Ambassador’s Ball

A glistening white bed of fresh snow crunched beneath Renata’s stiletto heels as she approached the Swiss embassy. Every snowflake glistened with the reflection of the bright spotlights illuminating the grand front entrance as the guests slowly made their way up the steps to the entrance. It was the night of the ambassador’s annual charity ball and the place was thriving with glitterati and the wealthy elite. The man himself was on hand to greet each and every one of his guests personally, shaking hands and exchanging kisses before ushering them inside out of the bitter evening air. His name was Phillipe Eschmann and aside from holding his prestigious role as ambassador, he was a prolific art collector with a penchant for shiny ancient artefacts. His most recent acquisition had been a lavish beaded gold Egyptian necklace supposedly worn by Queen Cleopatra herself. It had sold for a touch over three million dollars at an auction just two weeks earlier, and although the value of the item was mere pocket change compared to some of the paintings hanging inside the embassy, it was more than enough to attract the attention of covetous eyes. Whereas most of the guests had gained their wealth through fame, inheritance or hedge funds, Renata had accrued most of her own riches through somewhat more illicit means. She was not there to submit a donation, but rather to do precisely the opposite.

She was a professional thief with an impressive portfolio of successful lifts to her name, and her expertise was available to anyone who could afford it. Her feminine charms and incredible cunning were a lethal combination that allowed her to secure valuables from even the most tightly locked down locations. She’d stolen from museums, galleries, banks and private homes, and then vanished into the night without a trace. However, as adept as she had become at taking other people’s belongings, she had never undertaken a mission quite as audacious as the one she had planned that evening. Security at the embassy was naturally impenetrable, with armed guards patrolling the perimeter at all times and state of the art alarm systems in place to prevent any kind of intrusion. The charity ball presented a unique opportunity to get inside and with a little help from usual partners in crime, she had concocted a dangerous plan to do just that. She knew that it wouldn’t be easy even with her forged invitation, but then the thrill of the heist had always excited her just as much as the spoils of victory. A faint nervous quiver shuddered through her muscles as she ascended the steps and approached the ambassador, daintily holding out her hand like a princess to greet him.
“It’s wonderful to meet you, Ambassador.” she beamed with a radiant crescent smile. She hadn’t known much about him apart from a few photographs on the internet, so as she stood before him in front of the embassy’s grand doors, she was taken aback by his tall stature and chiselled features. He was much more handsome than she had anticipated and for a brief moment, she found herself slightly hypnotised by his presence.
“Charmed.” he replied, admiring her beauty for a second before leaning in for the customary three kisses on the cheeks. She could see him fighting the urge to peer down into the deep crevice of her heaving breasts, and almost wished that he would. He’d only spoken a single word to her and yet she could already feel his charismatic glow pulling her in like a magnetic field engulfing her body. A security official took her invitation and inspected it for a moment before handing it back and bowing graciously with a permissive wave.
“Thank you.” she nodded politely, tucking it back inside her purse before sauntering past them and waltzing through the doorway. She took a few steps and glanced back over her shoulder, grinning gleefully as the ambassador sharply averted his wandering gaze from the sublime curves of her ass. As strong and imposing as he appeared, it seemed that he was no different than any other red blooded male. She couldn’t blame him, since her black satin cocktail dress clung to her slender figure like a second skin, leaving little to the imagination. There was no imprint of any underwear protruding from beneath, because she wasn’t wearing any. Her shimmering black hair flowed down over the back of her shoulders like treacle smothering her beautiful mocha skin. She looked every bit as dazzling as the other guests, and maybe even stood out a little too much. Phillipe’s predictably lustful gaze imbued her with a sense of control over the situation and bolstered her confidence, leaving her increasingly oblivious to her own naivety. Her eyes darted around the foyer, scanning every nook and cranny as she matched it up with the stolen blueprints she’d been memorising over the past few days.
