Aiden had been in Las Vegas for two days already and was relishing the opportunity to indulge in the seemingly endless array of vices the city had to offer. He had wasted almost half of his traveling money in the casinos. He had been to a couple of strip joints and had emptied his hotel’s mini-bar. He wasn’t there on holiday, though. As the primary sales executive with a large multinational sex toy company. The purpose of his trip was to set up an exhibition stall at the world’s largest adult entertainment expo, which was being held that coming weekend. The majority of the stock he would be advertising at the event was to be delivered direct to the exhibition centre. But he had needed to take a suitcase filled with a number of items due to a last minute addition to the itinerary. With the toys in his case being of a rather kinky nature, his journey through airport security was a story in itself.
He had set off early for the first day at the exhibition, reaching almost as far as the taxi rank before realizing that he had forgotten his photo ID card for the event. So, with a huff and a sigh he turned and headed back towards his room on the seventh floor of his hotel. As he exited the elevator onto the quiet, deserted corridor, he noticed the unmistakable sight of the maids’ cleaning cart outside his room. He approached to find the door ajar with the cart in front of it, blocking the entrance to the room. He pushed it aside and stepped through to find a vacuum cleaner standing unused just inside the doorway. There seemed to be little sign of the maid as he stepped inside, moving along the short passageway past his en-suite bathroom to get to the bedroom. Then, he saw it; the glorious curves of the maid’s ass wiggling in the air behind her as she bent over by the side of the bed. He stood there, silently admiring it for a moment before realizing that she was neither tucking in the clean sheets of the bed nor sweeping up any mess. Her hands were clearly rifling through an open suitcase.

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His heart sank as he realized what lay inside, but then a sliver of mischief crept into his dirty mind and he paused to consider whether to stop her. He would have been entirely within his rights to yell at the woman, whose face he had yet to see. However, he found himself unable to resist his curious urges. He backed up towards the door and quietly closed it, locking the latch so they could not be disturbed. Then he returned to where he had been standing just in time to watch as she reached beneath the first few layers of clothes in the case. She clearly thought she had found something worth stealing as she emitted a delighted little murmur. As she pulled it out she quickly saw that it was something very different to whatever she was expecting. It was a kinky flogging whip, which she held in the air and inspected for a moment, wondering what on earth she had found. Then, it clicked in her mind and a wry, cheeky smile stretched so wide across her lips that even Aiden could notice from behind. She chuckled to herself, playfully swinging the black tassels in the air in front of her as she held the leather bound handle. It was all the encouragement Aiden needed to act.
“What do you think you’re doing?” he snarled, putting on his best acting. In truth, he couldn’t have been more thrilled to have such a naughty opportunity to exploit. Startled, she spun around and flung the whip in his direction. He caught it against his chest and held it in his hand.
“Oh, señor!” she blurted; her hands held in surrender in front of her and her eyes peeled wide open. Aiden was momentarily lost for words, suddenly presented with the sight of a sensational Spanish maid in a rather revealing outfit. It was a navy blue pinafore with a pristine white apron clinging to her curvy hourglass hips. Her impressive tanned cleavage jiggled before her and her plump ruby lips quivered with fright. He could feel the blood rushing to his penis immediately.
“You think it’s okay to steal from patrons of the hotel?” he asked.
“No no no!” she repeated, distraught at the thought of losing her job. She was utterly at his mercy and he could tell from her pleading expression that she would do anything to avoid being reported.
“Hmmm…” he muttered to himself, slapping the tassels gently against his palm as she stared back at him, “What to do with you?”
“Please señor, I am so sorry!” she whimpered. Aiden offered her a simultaneously sympathetic, yet leery smile, silently suggesting that there was a way out, but she might not like it.
“So you like this?” he asked, twirling the tassels in the air between them, wafting the humid summer air at her. She didn’t respond; frozen in place and trembling nervously.
“I guess you could get into a lot of trouble for this…” he continued. She nodded cautiously, unable to take her gaze away from the knotted ends draping towards the floor.
“Si señor.” she replied softly.
“Well, I could turn you in…” he said, taunting her with his words, “Or I could punish you myself.”
Her eyes widened with excitement for the briefest of moments only to be buried beneath her anxious refrain once more. He stepped closer, holding his hand up to caress the side of her warm, supple cheek. Within a second, she felt like he had claimed her and that he was her master. As he towered above her, the thing that really freaked her out was how much she liked it. He moved his hand down and pushed on her shoulder, gently forcing her to turn around.
