Blind Date

It had been quite a while since Suzanne had dated anyone and it was for that reason that her friends insisted on setting her up with a handsome guy who was supposedly perfect for her. She had always been the shy type, preferring a night in with a pizza, bottle of wine and a movie than going out for expensive meals. As she turned 30, her quiet existence became even more compounded and had it not been for her friends she may well have been alone forever. They told her his name was Adam, but outright refused to show her a picture of him. What are they hiding? she thought, what kind of gargoyle are they setting me up with? As it turned out, he was remarkably handsome and as soon as she laid eyes on him, she was sure she had gone to the wrong restaurant.

“Um… hi?” she said cautiously as the maitre d’ guided her to his table.

“Good evening.” replied the man, instantly rising from his seat to greet her, “You must be Suzie. Or would you prefer Suzanne?”

“Oh, either’s fine.” she giggled, gently clenching her bottom lip between her teeth as an adorable wide smile crept across her cheeks. She usually hated having her name shortened, but she was so taken aback by his good looks that she found herself reverting to a state of child-like glee and didn’t care what he called her.

“Jenny was right.” he said as he seated her at the table.

“Oh, what about?” she asked, although she could tell what he was about to say before he even opened his lips. She had known him for less than a minute and yet she could already feel a connection forming between them. She didn’t know if she was just desperate for companionship or if there was some divine force thrusting them together, but for the first time in years, she felt excited to meet someone.

“How beautiful you are.” he replied, fixing the seductive glare of his sparkling, deep blue eyes on her. She began to shrink in her seat, feeling the warmth of his stare passing over her pale skin. As humble as ever, she felt it was a mystery how he could be so attracted to her, but as the flickering candlelight glittered in her huge, dark hazel pupils, a wave of goose pimples soared across his back. Having both expected the other to be a dead loss, they were equally surprised by how quickly they started to fall for each other and as each course came and went, they found themselves aching to spend that little bit more time together. Suzanne had fallen hook, line and sinker for him and he was just as besotted with her as well. They spent the entire evening talking and flirting up a storm, although he remained mostly silent; simply content to listen to her jittery voice as she told him everything about herself. Before she knew it, the time had come for them to leave their table and there was only one place either of them wanted to end up. She wasn’t usually the sort of girl to go home with a guy on a first date, but she found herself at the mercy of her throbbing nether regions.

Suffice to say, they stumbled through the doorway to his luxurious apartment an hour later, barely able to keep their hands off each other. What had started as a brief kiss in the taxi had quickly escalated to a full blown groping session as they fondled each other’s bodies and kissed passionately on the back seat. He led her up the stairs towards his bedroom, both of them giggling like children as they embraced for another kiss and stripped each other of their clothes. She removed his jacked and unbuttoned his smart shirt, dragging her nails across the ridges of his firm washboard stomach. She could hardly believe her luck and the feel of his skin mixed with the scent of his aftershave wafting up her nose was enough to compel her to her knees before him. She unzipped his trousers and pulled them down, revealing the prominent bulge of his hard penis beneath his boxer shorts. Gripping the sides of the elastic she pulled them down as well, practically salivating at the prospects of taking it in her mouth. It pronged out in front of her face and swung from side to side for a moment before pointing directly at her. She had slept with a grand total of three men before him, but not a single one had possessed a phallus as magnificent as his. It was a work of art in itself; as long as her forearm and almost as thick. She gripped the shaft gingerly in her hand and began to stroke it, working it from the base to the head as his sticky pre-cum seeped from the tip.

It was the most erotic moment of her life and her fingers were trembling around the sides of his cock as she squeezed it, but the exciting, sensual atmosphere was about to take a decidedly dark turn. Suzanne had no idea what was brewing in his mind, nor could she have anticipated how she would react to it. She leaned in and wrapped her lips around his cock, sucking firmly around the bulging head and causing it to flex repeatedly in her mouth. She could feel the warmth of his body radiating through it and entering her mouth, sliding it another inch between her jaws, followed by another. She swallowed almost half of his shaft, lodging it deep in her throat before pulling away. However, she felt his hand pressing against the back of her head, forcing her to keep it wedged between her jaws. Then, he pushed on her head, forcing another inch or two into her mouth until she was almost gagging on it. A split second of worry washed over her mind as she realised she could no longer breathe, but it was quickly dampened by something much more powerful. As scary as it was being forced to gag on his cock, she couldn’t deny that deep down there was a small, twisted part of her that liked it. Kneeling before him like his personal sex slave was oddly arousing and she could feel the tingle of her clitoris growing more and more intense with every second that he deprived her of oxygen.