“This way, ma’am…” came the accommodating voice of a smartly dressed attendant beside her. He waved for her to join the guests in the reception hall while others filtered in through the entrance behind her. She proceeded inside and whisked a champagne flute from the nearest waiter’s tray, quickly mingling in amongst the guests as if she belonged there. The whole place oozed with unadulterated corpulence, from the priceless artwork lining the walls to the sea of decadent jewellery and lavish dresses surrounding her on the floor. A pair of gleaming white marble stairways rose up at either side of the enormous room like the wings of an angel, leading to the embassy’s upper floor. Renata took a moment to get her bearings and then knocked back the rest of her champagne before heading over to the western end of the hall. A small service door flapped open as the waiters and embassy staff flitted in and out, busily tending to the needs of the guests while they waited to be ushered through into the main dining hall. She stood inconspicuously near the door for a few minutes, quietly sipping at her champagne with one eye constantly fixed on the doorway. The other guests were too engrossed in their own little conversations to notice her skulking nearby like a Jackal waiting to pounce. She knew exactly where she needed to go, thanks to her intricate planning. The only question was how long she could afford to bide her time before slipping through. Then, just as a slew of waiters passed by on their way to the kitchen, she sneakily followed behind and passed through into the narrow corridor that lay beyond.
The line of waiters continued on towards the kitchen on the right a little further down, leaving Renata standing just inside the doorway. Straight away, she slipped her shoes off and began to tread lightly along the passageway, staring at the waiters’ backs with an intense glare until they had completely disappeared from view. She knew she might only have seconds to act, so she quickly set off along the corridor with her eyes set firmly on the brown wooden door at the end. The kitchen doors flapped open again behind her, causing her heart to plummet to her stomach. She swooped through the door and peered back out along the corridor to see if she had been spotted. A solitary waitress slinked off up towards the main hall, blissfully unaware of Renata’s intrusion. She closed her eyes and took a slow breath to steady her nerves before continuing on, sneaking up a creaky winding access stairwell to the upper floor. The sound of footsteps thumped gently by the door at the top as somebody walked past, eventually fading into the dull murmur of the guests in the main hall. She prised the door open ever-so-slightly and gazed out onto the dimly lit corridor outside. The coast was clear, if only for the moment. She carefully emerged from the stairwell and silently closed the door behind her, never once taking her eyes away from the empty corridor. Her target was the ambassador’s private study, which lay just three doors further down. She vaunted over and placed her ear against the wood to check that nobody was inside. Phillipe was still preoccupied with the legion of guests down below, and since his study would usually be off limits to the staff, she knew it would almost certainly be empty. She turned the handle and held her breath as she poked her head inside, peering around the dark room to see that her suspicions were correct.
“Thank fuck!” she muttered to herself, feeling the tension beginning to grab hold of her. She closed the door behind her and started to look around the room, checking behind every painting, cupboard and desk for the hidden safe. She knew he had taken delivery of a new safe just two days earlier, as she had been monitoring the place in preparation for the heist. In her years as a professional thief, she had acquired an extensive and constantly evolving knowledge of safe security, and that evening it would come in very handy indeed. Eventually she located it hiding behind a wooden panel on the wall behind his desk and quickly set to work, using a small flat headed screwdriver to prise the front panel away. It hung from the front of the safe door, suspended from the busy green circuit board by a few multicoloured wires. She fished out a small electronic device from the bottom of her purse and connected it up to a port on the circuit board. As she set about cracking the seven digit pin code, she became fixated by the prospect of holding the necklace in her hands and could think of nothing else. She knew she was just moments away from taking it and all that stood in her way was an inch of steel. A few minutes passed by as the numbers on her little hacking device began to stabilise, locking on to the digits of Phillipe’s pin number one by one. Finally, she heard the satisfying click of the door unlocking and pulled it open to reveal a large leather bound case sitting on the shelf within.
Renata could barely contain her excitement and reached out to take it, but her elation was immediately quashed as she noticed something in the corner of her eye. She glanced at a picture frame hanging beside the safe and froze in terror as she saw the reflection of a looming figure emerging from the shadows behind her. Every muscle in her body tensed up, making it impossible for her to move even though all she wanted to do was run as fast as she could. In the blink of an eye, she was caught. A hulking great arm enclosed around her left arm, locking it in place beside her as he reached across her stomach to grip her right wrist in his paw. His other hand planted firmly over her lips, silencing any little squeak that might slip out. She knew it was him even though she couldn’t see his face, and even though it was the most terrifying moment of her life, she couldn’t deny that it gave her a perverse little spark of delight.
