Girls Night Out

Threading her way through the crowded shopping centre, Candace jostled her way through chattering, eating and pushy mall warriors. Though she hated sales, her budget decreed that shopping at up-scale stores that tended to have one word or ended in a vowel was not yet in her range of affordability.
She paused outside a trendy shoe store and stared longingly at a pair of sexy red stilettos. Enticingly displayed on a backlit stand, she could almost smell the rich leather and feel the suppleness in her hands. They would go so well with a little black dress hanging forlornly in her closet … but then the numbers on her latest bank statement popped into her mind and she realized that Italian leather could not be baked, grilled or micro-waved. There was still grocery shopping to be done.
Uttering a dejected sigh, she continued to the big-box store at the end of the mall where bargains, if somewhat unexciting, were bound to be waiting. Aromatic aromas drifted from the food court on the ground level. Passing the escalator, Candace paused to whiff hungrily at the appetizing odour of Greek food. She checked her phone. It was almost lunch time and she had to drown her sorrows somehow.
Halfway down the escalator, voices called out. Candace glanced up to see her friends, Jilly and Marie, waving at her.
“Hey, wait up!” Jilly said.
Candace stepped off the escalator and waited. As usual, all eyes followed Jilly, a freckled redhead with a shock of naturally curly hair. Marie, a cute, somewhat chubby brunette, flashed her usual radiant smile. Candace could only smile at how her sandy blonde image completed the unlikely trio of lifelong friends much like a female Three Musketeers.
The friends hugged.
“What are you doing here?” Marie asked. “Thought you were studying.”
“Needed a break from brain-fry,” Candace said. “You can only stare at a computer so long.”
Jilly grinned.
“You’re hell-bent on getting that promotion, aren’t you.”
“ I’m hell-bent on getting a raise,” Candace replied. “I thought my starving student days were well behind me.” She glanced toward the Greek restaurant. “Right now I just want to kill a chicken souvlaki.”
Jilly and Marie glanced at each other.
“You got anything planned for tonight?” Jilly asked.
Candace glanced suspiciously at her charmingly smiling friend.
“Yes, studying. Why?”
She looked at an ineffectively nonchalant Marie.
“Okay, what are you two up to?”
“We wanted to take you out to dinner,” Jilly said. “We hardly see you these days. We need to re-bond.”
“You know I have exams coming up next week,” Candace said.
“We know, Candi,” Marie said, “but you’ve got to kick back sometime.”
“ I’m here, aren’t I?” Candace said.
Jilly rolled her eyes.
“I mean really kick back, not troll through the masses during the sales.”
Marie took Candace by the arm.
“Come on, let’s eat,” she said. “We can talk about tonight over some spanakopita.”
Seated at a table piled with souvlaki, spanakopita, salad and potatoes, Jilly and Marie watched Candace eat with gusto.
“You sure love your food, don’t you,” Marie said.
Candace paused to sip a fruit juice.
“It’s the only luxury this working girl can afford,” she said. “I will not be deprived.”
“Think you’ll have room for dinner?” Jilly asked.
“Why, you cooking?” Candace asked. “If so, I’ll order out, thank you.”
Jilly feigned a pout.
“My cooking isn’t that bad.”
Candace merely smiled.
“Actually,” Jilly continued, “Marie and I were going to treat you to dinner tonight at that new Asian restaurant. Heard some great reviews.”
Candace’s eyes gleamed with interest.
“You talking about Hinode?”
“The one and only.”
Candace’s eyes lit up.
“I guess I can study when I get home,” she said.
Candace had just finished dressing when the doorbell rang. She inspected herself in a full length mirror and nodded with approval at her choice of her favourite black dress and a pair or red heels not quite the fantasy shoes she had earlier drooled over at the mall.
She grabbed her purse and wrap and headed downstairs. Her smile transformed to confusion when she opened the door to see a very casually dressed Jilly and Marie on the porch.
“Um… am I missing something here?”
“We tried calling you like fifty times,” Marie said. “Why didn’t you pick up?”
Candace frowned and rummaged through her purse for her phone. To her dismay she realized she had not charged it.
“Ooops,” she said. “Guess I forgot to check.”
“We wanted to tell you that Hinode was overbooked so we had to make other plans.”
“Oh,” Candace said, feeling a little foolish. “I was really looking forward to it. Where are we going then? Shall I change?”
Jilly shook her head.
“You look great. Don’t worry about changing. We found another new place with great reviews.”
She checked her watch.
“Come on, let’s go. I think we’re going to have a great time.”
At first Candace thought they had arrived at the wrong address. Staring at a bizarre flying saucer-shaped building wildly illuminated with futuristic flashing lights, it looked more appropriate for an amusement park than a restaurant. It was only the rotating “Crazy Jayz” marquee that identified that this was indeed their intended venue.
She saw Jilly grinning at her in the rear-view mirror. Marie turned toward her with a huge smile.
“Surprise!” they said in unison.
“ You’ve got to be kidding!” Candace said. “I haven’t been to a place that looks like since I graduated from high school.”
“Don’t be so quick to judge,” Jilly said, turning into the driveway and pulling into one of the few parking spots remaining. “This place has awesome reviews and top notch food. You’re going to love it!”
Candace suspiciously looked at one face, then the other.
“Are you sure Hinode was booked?”
Marie giggled as she got out of the car.
“It actually was, but you did us a favour by not charging your phone. At least we didn’t have to argue with you for an hour trying to convince you to try this place out.”