He finally allowed her to breathe, releasing his grip so she could pull herself away. She knelt before him, gasping for air and coughing as a droplet or two of saliva slipped down her oesophagus. Her heart was thumping beneath her chest and the quiver of her fingers had spread to her entire body. That said, as she finally looked up at him, her expression was not one of disgust. She calmed her nerves and licked her lips, grasping his cock again for a second taste. Even he was a little surprised, but he wasn’t about to let the opportunity go to waste. As she leaned in to suck on it again, he held onto her head with both hands and proceeded to fuck her face, thrusting his cock deep into her throat over and over again. Trails of saliva stretched out between the tip of his cock and her tongue as he retracted it, spilling out all over her chin. She couldn’t resist lowering her right hand down and nestling it between her thighs, circling the tips of her fingers against her throbbing clitoris through the fabric of her dress. She had never been so turned on and as his body repeatedly banged against her face, she only wanted more. He finally came to a stop after a little while, allowing her to take another series of deep breaths while he removed his shoes and the trousers bunched up around his ankles. Then, he summoned her to her feet by the side of the bed and slinked behind her, enclosing his arms around her heaving chest as it to claim her as his property.

“So you like it rough?” he whispered, stroking the tip of his tongue around her earlobe. She shuddered with anticipation, feeling the trickle of moisture forming between her pussy lips. She ached to feel his cock inside her, but that wasn’t all. Punctuating her bristling sexuality was her new-found taste for servitude and as his hand ran down over the front of her elegant black maxi dress towards her crotch, she wanted nothing more than for him to rip the fabric from her skin. She nodded in reply, shaking nervously as she admitted it. Her love life had always been so ordinary and her admission seemed terribly perverse, but as his fingers nudged through the dress and probed her clit, the indentations of her erect nipples gave away how turned on she was. He moved his hands behind her, denying her secret wish to have the dress torn away as he rolled the zip down over her back. The black material contrasted with her pasty skin, but then as it slipped off her shoulders and dropped to the floor around her feet, he marveled at her delicious, ruby nipples in the mirror opposite the bed. She felt his hands slipping around her waist again, reaching up over her chest to clasp her breasts, gently squeezing them and then pinching her firm teats between his fingers and thumbs. A brief whimper escaped her lips, but it only made him press harder on her nipples, filling her breasts with a sharp twinge of pain. It was all entirely new to her, but she was learning fast and she could tell that he wanted her to control the urge to cry out.

“How rough?” he purred, towering above her petite frame like a grand oak eclipsing a young sapling. She realised that she had no idea what the answer might be, as she had never done anything like it in her life.

“If I don’t like it, I’ll tell you to stop.” she replied; her breath wavering with every word that she spoke. He chuckled and pushed against her back, guiding her towards the bed. She climbed on and remained bent over at the edge of the mattress, displaying her perfect ass for him. He instantly crouched behind her and placed his palms flat against her cheeks, spreading them wide apart to reveal her glistening pink vulva. He couldn’t resist leaning in for a taste, splitting her pussy lips apart with his tongue as he licked around the warm, moist opening of her vagina. He, too, couldn’t quite believe his luck, but his attention was soon drawn to the sickly white flesh of her ass cheeks. He yearned to see them turning a much darker colour and as he twirled his tongue around her pussy, he began to claw gently at them with his fingernails. Suzanne let off a brief sigh as she felt his short, but rather sharp nails grazing across her cheeks, leaving a trail of pink lines in their wake. He did it again, priming her ass for something much stronger. He wanted to test the water; to see how much she could take before using a much harsher tactic. To his surprise, she barely flinched even as he scraped his nails across her ass a third time. In fact, her elated sighing turned to sensual moaning and she clutched the duvet in her fingers as he played with her body. He climbed to his feet and stepped over to his bedside cabinet, pulling open the small wooden door and reaching inside to collect something. She couldn’t see beyond the edge of the bed, making the anticipation all the more palpable. Her heart thumped even harder against the inside of her chest, making even the few seconds of waiting almost unbearable.

“Tell me…” he said, glancing across at her, “Do you like roses?”

“What woman doesn’t?” she replied, squinting curiously at him with a wry smile.

He finally revealed it to her and at first she mistook it for the real thing. However, as he held the vivid red grip in his hand and allowed the leather stems to droop from his clenched fist, she saw that the flowers were made from folds of thick dyed suede rather than delicate rose petals. It was a custom made flogging whip and even though she had never felt one striking her skin before, as he moved behind her she could think of nothing she wanted more. He draped the tassels over her ass, allowing the jagged outer leaves to graze over her skin. Then, with a modest swipe, he lashed the whip across her ass, sending her jolting forward slightly on the bed. She gasped and closed her eyes, trying to process the sudden shot of pain consuming her cheeks. However, it soon faded and the prickling sensation it left behind only amplified the persistent throb of her clitoris. She remained in place, peering back with a coy nod, asking for a second lash.