“I have to admit that I’m impressed…” rumbled Phillipe’s distinctive voice through her shoulders as he held her tightly in his arms, “But alas, I’m afraid I can’t let you leave with this.”
Renata mumbled breathlessly through the palm of his hand, wriggling violently and kicking back against his legs with her heels to free herself from his clutches. Her efforts were in vain, though, and soon she realised that she wasn’t getting away. He was far too strong for her and with her stilettos sitting on the floor near the door, she was utterly defenceless. He lifted her up off the floor and turned to bend her over the edge of his grand mahogany study desk, slamming her down onto the surface. The weight of his body kept her pinned down, squashing her large, heaving breasts against the worktop. He held her down and kept her in place for a moment, suppressing every little twitch of her body until finally she relented and began to relax slightly. His hands wrapped around her forearms and bent them back over her spine, pressing her down with no way to resist. Her delectably round ass stuck out behind her, wiggling over the side of the desk as she squirmed uncomfortably on top of it.
“I’ll scream!” she growled, but even she knew that it was an empty threat.
“No, you won’t.” he added with a chilling calmness, “You’re going to do exactly as I say. Do you understand?”
She knew that if she was to alert the guards, her fate would become far worse. There was only one way she was getting out of that building with her freedom intact and it was slowly dawning on her how that might come to pass. He shook her arms and hummed aggressively, prompting her for an answer.
“Yes.” she gasped, still barely able to control her frantic breath.
“Excellent.” he purred.
“Won’t your guests wonder where you are?” she asked, making one final attempt to persuade him.
“I’m sure they’ll do just fine without me…” he grinned, holding her arms together in one hand while the other roamed down over her back and fondled the glorious curves of her ass through her skin-tight dress. She heard the gratified murmur of his voice and shivered, feeling an odd combination of disgust and twisted fulfilment at the same time. The pressure of his fingers digging into her cheeks gave her an electrifying thrill that trembled through her body, leaving her clitoris throbbing gently between her thighs. As much as she hated to admit it, she liked it.
“What are you going to do to me?” she asked, hoping more for confirmation of her new dark desires than anything else.
“Whatever I want.” he replied, tucking his fingers between her thighs to stroke her pussy through the clumped up fabric of her dress, “I always get what I want.”
Renata let out an uncontrollable sigh and shuddered softly on the desk, feeling herself succumbing more and more to his will with every intrusive touch of his fingers. He played with her body for a moment, savouring the warmth emanating from her delicate skin beneath the dress. Then, he raised his hand up into the air and without any warning whatsoever, he brought it crashing back down across her right buttock. She clenched her teeth and squealed as a sudden burst of fiery heat shot through her skin, prickling with the intensity of a severe burn. Her ass wriggled behind her, inviting him to spank her again. He raised his hand up and struck the other cheek, and even though she knew it was coming the second time, nothing could quite prepare her for it. The sting was even hotter than the first and spread through her flesh. He loved the way her ass jiggled with each impact and continued to spank her, pinning her to the desk with one hand while he swept the other across her cheeks. All she could do was lay there and take it, absorbing one searing hand print after another while her clitoris tingled between her legs. Her pussy was becoming noticeably moist from the sordid punishment and as much as it stung, all she wanted was for him to do it even harder.
“Fuck!” she whimpered, clenching her bottom lip between her teeth as she took each vigorous swipe of his hand.