“Lean over the bed.” he commanded, placing the flogger on the duvet next to her as she slowly bent over the edge, placing her palms flat against the bed. Her ass stuck out behind her, calling out to Aiden to take it and use it however he saw fit. A million thoughts ran through his mind as he leaned in closer and placed his hand over her cheeks. He could feel the warmth of her body emanating through the bumps and ridges of her knickers. He raised the bottom of her skirt up to reveal them in all their glory. A saucy black g-string that sliced her ass in half and clung to her hips. His cock bulged again as he stroked his hand over each cheek, gently clutching them in his fingers. Her skin was trembling as her body shook, but she remained bent over the bed at his command. He raised his hand and paused for a moment, looking up over her curvy body.
“ You’ve been a very naughty girl. He said, and with that he slammed the outstretched palm of his hand down onto her right ass cheek. She jolted forward, pressing her thighs against the side of the double bed as the white imprint of Aiden’s hand gave way to a large pink impact mark. She gave off a sharp squeal, which quickly faded to silence as she awaited another strike. He spanked her again, this time on the left cheek. She shuddered, either in ecstasy of agony; he couldn’t tell.
“Very naughty indeed…” he muttered to himself, caressing the skin of her incredible ass for a moment before unleashing a volley of intense strikes. He spanked her repeatedly, increasing in pace and ferocity with every hit. She shook violently on the bed, moaning noisily and gasping for air. Still, she didn’t once try to stop him. After a little while, her ass resembled that of a baboon rather than a hot Spanish maid. Still holding her skirt up with one hand, he tugged at her g-string and started to pull it down. As it reached the top of her thighs, the slender strand of lacy fabric fell to her feet. He moved his hand down between her thighs and pressed the tips of his fingers to her delicate pussy lips. To his surprise, they were soaking wet and the movement of his fingers elicited a somewhat unexpected response from her lips. She let out a brief but audible moan of satisfaction, so he continued to circle them around her engorged vulva. Splitting her labia apart so he could slide his middle finger inside her. Again she moaned, still reeling from the intense spanking and yet utterly aroused at the same time.
“You like that?” he whispered. She said nothing, but her exaggerated moaning was reply enough. He slid his finger in and out a few times before holding his hand up to her face. She smiled nervously and then took his finger in her mouth, sucking up every drop of her juices. Then, her eyes drifted away from his gaze and settled on the flogger lying by her side on the bed. However, her gaze was one of desire, rather than fear. She wanted it, and who was he to deny her. He took it in his hand and prepared to strike her ass while she clung onto the duvet tightly between her fingers. Then, with a single quick swipe, he swung the flogger at her ass. The knotted tassels struck her skin, leaving a series of rapidly fading white marks on her pink flesh. She winced and clenched her teeth, squirming in pain as he moved to strike her again. Before the impact marks had settled, he lashed the flogger over her ass over and over again. Alternating between her jiggling cheeks and gradually turning them from pink to red. The crack of the whip bounced off the walls as it hit her and was no doubt audible to anyone passing by in the corridor outside. Still, he continued, unabated by her breathless whimpering. He thrashed the back of her thighs, leaving barely an inch of flesh unscathed. She turned to face him and glared up at his fierce eyes, with tears welling up behind her own.“Fuck me!” she begged. Aiden quickly unbuckled his trousers and slipped them down, along with his boxer shorts. His rock hard penis pronged out in front of him and she stared back at it; her eyes bulging at the sight of it. He took it in his free hand and pressed the head up to her labia, pushing her even harder against the bed as he slid it between them. They opened up wide and swallowed every inch of his impressive girth, making her groan in ecstasy as it passed in and out of her pussy. He began to fuck her, slapping his body against her sore ass cheeks and causing them to send ripples of flesh up to her waist. He pounded her from behind as hard as he could, still holding the flogger in his hand.

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“More!” she begged, reaching back to slap her ass. So, he raised it close in front of himself and swung it sideways, striking the untouched sides of her ass cheeks. He flayed them with the tassels, swinging the flogger from side to side while he plunged his cock deep inside her from behind. She could barely contain her excitement and it wasn’t long before both of them were in the uncontrollable throes of passion. He growled behind her and dropped the flogger, choosing instead to grab her arms and pin them behind her back, forcing her face to press down against the bed. The pressure of his cock rubbing against the walls of her vagina and the contractions of her muscles around his shaft sent them both into a simultaneous orgasm and they began to moan and writhe powerfully with their sweaty flesh grinding together. He continued to fuck her as hard as he could until the last second, then pulled out his cock and spurted his hot, milky load all over her tenderised ass cheeks. She could hardly feel the warmth of his cum splashing onto her ass due to the burning heat of her whipped flesh. He handed her a tissue to wipe up the cum and once she had pulled up her knickers, she headed for the door.
“When do you finish work?” he asked as she stepped closer to the exit.
“Five…” she said, grinning back at him.
“Be here then.” he said, more like an order than a wish. There was no way she would miss it!