Sarah had made the leap from high school to university and had just about settled into her cushy new dorm room when a gaggle of raucous girls came knocking. She opened the door to see four of them; seemingly older girls who had lived in the halls of residence for a few years. They were about to embark on their final years of study, but more importantly; they were in charge of the Sigma Epsilon Chi sorority and were scouring the floor looking for new recruits. Blinded by the excitement of her new college life, she signed up on the spot and agreed to attend the initiation ceremony the following day. The girls went on their merry little way and Sarah thought little more of it. She went about her business, unpacking the last of her things and tucking her clothes and knickers into her drawers. Stuffed right at the back was her latest purchase; a vibrator, which she intended on getting plenty of use from. She could never have owned one whilst living at home with her parents, but with her shackles finally opened, she was free to indulge in whatever sexual antics that befell her. However, she could never have guessed that one of her most intense and lasting memories was to occur in her first week of residence at the halls. The sorority leaders were busy planning an afternoon of rigorous tests that would push Sarah’s body to the limit, both physically and emotionally.

The ceremony was to take place in the joint recreation area on her floor of the halls, which she shared with around fifteen other students. The entire sorority had been invited to the event, so the rec room was bustling with young women long before Sarah arrived. She turned up at the stroke of noon; her heart thumping anxiously and her fingers clammy with anticipation. She had no idea what to expect and since she was normally quite shy, the crowd seemed incredibly intimidating to her. She was almost ready to turn around and head back to her room before the sorority leader, Amy, caught sight of her. She grabbed Sarah by the arm and pulled her through the doors, leading her through the forest of students to a clearing of sorts in the centre of the room. They had set out three stools; two of which were already taken by equally nervous looking freshmen. They each glanced at Sarah with a sympathetic smile, only compounding the stream of fear running through her mind.

She was glad about one thing, though. She had overslept and in her haste to get out on time, she had neglected to plaster on her make-up like she would normally do for such an occasion. She only had time to slip on a pink vest top and a pair of khaki shorts before setting out. It was a fortuitous mistake, as the other two girls were dressed in similarly casual gear. She breathed a sigh of relief as she parked her perky little ass. It was the last one she would make for some time. She could feel the eyes scanning her body as the spectators bumped and nudged each other in a wide circle around the centre of the room. They were already fully fuelled on alcohol and junk food, with paper cups filled with cheap lager sloshing around and spilling out onto the floor.

“Alright, let’s get this party started!” squealed Amy, climbing up onto the breakfast counter as every eye in the room shot up to look at her. She almost slipped on a puddle of spilled booze, but steadied herself and continued. “Here we have Kendra, Tiffany and Sarah.” she announced, drawing everyone’s eyes back down to the quivering young girls sat in the centre of the room. Kendra had opted for a miniskirt and spent the whole time trying to cross her legs a little tighter to prevent anyone from spying her knickers. The crowd wooed almost sarcastically as she spoke each name, engulfing Sarah’s body in a cloud of attention. She could feel the jealousy of some of the girls beaming down upon her as they gazed at her large, heaving bust and curvy waistline. She didn’t know whether to be intimidated or flattered. She wondered what on earth she had gotten herself into.

“They would like to join our sorority…” declared Amy, summoning a wave of laughter and cheering, “But first they must prove their worthiness!” The crowd erupted again, giggling excitedly at the spectacle that was to come. There was electricity in the air and the combined warmth of so many jostling bodies and the heat of the late summer breeze wafting in through the windows was palpable.

“First, they must pass through the gauntlet!” she cried, “Ladies, take out your weapons!”

The three girls watched in horror as every single one of the girls surrounding them suddenly presented a whipping implement. Some had brought their own equipment, from ping pong bats to simple leather belts. Others had to rely on the forethought of Amy and her organiser friends. They began to hand out a cache of sadistic looking sex toys, including paddles, flogging whips and even a couple of electric wands. Then, with barely any encouragement from Amy, they all began to file out of the rec room and lined the corridor outside, blocking the doors to all of the dorm rooms. Amy brought the three girls over to the doorway to explain their first test.

“It’s quite simple…” she said, “You have to run to the end, take a glass of champagne from the tray, and then come back without spilling a drop.” Sarah’s heart sank. She had heard about such games taking place at university dorms, but she had always assumed they were nothing more than apocryphal tales; the sort of thing you see in movies, but never in real life. She stared along the gauntlet, taking a nervous gulp as her eyes darted from one paddle to the next.

“Kendra, you go first.” she commanded, seemingly cherishing her dominant role. Kendra hesitated for a moment, glancing back at Sarah and Tiffany for help, but they were just as nervous as she was. Finally, a burst of adrenaline surged through her veins and she was off, sprinting down the corridor as the girls on either side fought to lash her ass with their assortment of paddles. As fast as she ran, she couldn’t escape their wrath and as she got to the end and picked up the glass of champagne, the barrage of concentrated spanking around her ass and thighs almost proved too much for her. The miniskirt offered no protection at all and by the time she returned to Amy at the start line, her thighs were glowing a deep shade of red.