“All in good time…” he grinned, giving her one final hard spank that sent her knees knocking against the side of the desk. The implication of his words only further stoked the flames of her unspoken desire, turning her on in ways she’d never felt before. For some reason, the idea of him controlling her and forcing her to submit to his every sexual will was impossibly arousing, and the thoughts running through her mind in that moment was even more deviant than his. He released her arms and watched intently, fully prepared to restrain her again should she try to resist. She felt his fingers clasping the zip of her dress and quivered as it began to whirr down along the ridges of her spine, coming to a stop just above the crack of her ass. The fabric lilted open slightly, revealing her naked back to him as he leered over her from behind. He pulled her up off the table and stood her in front of him, sweeping the straps of her dress from her shoulders. They fell down over her arms, allowing the dress to fall from her body and crumple at her ankles. Her chest expanded and deflated relentlessly as she tried to control her fraught breath, but nothing could stem the excitement rushing through her body. The urge to flee was fading by the second, and she couldn’t tell if it was the threat of arrest or the possibility of being punished for what she had done that kept her there.
“Turn around.” commanded Phillipe, taking a step back to admire her perfect naked form as she slowly rotated on the spot for him. She watched as his eyes pored over her, becoming more and more aroused with every second that passed. He reached out and placed the tips of his fingers on her chest, pushing her back to mount the table. She climbed up and lay back on the hard wooden surface with her legs bent at the knees and draped over the side. He could clearly see the tight slit of her pussy descending between her thighs, topped with a thin strip of black pubic hair just above. He could hardly wait to enact his sadistic will upon her sublime naked flesh, and quickly pulled open the top drawer of his desk. Inside was a bundle of black Japanese shibari bondage rope and a black rubber bit gag. The leather strap featured a brushed suede lining, giving it a stylish finish to complement the undeniable beauty of his subject. He took the rope and spread Renata’s legs wide apart, causing her moist pussy lips to peel apart and reveal the glistening pink petals of her vulva. Her clitoris was already protruding slightly from beneath its fleshy hood, like it was calling out for him to touch and suck on it. He raised her ankles into the air above her head, keeping them spread as wide apart as they would stretch. Then, he gave her a commanding nod to keep them in place while he pulled her arms up as well. He held her right wrist and ankle together and then began to wind the bondage rope around them several times, forming a tight coil and tying it with a complex knot. With her right arm and leg restrained, he ran the rope across to her neck and looped it around once before proceeding on to repeat the process with her left wrist and ankle.
She lay obediently on the table, alternating between states of fear and adulation as he tied her up. As he secured the second knot, he stepped away and watched as she tested the rope. Every slight motion of her bound arms and legs caused it to constrict around her throat, choking her without him laying a finger on her. She had no choice but to keep them as still as possible, and it only took a minute or so for her to realise how difficult it would be. He grabbed the bit gag and stepped around to the other side of the desk, looming above her with a cruel smile on his face. His fingers pressed beneath her chin, guiding her head back over the edge of the desk. She watched upside down as he placed the gag on the desk beside her and began to unbuckle his belt, taking it off and unzipping his trousers before her. They fell to his feet, suddenly consuming her vision with the sight of his immense bulge stretching across the top of his left thigh beneath his boxer briefs. He peeled them down, allowing it to swing out like a baseball bat and gently smack Renata across the cheek. She opened her mouth instinctively, reaching out with her tongue like she couldn’t wait to suck on it. He stroked it up and down, rolling his foreskin back and forth over the bulbous pink head while a droplet of pre-cum smeared around it. She wrapped her lips around it as he pushed it between them, forming a tight seal while she sucked it clean. The sound of his gratified moan was oddly encouraging and compelled her to suck even more enthusiastically, smothering the first few inches of his shaft in a sticky film of her warm saliva.
For a minute or so he was perfectly happy to allow her to suck at her own pace, gently caressing her cheek and reaching forward to play with her large, jiggling breasts as she serviced him with her hungry tongue. Soon enough, though, he began to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth, plunging it deeper into her throat with every push. Her eyes bulged as she felt it sinking past her tonsils, causing her to gag with it lodged in her throat. She spluttered around it, leaving trails of saliva stretching from her gaping lips as he retracted it, only for them to fall over her cheeks as he slid it back inside once more. He began to fuck her face, slamming the full length of his cock deep into her throat over and over again while she groaned pathetically on the edge of the desk. The back of her head banged against the wood and her eyes rapidly welled up with uncontrollable tears that spilled over her forehead and rolled down into her hair. Still, as violent and ruthless as it was, she couldn’t deny that some dark, twisted part of her liked it. He made sure to give her just enough time to breathe to keep her conscious before pounding her face again. The girth of his cock caused her neck to bulge around the sides, visibly expanding as it tunnelled into her oesophagus. As he choked her with it, he rolled her nipples between his fingers and thumbs, squeezing with increasing force until a sharp squeal rumbled through the shaft of his cock. Hearing her scream was like a spark to the fuel and he could tease himself no longer.
