbness of her fingers and buttocks. But as the pain dissipated she could feel the rumblings of desire building inside her. She didn’t know if she was attracted to her teacher or if she was having some perverse reaction to her punishment, or both. All she knew was that as Miss Adams sauntered off out of the room, she couldn’t wait for her to return. When she finally did reappear at the doorway, Alice felt a sudden surge of excitement emanating from her nether regions. Then when she saw what her teacher held in her hand, she was overcome with arousal. It was a large dildo, but it was unlike any she had seen before. At the delicate young age of 18, Alice had only ever used one sex toy. Her trusty rabbit vibrator that nobody knew about, which was tucked away deep in her knicker drawer. This one was similar in that it had a rubbery penis shaped shaft, only it was much more realistically detailed and was significantly thicker. It also had straps leading out from either side of the base, but then as Miss Adams held it up to her mouth, its purpose suddenly clicked in her mind. The teacher placed the mouth piece at the base of the dildo into Alice’s mouth and then fastened the straps tightly around the back of the young girl’s head. The massive rubber cock protruded from her face like a horn. The feel of the plastic nub between her teeth and the sight of the veiny shaft sticking out below her nose sent the juices trickling to her pussy, but it was only when Miss Adams walked back over to the door and locked it that the reality of her situation really sank in. “I think before we can proceed, I will have to teach you how to obey simple commands…” explained Miss Adams. She moved over to the stool and started to slide the zip of her skirt down over the side of her thigh. Alice couldn’t believe what she was seeing and felt like she should avert her eyes. Has she gone mad, she wondered, staring in awe as her new teacher stripped away the fabric to reveal her black lace French panties and matching stockings. She may have been nearly twice Alice’s age, but she hadn’t lost any of her sensual beauty. Alice could even see the faint shadow of pubic hair beneath the lace, which became even more apparent as she peeled the panties down over her thighs. Alice closed her eyes and shook her head, convinced that it was all a terribly naughty hallucination. Miss Adams reached out and grabbed her hair to pull her closer, sitting back on the stool with her legs spread wide apart, holding the cane at the ready once again. “Get on all fours.” she commanded, pulling the head of the dildo up to her glistening labia. She knelt on her hands and knees, facing forward with the dildo pointed directly at Miss Adams’ pussy. Alice could see just how much she had enjoyed torturing her young prey and proceeded to gently split her pussy lips apart with the bulbous bell at the end of the shaft. She could see her teacher’s labia giving way to the immense dildo just inches from her face as she slid it bit by bit inside her, making her itch for the same treatment. She reached down between her thighs, hoping to apply some pressure to her own pussy as she fucked Miss Adams’. However, her new master promptly reached forward over Alice’s back and lashed the cane across her ass. It was a fierce strike and Alice shrieked as the pain shot through her skin, but once again as it wore off she could feel the ever present throb of her clitoris growing stronger. In fact, she liked it so much she decided to provoke Miss Adams intentionally. She reached down again and tried to touch herself, inciting another fast swipe straight across the back of her skirt. Once again, after a few seconds of pain, she felt the irrepressible urge to pleasure herself. She didn’t know why she felt that way, only that she did and there was nothing she wanted more than to truly embrace the pain. Miss Adams began to moan with pleasure as Alice increased the pace, but after a while her desires became even darker. She placed her feet on Alice’s shoulders and launched her backwards, toppling her to the floor. Before Alice could roll or climb to her knees again, the teacher was on top of her and straddling her head. She pinned Alice to the floor and slid herself down onto the dildo, forcing the young girl’s head against the carpet. The short thrusts of the dildo sliding in and out of her pussy had awoken her inner sex demon and there was only one way to put it back in its cage. She began to grind her pussy on the dildo, holding the cane high in the air above Alice’s thighs. Then, without provocation she started to whip her pupil across the legs. Striking randomly as the immense swell of orgasmic energy rose inside her pussy. The thick shaft was rubbing firmly against her g-spot, sending her wild with fiery lust that fueled her rage, lashing the cane left and right with wild abandon while Alice squirmed beneath her. Alice could see the tight ring of her teacher’s anus contorting slightly as the dildo plunged deep inside her pussy, making her hornier and hornier with every second that passed. She tried to reach down again and again, but Miss Adams wouldn’t allow her even the briefest of touches. The pleasure would be all hers, it seemed, and every attempt to release the pressure building inside Alice’s clit was met with another searing swipe of the cane across her knuckles. Alice’s lesson had become far more about order than octaves. Eventually, Alice learned to keep her hands at bay, clenching her fists by her side as Miss Adams rode atop her face. The teacher had become consumed with passion and her juices were seeping down over the base of the dildo and entering Alice’s lips, making it almost impossible to contain her lusty urges. She managed it just long enough to see Miss Adams writhing to an ecstatic climax, shuddering and cursing relentlessly as she came. She even dropped the cane, instead choosing to focus all of her attention and strength on her climax. The violent trembling of her ass almost threatened to crush little Alice’s head and as she reached the peak of her climax, she heard an almost mute, muffled cry emanating from the young girl’s mouth. It was the guttural, sobbing cry of a girl who had learned her lesson. After catching her breath, Miss Adams climbed up to her feet, replaced her knickers and reattached her skirt, leaving Alice panting in exasperation on the floor. She helped her up and removed the dildo gag, placing it aside as she checked the girl over. She was fine. In fact, Alice had learned far more about herself than she ever thought possible in a single lesson. She had a feeling she might be making more than a few mistakes in her next lesson and couldn’t wait to test the limits of Miss Adams’ cruelty.