“Well done!” winked Amy, immediately turning her attention to Tiffany, “Now you!”

The young girl darted off the spot as fast as she could and with much more enthusiasm than Kendra. However, the blunt stinging strikes of the variety of implements soon stunted her pace. She was easily the most petite of the three and looked far too innocent to be involved in such a cruel ritual. Still, she soon returned and passed the buck to Sarah, who was waiting at the start line. Amy patted her on the back and she set off, running along the corridor as a hail of paddles and belts battered her ass beneath the thin fabric of her shorts. Despite the glaring soreness of Kendra and Tiffany’s thighs as they returned from their goes, Sarah hadn’t expected quite such a vigorous flogging. Maybe they were just warming up, she thought as she reached the tray of champagne at the end of the gauntlet. The girls on either side began to thrash Sarah’s ass even harder, unleashing a relentless torrent of intense blows from their paddles and whips. The sound of flesh and fabric being struck by leather and knotted tassels filled the corridor, punctuating the endless cackling and cheers of the excited girls. She turned to run back, holding the glass as steadily as she could as she waddled along the corridor. Every thunderous impact upon her delicate young cheeks felt like she was being hit by a car and the champagne in the glass kept threatening to splash out over the side, putting an end to her candidacy. She was determined to succeed, although she had no idea why as at no point had any of the girls explained the benefits of being in a sorority. Still, she sprinted for the finish line, jolting from side to side as the electrocution wands snapped across her skin with a tremendous spark.

“All three still in the game!” declared Amy. The girls grimaced at each other, rubbing the tender, sore flesh of their ass cheeks and thighs with a chorus of nervous gasps. The crowd began to file back into the rec room, resuming their former places once more as Amy led the girls over to their seats. “Test number two!” she bellowed, and with that she slipped her shorts down over her slender thighs.

She seemed to have no shame at all, with absolutely no qualms about shedding her skimpy little pink thong. The crowd became even jitterier at the sight of Amy’s thin strip of pubic hair, sensing an escalation in the festivities. She signalled for a few other girls to come over. The three newcomers had no idea what was about to happen, but then as the helpers stood behind Kendra and forced her arms behind her back, they realised it mightn’t be entirely appealing. They forced her to lean forward, adding their combined weight to her back so she had nowhere to move. Then, Amy stood in front of her and bent over; spreading her ass cheeks wide apart to expose her teeny pink ass hole nestled between them. They pressed Kendra to lean closer as Amy stepped backward, giving her no choice but to kiss the leader’s anus. She resisted, giggling anxiously as she tried to avert her lips. It was futile, though, and faced with the possibility of being banished from the sorority, she gave in and stretched out her tongue to welcome Amy’s sweet ring. She began to lash her tongue over it, sweeping it up and down deep between Amy’s cheeks, smothering her anus in warm, sticky saliva. They forced her to eat Amy’s ass for a good minute or so, much to the amusement of the girls standing around. Tiffany watched on right next to Kendra, feeling the dread building inside her. Sarah, meanwhile, couldn’t help but notice how active her clitoris had become. The sight of Kendra’s jaws flapping open between Amy’s cheeks was turning her on, and even more disturbingly, she couldn’t wait for her turn.

Amy and her sadistic helpers moved on to Tiffany, who also tried to resist for as long as possible. She, too, gave in to their will and was soon munching on the slippery rim of Amy’s ass hole. The sound of her tongue repeatedly lashing over it was making Sarah’s clit throb even harder and by the time it was her turn, she hardly needed the pressure of the girls binding her arms back or forcing her to lean forwards. She launched herself into the crevice of Amy’s ass and started to circle the tip of her tongue around the puckering hole, nudging at the soft ripples of flesh to work them wide open. Suddenly consumed by a potent mixture of lust and courage, she tried to plunge her tongue an inch or so inside Amy’s rectum, and it was Amy herself who drew an early close to the round.

“Very good!” she laughed, nervously pulling up her thong and shorts. She shot Sarah a curious glance, completely surprised by the newbie’s audacity. Sarah wiped the smeared saliva from her cheek, grinning excitedly back at Amy as she announced the final round.

“Test number three!” she cried, pulling out another box of toys from behind the breakfast table. As she opened the brown cardboard flaps, the three girls realised the withering pain of the first round was about to come crashing back ten-fold. She took out three pairs of fluffy purple hand cuffs and tossed them to her minions. They each took a pair and approached the three girls, moving behind them with the cuffs at the ready. Amy gestured for Kendra, Tiffany and Sarah to stand up, which they promptly did.