Candace got out stared at some of the other patrons heading inside the strobe-lit building and noticed they were all female.
“Beam me up, Scotty,” she murmured with a shrug and followed her friends inside.
Space music echoed from an interior designed like a spaceship. Lights pulsed from liquid walls overlooking realistic alien figures, science fiction memorabilia and atom-shaped tables. Candace was admittedly caught up by the frenetic atmosphere and found herself enjoying the unusual setting.
Jilly nudged her.
“Do I know how to pick ‘em?” she said, giving Candace a nudge.
“Okay, you win the brownie points,” Candace said with a smile.
A hostess dressed like a Klingon warrior woman led them to a table directly in front of a Saturn-shaped stage. As the girls sat, she handed them menus printed on transparent day-glo gel.
“Specials are on the back,” she said. “Enjoy the show.”
Candace caught Marie’s quick glance toward Jilly.
“Show?” Candace asked. “You never mentioned that.”
Jilly made a show of perusing the menu.
“Oh, there’s some special event tonight. Forgot to ask what it was.”
The lights dimmed almost on cue while colourful spotlights resembling lava lamp globs circled the stage. Suggestive space music shuddered in synch with a silver foil curtain resembling rain.
“Ladies,” an androgynous voice purred. “Welcome to the Saturnalia!”
“Cute,” Candace whispered.
But cuteness was far from what burst from the curtain. Six men of varying nationalities and built like gods charged on stage wearing little else but realistic looking Alien face huggers on their impressively huge packages.
A chorus of screams, applause and catcalls erupted. Jilly and Marie whooped and high-fived, while Candace’s eyes merely bugged at the display of prime male flesh dancing and gyrating mere feet in front of her.
A hunky Mediterranean-type beamed down at Candace while he toyed with the face hugger. Candace furiously blushed.
“Okay, Ladies,” the unseen announcer continued, “let’s get started! Happy birthday to Christy!”
An excited cry rose two tables away. Candace turned to see the table illuminate, instantly attracting a black stud that bee-lined toward a hyper-excited woman in her late thirties. Dragging the semi-protesting woman on stage, the black stud proceeded to do a standing lap dance while the others restrained her.
He then turned her around, bent her over and hiked her short red dress over her waist, revealing a pair of smooth, nicely toned buttocks bursting from a lacy red thong. Running his powerful hands over her cheeks elicited protesting squirms and squeals from the woman, but the others held her firm.
Using his hands and the face hugger tentacles, the stud alternately smacked and stroked her quivering cheeks. With lightning speed he snatched off the red thong with his teeth and began vigorously smacking her buttocks with smooth, firm strokes.girls night out scene 2The audience went wild. Phone cameras flashed like rampant fireflies.
Candace’s mouth dropped open. She looked around in shock at the hysterical women chanting “Ja..vier… Ja…vier.”
Jilly and Marie clapped and catcalled wildly, urging him on. Only when the woman’s buttocks glowed a rosy hue did Javier relent. The giddy woman pulled her dress down and wobbled off the stage toward her screeching friends.
“Take a bow, Javier,” the announcer crooned. “And now we want to say hello to …. Candace!”
The audience erupted. Jilly and Marie hugged themselves with excitement. Candace, caught like a deer in headlights, stared stunned as the hunky Mediterranean jumped off the stage and swooped her from her seat.
“No!” Candace cried, shooting an entreating look to her friends who sat clapping and laughing at her plight.
“Con…stan..tine! Con…stan…tine!” deafeningly echoed as the dark-haired satyr hefted her onto the stage. The other men immediately surrounded her and hoisted her into the air while Constantine writhed and gyrated around her.
Though Candace tried to struggle, she could not resist the slew of hands and tentacles caressing her body. Mortified yet aroused by the sight and touch of so many handsome men she began to ease her struggles… at least until they formed a fleshly wall and bent her over.
“Oh!” she cried, struggling uselessly as Constantine grabbed her dress and yanked it up, displaying sheer black panties that he ripped off without preamble and tossed to the stage. Kneeling behind her, he reached up and kneaded her firm rounded cheeks like pizza dough.
Candace squirmed, both at the erotic sensation of his hands on her flesh as well as the image of her bare buttocks displayed to at least a hundred strangers. She could see camera flashes reflecting from the silver foil curtain and realized eyes of strangers were immortalizing her cheeks.
Constantine rubbed his beard against her cheeks, then nipped at them with his teeth. The audience went wild, and Candace felt herself falling into a dream-like trance. Constantine then pressed his groin against her and gyrated before he began whipping her buttocks with his face hugger tentacles.
The clapping, screaming audience continued chanting “Con…stan…tine…” while he replaced the tentacles with his hands and soundly smacked each cheek with firm, fleeting strokes.
Candace gasped and moaned, her body squirming under his skillful chastisement. Finally, he released her. She wobbled on her heels and clumsily pulled her dress down. The panties were already gone, grabbed by some souvenir hunter from the audience.
Constantine guided her off the stage, his eyes never leaving hers. As he released her, he gave her a quick kiss. A hysterical Jilly and Marie guided a shell-shocked Candace back to the table. Cocktails had appeared, and she quickly gulped down a Bend Over Shirley. She squirmed at the sensation of her cheeks burning on the seat.
“So?” Jilly asked. “How did you like our surprise?”
Candace heard her words but had only eyes for Constantine, who winked and wiggled his ass at her from the stage.
“Absolutely loved it,” she said, winking back.
Tonight was going to be … very interesting …