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We Love Spanking

Whether spanking is a little bit of fun, or a serious part of your lifestyle, or simply a cathartic indulgence into submission or domination, the psychology and physicality of spanking holds huge appeal for people like us. But sadly there’s not really a single location where we can indulge our fantasies, explore our desires and talk frankly about spanking. That is, until now.

Spanking.co.uk is owned and operated by a small band of likeminded individuals from a variety of walks of life. Just normal people – like you – with a healthy interest in discipline, submission and corporal punishment. We will be featuring guest writers, spanking enthusiasts and BDSM experts who will come together to make your spanking life better than ever.

Latest from the Spanking's dirty dirty blog

  • A Tale of Truancy

    01 August 2015 Spanking

    It was early summer and a deep cobalt sky hung over the land, bringing with it an insufferably close, muggy heat. The gentlest of breezes rustled the tall fir trees lining the edge of the forest, which sat just beyond the ruins of an old, long abandoned monastery. Its ancient stone walls had mostly crumbled to the ground, bar a few resilient partitions and an outhouse at the eastern corner of the grounds....

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  • Documentary Research

    17 July 2015 Spanking

    We're trying to find an interesting couple who are into BDSM and would be up for going to a BDSM B&B for us and reviewing it. My boss is particularly keen to find a couple with a dominant female. If you know anyone, it would be great if you could put us in touch. ...

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