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Celebrate your Easter With A Spanking!

09 May 2013 Spanking

Easter’s a funny celebration, isn’t it? Chocolate, chicks, rabbits, bonnets, spanking, none of it makes sense.

Girls get very wet at Easter in the Czech Republic... Oh what’s that? You’re not familiar with the tradition of spanking at Easter? Well, if you’re a woman and you grew up in the Czech Republic, you are definitely familiar with it, because there, there is a very real tradition of spanking women – and it continues through Moravia, Poland and Slovakia in which women have cold water thrown on them, sometimes in place of and sometimes as well as a spanking… or a whipping.

In the morning of Easter Sunday, women are held by one or more men and whipped by another using a pomlázka or a korbáč , pictured.

A pomlázka. The justification for the Easter spanking is that a legend suggests a spanking or a whipping will help keep the recipient healthy and beautiful for the entire coming year. We, of course, would tend to agree, because we’re happy with any excuse for a spanking. But as ever, we have a habit of overthinking things.

What are chicks about at Easter? What about rabbits? What do chocolate eggs have to do with anything? And there’s never any justification for a bonnet, is there!?

Well think about this. Easter is now a Christian holiday, based on a pagan fertility ritual. So it’s about sex and Jesus. And what’s Jesus famous for? Flagellation.

Therefore, we’re dedicated to bringing whipping and spanking back to Easter, and we hope you celebrate by putting down your giant Galaxy chocolate Easter egg and reaching for your favourite whip instead.

The results of a pomlázka. Happy Easter, happy spanking!