“Wait!” ordered Amy before they could proceed. She nodded at the helpers, silently signalling an instruction them. They each stood behind one of the girls and started to tug at their clothes, forcing them to remove their vest tops, shorts, miniskirts and underwear. Kendra and Tiffany both looked terrified at the prospects of stripping down, but Sarah remained unfazed. She made no effort to resist as the girl behind her gripped her top and pulled it up over her head, nor as she slipped her khaki shorts and knickers down to her ankles. Her daring attitude spurred the others on and within a minute or so they were all stark naked in the centre of the jostling ring of students. Their firm, young breasts jiggled with every nervous tremble of their bodies and the heat of jealous eyes almost started to burn holes in their skin. The helpers snapped each pair of hand cuffs around their chosen candidate’s wrists, binding their arms behind their backs. Amy pulled out a collection of strange metal pegs from the box, which she passed along her line of helpers. They each took two and moved around in front of the girls, flicking their erect nipples with the shiny little contraptions.

As horny as she was, Sarah’s expression soured considerably as she realised what they were. The helpers each cupped their respective girl’s right breast in their left hands, squeezing them gently between their fingers to steady the supple mounds of flesh. Their nipples began to bulge slightly with the pressure, making it easier for the helpers to snap the metal clamps firmly over them. The room instantly filled with squeamish, horrified squeals as they clung on to the girls’ engorged teats, filling their breasts with an agonising twinge. It came in waves, throbbing painfully over and over again, and as the helpers attached the second clamp to their left breasts, the screams grew even louder. Still, they each remained glued to the floor with their hands bound behind their backs, further contained by the deafening roar of the crowd surrounding them. Sarah began to quake, feeling the prickling heat of the clamps becoming more and more intense with every second that passed. Her nipples felt like they were about to fall off and no matter how hard she winced or clenched her teeth, nothing could alleviate the pressure. Her task was far from complete, though.

Amy picked out a collection of metal ball weights, which she carefully passed to the helpers. They proceeded to hook each one onto one of the nipple clamps, allowing them to hang freely from the girls’ breasts like sadistic Christmas baubles. As soon as the first one drooped from Sarah’s left teat, she howled in agony and a tear swelled up beneath her eyes. It quickly spilled out and rolled down over her cheek to the corner of her lips. With the weights securely hanging from each of the girls’ contorted bosoms, Amy pulled out a hefty flogging paddle that was almost as long as her arm, like a leather clad cricket bat.

“Okay, you’ve made it this far…” she said, “Now, in order to complete your initiation you take as many hits with this paddle as it takes to dislodge those clamps. Only when they are on the floor will you be a sister among us.” Sarah shuddered; sensing the end in sight, but consumed with fear nonetheless. It wasn’t even the pain that worried her; it was the fact that through all of the tasks and resulting soreness, she had become incredibly aroused and the thoughts of being spanked once more was sending the juices gushing to her pussy. If only her hands hadn’t been cuffed behind her back, she would have lodged her fingers between her thighs and rubbed her tingling clit to her ultimate fulfilment. Kendra was first to endure the pain, taking paddling after paddling from Amy’s enormous toy. The force of the impacts rumbled through the floor beneath their feet, giving Tiffany and Sarah a taste of the torture to come. They waited patiently, squirming in place as Kendra’s voice became hoarse from the incessant screaming. Finally, one of the weights fell to the floor, hitting the carpet with an almighty thud. The second followed moments later and Amy proclaimed her a successful member. Emboldened by what she had seen, Tiffany stood resolute and ready to take her beating. Amy moved behind her and began to paddle her ass, again causing her petite frame to budge forward with each strike. The endless thump of the paddle striking Tiffany’s perky little ass was making Sarah hornier than ever. By the time the weights had fallen from the young girl’s breasts, she was gently thrusting her crotch forward, hoping to create some sort of pressure against her clit.

It was Sarah’s turn and as Amy lifted the paddle behind her, the anticipation alone almost sent her soaring over the edge into an orgasmic abyss. She wanted it so badly and when the crashing blow finally came, she let out a long, exaggerated moan of satisfaction. The juices from her pussy began to seep down the inside of her thigh and the wallop of the paddle charged straight through her body towards her throbbing clitoris. Amy spanked her again, triggering another even louder groan. With each successive hit, Sarah’s breathing grew more and more animated. Her chest was heaving, expanding her already large bust out and causing the clamps to grip her firm nipples even harder. Her skin was becoming moist with beads of sweat glistening in the soft afternoon sunlight, allowing the clamps to slip from her teats. The first one snapped free and Sarah let out a blistering cry, teetering on the edge of ecstasy. Then the second one followed moments later. The final, searing injection of pain into her breast sent her into a climax and she collapse on the floor, writhing and twitching violently in orgasmic contractions. The room fell silent as the gaggle of horny girls watched in amazement. She didn’t care, though. The glare of their eyes only prolonged her twisted sexual peak, shuddering to a slow finish content in the knowledge that she had secured her place in the sorority. Not only that; she had discovered something startling about herself as well. With the freedom of university life finally upon her, she would have plenty of time to explore her new fetish, and she couldn’t wait to go shopping for some of those sadistic toys.