He obliged, raising the whip again and slicing it through the air behind her with a soft hum. It struck her ass again, much harder that time and with a deafening crack that echoed off the walls. She cried out in agony and bolted forward on the bed, clawing at the bed sheets in a desperate attempt to control the impact’s piercing sting. Still, as terrible as the pain was, what scared her the most was how much she liked it. The beat of her heart had become almost like the incessant thump of a neighbour’s loud music, thudding at the inside of her rib-cage and emanating out to every corner of her body. He whipped her again, layering her ass with a succession of intense, burning lash marks as the tassels belted across them. She took every hit, shuddering in pain and yet somehow enjoying it at the same time. She couldn’t tell if it was the ferocity of the whip or merely the idea of being used by him, but something had sparked a flame inside her that she never knew existed. He paused for a moment, admiring the deep crimson carnage he had unleashed onto her milky flesh. She winced with the slightest touch of his fingers as he trailed them across her cheeks. Still, with his hand temporarily stayed, her mind was blessed with a moment of clarity. No longer clouded by the overwhelming heat of sexual desire, she looked back at him, keeping her eye line submissively low to avoid his masterful glare.

“Please.” she said softly, “More!”

A wide smile stretched across his lips as he raised the whip once more, immediately swinging his arm to unleash a barrage of unstoppable lashes. He slammed the suede petals down over the back of her thighs, sending ripples of flesh charging out in every direction. She screamed and whimpered, still bent over on the bed with her ass obediently presented to him. Her pussy was dripping wet and as much as she liked the flogging, she also craved the pressure of his cock inside her. She didn’t have to wait long, as no sooner had he painted her thighs red was he moving close behind her with his rigid shaft in his hand. He pressed the head up to her labia and started to push it between them, splitting them wide apart once again as he impaled her on his cock. She let out a loud, breathless moan as he plunged it deep inside her, banging the weight of his body against her reeling ass cheeks. He started to fuck her, slowly at first as he smothered his cock in her juices, but then with every thrust he increased his pace and was soon pounding her from behind. She bobbed back and forth on the bed as he slammed his body against her ass, cringing with every bit of pressure on her tender flesh. The pleasure was overwhelming, especially given the size of his cock. It filled up every inch of her pussy and easily rubbed against her g-spot, sending her spiralling into a fit of orgasmic contractions.

“No!” commanded Adam, smacking her with the flogger again just as she was about to cum, “You must wait!”

She tried to calm herself, but with him relentlessly ramming his massive cock inside her pussy, the scorching pain of her ass cheeks and now the extra heft of the tassels searing her flesh, it was almost impossible to suppress. He struck her again, sweeping the flogger across the small of her back after every thrust of his cock, mercilessly beating her while she clenched her teeth and groaned in ecstasy. Bottling it up only made the pressure that much worse. The urge to cum was insurmountable and she was sure she would blow at any moment. Then, finally he dropped the flogger onto the bed beside her and grabbed her by the hips, hoisting her up off the bed slightly to pull her body repeatedly back onto his cock. He fucked her even harder, crashing their bodies together as she fought off her impending orgasm. Suddenly, she felt his cock starting to bulge deep inside her as he spurted his hot, milky cum all over the inner walls of her pussy. She could feel the sticky warmth filling her up and combined with the added pressure of his rock hard cock, she simply couldn’t resist any longer. As he unloaded shot after shot of white gooey jizz inside her, she began to writhe and shake on the bed before him. Her whole body convulsed violently, but he kept his grip firmly around her hips no matter how vigorous her thrashing became. He loved watching her cum and the sound of her exasperated squealing just prolonged his own climax.

He continued to plunge his cock inside her as his cum seeped out between his shaft and lips of her pussy. Even after the wailing and blissful spasms had stopped, he still couldn’t tell if she had finished. Her whole body trembled visibly on the bed and she lacked the energy to even speak. He rolled her over onto her back, causing her ass to burn as her flesh pressed against the duvet beneath her. She didn’t care, though. As she stared up into his soulful eyes, she knew the night had been far more than one night stand. An extraordinary connection had formed between them and they both knew it. Her life had changed forever and suddenly the future looked incredibly exciting. She had a master and all she wanted to do was devote herself to him, offering up her body to please his every sadistic whim.