He pulled his cock free of her mouth and grabbed the bit gag from the table, quickly wedging the rubber bar between her gaping jaws. The straps dug into her cheeks as he fastened them around the back of her head, leaving a tormented groan emanating from behind it. She watched as he removed the rest of his clothing, shredding his tuxedo piece by piece until he was as naked as she was. Her eyes immediately trained on the firm ridges of his stomach and the rippling bulges of his biceps, further instil in her the desire to submit to him. He looked so powerful and even though he was a fair bit older than her, she felt a strong and unshakable physical attraction to him. He strolled around to the other side of the table and opened a tall cabinet behind the desk. With her head hanging over the other side of the desk, she could no longer see him. However, she knew that whatever he had in mind, it would surely sting harder than a thousand smacks of his hand. To her shock and amazement, the thought of it no longer scared her at all. The only thing that concerned her was how much she wanted it.
Phillipe picked out a 26 inch riding crop with a split black oblong tip at the end of it long stem. The handle was bound in leather and encrusted with glittering diamante diamonds arranged in a spiral pattern down to the silver cap at the base. He held it in his hand, enjoying the finery of its craftsmanship for a moment before turning his attention back to Renata’s bare ass. A droplet of pussy juice seeped from between her engorged pink pussy lips, dripping down into the crack of her ass to coat the puckering rim of her anus. Phillipe raised the crop up and held it a few inches from her ass, giving her a gentle smack to taunt her with it. The skin was already rosy red and prickling with the heat of her first spanking, causing her to jolt on the desk even though the crop barely touched her. He laughed and raised it back again, only this time he had no intention of merely teasing her. She heard it coming just a split second before it hit, slicing through the air with a deadly hum that would have made her shrivel had she been able. The split tip smacked firmly against her left cheek, striking the tender flesh where her thighs joined her ass. She bit down hard on the gag and shrieked around the sides, trembling furiously on the table until the sharp burst of fiery heat began to dissipate. It seemed to last for hours and then just as the pain was beginning to fade away, he unleashed a second, even harder swipe with the crop.
A thunderous crack echoed off the walls, punctuated by another piercing howl as Renata chewed on the gag, clamping her jaws around it so hard that she wondered if it might break in her mouth. It was far too strong to give in to the pressure, though, no matter how hard he punished her. He continued to spank her with the crop, smattering her ass with rounded pink oblong shapes in its wake. Each one began like a brilliant white explosion and then blushed immediately after as the skin turned red from the impact. Her cheeks were reeling in agony, leaving a constant tortured drone hanging on the warm air inside his private study. However, no matter how hard he struck her or how frequent the impacts became, he pussy only grew wetter and her clitoris throbbed harder than ever. He lifted the crop and patted the exposed little pink bead with the tip, causing her to shudder and groan even louder on the desk. Seeing how horny she was, he moved closer and ran the tip of his middle finger between her dripping wet labia, splitting them apart as he slid it inside her. She immediately let out a long, satisfied moan and bit down on the gag again, only this time it was to stem the unbelievable pleasure as he hooked his finger up and stroked her g-spot. His thumb began to circle around her exposed clitoris, making her writhe on the desk as he stimulated her tingling erogenous zones simultaneously.
