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  • Does the collar match the cuffs?

    Collars are the ultimate symbol of ownership and servitude. Ours are beautiful and unique.

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  • Because love hurts

    A stunning selection of exclusive, beautiful and handmade floggers, perfect for punishment.

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  • Show some restraint

    Shop the most beautiful restraints and gags, handpicked by us, for you.

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We Love Spanking

Whether spanking is a little bit of fun, or a serious part of your lifestyle, or simply a cathartic indulgence into submission or domination, the psychology and physicality of spanking holds huge appeal for people like us. But sadly there’s not really a single location where we can indulge our fantasies, explore our desires and talk frankly about spanking. That is, until now. is owned and operated by a small band of likeminded individuals from a variety of walks of life. Just normal people – like you – with a healthy interest in discipline, submission and corporal punishment. We will be featuring guest writers, spanking enthusiasts and BDSM experts who will come together to make your spanking life better than ever.

Latest from the Spanking's dirty dirty blog

  • Wooden Spanking Paddle

    06 August 2014 Spanking

    What do you think of this for our first attempt at making a wooden spanking paddle?...

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  • The Pool Boy Pt. 3

    09 July 2014 Spanking

    "Alright..." sighed Faye with a sympathetic smile, "Tell me what happened." "He's a dick!" exclaimed Niamh, slamming the side of her clenched fist down on the arm of Faye's sofa chair, "How many years together? And he cheats on me??" Faye clinked two wine glasses down on the coffee table and proceeded to pour from an expensive bottle of Merlot while her old friend unravelled her story....

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