Even though it was only a small gift of mercy, it was the most electrifying thing she’d ever felt. Every little hair on her body stood on end atop a rash of goose pimples as the ecstasy soared across her flesh in waves. He massaged her pussy with a gleeful smile, pushing her closer and closer to an orgasm. Then, just as she was about to cum, he pulled his fingers out and watched as she squirmed and thrust her ass up an inch off the table, desperately begging for him to continue. He sucked the moisture from his finger and dropped the crop from his other hand to the floor. The scent of her perfume had slowly been driving him insane with lust and suddenly tasting her sweet nectar had pushed him over the edge. He positioned himself in front of her ass at the edge of the desk and aimed his cock between her gaping thighs, smearing the pink mushroom cap with a coating of her juices. A deep, contented sigh erupted from her mouth as she felt his immense girth spreading her pussy open and sliding inside her. It was easily the thickest cock she’d ever taken and the deeper it sank, the louder she panted. He plunged it inside her and began to thrust it in and out, littering the room with the sordid clap of his body colliding with her ass. The jiggling mounds of her breasts bounced back and forth atop her chest as her body rocked with each masterful thrust of his hips. Her arms and legs remained spread wide apart at the sides of her head, and the harder he fucked her, the more challenging it became to keep them in position.
Phillipe took her thighs in his hands and began to pull on them like levers, causing the rope around her neck to grow tighter and choke her at his will. All she could do was lie there and take it, gasping for air whenever he released the pressure. Every breath that he allowed her was like an orgasm in itself and the constant maelstrom of sexual desire was quite dizzying. She could feel his cock grinding against her g-spot inside her and with the pressure of his thumb on her clit, it was only a matter of time before she came. Every thrust of his hips that collided with her ass sent a fresh burst of tingling heat through her sore, tenderised ass, further amplifying the pulsating excitement in her pussy. The pressure was growing by the second, unrelentingly pushing her to the precipice of a climax until finally the crescendo hit its highest note. Her hips began to spasm, lifting off the table as his cock continued to plummet inside her. He held her down and fucked her as hard as he could, watching intently as she came beneath him. Her legs flailed in the air, choking her with the rope as she shuddered in ecstasy on the desk. The veins on the sides of her neck began to bulge and her face turned ruby red, followed by a worrying shade of violet. She didn’t care for a second, though, as she had been transported to a realm of sexual pleasure that she’d never felt before in her life. It seemed to last forever and even as the moment passed, she continued to twitch on the table.
Phillipe pulled his cock out and stepped around to the other side of the desk, stroking his cock with one hand while he fiddled with the strap of the bit gag with the other. The rubber toy fell from her gaping jaws and dropped to the carpet in front of his feet, allowing him to aim the tip of his cock between her lips. She saw the head beginning to bulge and extended her tongue obediently, licking the air as a fountain of hot, milky cum splashed across it. He painted her cheeks with spurt after spurt of his sticky white seed and then sank his cock into her mouth once more so she could suck it clean. She swallowed every drop and smacked her lips like she’d just enjoyed a delicious meal.
“Good girl.” he added, tenderly slapping the side of her cum-stained cheek with his cupped fingers.
“I don’t suppose you’ll let me keep the necklace…” she asked through her wavering, husky breath. She was only joking and fully expected him to refuse.
“Sure.” he shrugged as he untied her arms and legs.
“P… pardon?” she stuttered.
“You can take it.” he nodded with another devious smile.
“But… why?” she persisted, wobbling to her feet as she slid herself off the desk. Phillipe moved around and stood in front of her, wiping the last traces of cum from her cheek with his thumb. He moved it to her lips and waited for her wrap her lips around it, caressing her cheek in the palm of his hand. She did as he wished and took his thumb in her mouth to suck his cum from it.
“I own something far more precious now…” he grinned, feeling her divine tongue lashing at his thumb. In that moment, the connection between them was solidified. She hadn’t given any thought to where their relationship would lead after that encounter, let alone the evening. As she stood there staring into his eyes, she felt a comforting blanket enclosing around her like a force-field. She belonged to him now and she could barely wait to find out how else he wished to use her body.
“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a few guests over for dinner.” he winked. With that, he got quickly dressed and helped her to zip her dress up. Before he left, he pulled his wallet from his jacket pocket and retrieved a personal contact card with his private phone number. She tucked it into her purse and watched as he disappeared from view, instantly aching for him to return. The biggest torture of all would be the wait for their next encounter, but it wouldn’t be long before he had her trussed up once more.